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  • Reflection Of Love: An Essay About Love

    someone more than yourself ”. Love is described by the dictionary as “ an intense feeling of deep affection or fondness for a person or thing ”. This deep emotion makes us laugh and smile, but it also has the ability to make us cringe, cry or even scream at the top of our lungs. It also confuses many, leading them to define love in their own way. It changes people, for the better or for the worst. Some say that it’s an essential in every human being’s life. Some have been blessed with it and others claim to have been cursed by it. It has been used as a theme for several movies, books and songs, including a highly…

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  • Reflection About Love

    Although love is needed by every human being, people have a challenging time in expressing the meaning of love. I believe that Buscagalia explained the reason that we have a tough time expressing the meaning of love is because we all have unique experiences and upbringings that shape our understanding of the word. The main concept is that love is essential to all humans. Another important concept that Buscagalia expressed is that love is learned and grows. Buscagalia cleared up a misconception…

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  • The Explanation Of Love In Shakespeare's All About Love

    Love is such a strong word used in our society today. By definition it means a feeling of deep intense affection. This definition is actual seen as a noun which is what most people see love as. Love can be used to describe either a person or an object, but is the noun version of love the best way to describe it? I believe love as a verb would serve as a stronger and more desirable meaning. Anyone can have love for someone else but that love is never really felt. Love as a noun can be giving to…

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  • Definition Essay About Love

    When it comes to love, people do not know where to start from. What is the definition of love? How do we demonstrate love? Do the people we love know we love them? How do you know it is love? People define love in many different ways; and they all are correct. Love can be as powerful as a tornado and as painful as its results. Love is not easy to understand and we might not know when we are in love. Also, love appears when we least expect it. Can we prepare for that? Love appears when we might…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Love

    “I love you with all of my heart”, “I love you to the moon and back”, “I love you unconditionally”, but do you really? One may say these things, but do they honestly mean them whole-heartedly? The average human heart is only 10 ounces, which in comparison to the three-pound brain, is actually tiny. Are you saying you love them only a tiny bit? And how many trips are you planning to take to the moon; one round trip is lone 6 days. Are you saying you love them for only 6 days, no more no less?…

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    and played, we talked about the fourth grade and hoped we got the same teacher. During the summer vacation from school, my heart started pounding and racing fast anytime i got near Maria, I didn’t know why. Even the thought of Maria made a small smile on my face. It was Maria’s birthday during the summer but she didn’t want a party but i still made her a present and as i did i realized something. I made a drawing of Maria and me playing with her dolls, i didn’t mind what we did as long as I was…

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    would go to sleepovers with other girls from my class, and while they’d giggle at the pictures of the male models in Teen Vogue and gossip about the latest boys that they’d been smitten with, I would sit on the side and absolutely infuriate them during games of Truth or Dare. The question was always the same. “Come on Delaney, you’ve gotta tell us! Who do you like?” Naturally, answer was always the same too. I’d offer a half-hearted shrug and a glance to the side. “I’m just friends with boys. I…

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    but it was too late. As a result, this began a problem that never should of have happened, but taught me a lesson that would never be forgotten. As I looked at the message Rob had told me he loved me, but he meant it in a brotherly way due to the fact that we had been friends for six years. Steven believes that once you’re in a relationship there should be no other guy telling me they love me. Jacky ease dropping in on our conversation starts to yell at Steven, trying to defend me, jacky began…

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  • Reflective Essay About Love

    I had gotten the job on a fluke and was working for a great people. Little did I know that that job, menial as it was would change the lives of my children and me in the best possible way. After a few months of working there, a 'kid ' started coming in to eat dinner every night after his shift ended at one of the local factories. One night, while in the kitchen I overheard him fuming about how all women were the same and all they wanted was money. Now, I was a woman that had been taken…

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  • Essay About Love In Life

    another as best as we can. Most importantly, as we go through life we learn to love, but sometimes we forget to allow ourselves to be loved. I met my best friend of six years in high school when I was tenth grade. Who would have known that as a sophomore I would have not only learned things at school, but also learn one of my purposes in life. By helping my best friend find a meaning in life and not commit suicide for…

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