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  • Communication In 12 Angry Men

    thoughts and opinions. Throughout this movie I observed how a group of jurors, 12 men, communicated with each other to determine the fate of an 18 year old accused young man. This movie perfectly portrayed the different stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, and performing. In the beginning of the movie the 12 men are taken into a room where all of them must find a way to communicate with each other proficiently in order to come up with an agreement on the young man’s fate. At first the men are unsure of who should take charge and…

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  • Men In 12 Angry Men

    In the movie “12 Angry Men”, there are 12 men attempting to decide the fate of boy who is charged with murdering his father. The beginning stages of forming a group involve nurturing your group to avoid chaos. Functional groups will go through developmental stages while forming (Gladding, 2016). A majority of the twelve men in the group are business men with careers such as architect, banker, and watchmaker. The men are all white men and seem to be America, except for one. They are put in a…

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  • 12 Angry Men Film Analysis: 12 Angry Men

    Set in New York, 12 Angry Men follows twelve jurors as they decide whether or not a young 18-year-old Hispanic boy is guilty for stabbing his father in the chest. In a rather small room, the jurors must reach a unanimous decision, and if there is ‘reasonable doubt,’ the young boy will be freed. In one of the initial scenes, a vote is facilitated where 11 jurors find him guilty, and one juror, juror 8 votes that he is not guilty. He expresses to the group that a discussion needs to be made prior…

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  • 12 Angry Men Case Analysis: 12 Angry Men

    This case study is over the film 12 Angry Men, revolving around the verdict of a murder case and the 12 jurors charged with making the decision. The jury is comprised of middle aged men or older from various occupations, cultures, and backgrounds. One particular juror is the only member of the jury willing to avoid a snap decision that is pressured by the remaining jurors to get out early. He leads the discussion amongst the other jurors playing devil’s advocate to their guilty verdicts. As the…

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  • 12 Angry Men: Character Analysis: 12 Angry Men

    It is uncommon to observe somebody who likes to be compelled to be some place or accomplish something they don 't have a longing to do. In, 12 Angry Men, we are given only that. Twelve men, of every single different backgrounds and experiences are told they must spend their own valuable time to judge a man on the premise of evidence that was presented to them. Gladding would call this kind of group an errand/work aggregate. This sort of group meets up to finish amass undertaking objectives.…

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  • 12 Angry Men In J. B. 12-12 Angry Men

    wasn’t rigid. He tried to convince jurors one by one. He slowly gathered support from each one of them by giving logics and breaking their bounded rationality. . He takes out a similar knife and made them realize that it was possible that another knife was used. He showed exactly how an old man couldn’t have possibly been able to see the murder (boy) run down the stairs in 15 seconds. Every time a member changed his stand due to his logics, was a small win for him. STEP SEVEN- DON’T DECLARE…

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  • 12 Angry Men Analysis

    In the film, 12 Angry Men, many of the jurors had task roles within the group. Juror 8 played the role of energizer. According to Zastrow (2015), the energizer, “Stimulates a higher quality of work from the group” (p. 84). Instead of letting all the men vote guilty, he made them question their decision. He brought up key points that made them dig deep into the case, and look at the situation from different perspectives. Juror 1 had the role of direction giver. He was in charge on making sure…

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  • Deliberation In 12 Angry Men

    The William Friedkin directed drama features a hot debate among 12 jurors whose main objective is to either convict or free a young man- the kid, who has been accused of murder charges. The judge clearly instructs the jury that whatever decision they should make could greatly affect the defendant’s life. Among the 12 judges, 11 of them vote guilty for the defendant but juror number 8 (Fonda) disagrees with them citing reasonable doubt and considering the defendant’s ghetto lifestyle. Fonda…

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  • Doubt In 12 Angry Men

    America was run by fear. The second Red Scare was running through the streets of America, an effect of the Cold War. A person could be found a Communist with little more than hearsay against them. A senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy, and the head of the FBI at the time, J. Edgar Hoover, would become infamous for many questionable treason trials and guilty verdicts. The 1957 movie 12 Angry Men focuses on the Judicial System of the United States and reassures the people that it does work.…

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  • 12 Angry Men Thesis

    trial for first degree murder? In the movie 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose, a young eighteen year old male was on trial for supposedly murdering his own father. The twelve men on the jury were faced with different opinions and facts that questioned their morals and values in life. I feel as if this movie did have “worth” in my life. I think the movie had worth because no one should ever be stereotyped, judged, and accused based on what other people say. I feel strongly about that because the…

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