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  • Abraham Lincoln's A Lincoln Companion, By Abraham Lincoln

    The "Abraham Lincoln Companion" covers a lot of events that happened while Lincoln was in office. Abraham Lincoln goes down in history as our six-tenth President of the United States of America. He also is known for the Emancipation Proclamation, which set the slaves free. He also is the president who had to dealt with and ended the Civil War, and he was successful of keeping the South apart of the Union. Lincoln was a strong and poised president that the United States of America needed during this historical time (149). Many excerpt from the book allows the reader to depict Abraham Lincoln as the humble and respectful leader that he was. Today I will be educating you all about Abraham Lincoln 's schooling, career, family background, and many…

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  • Relationship Of Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln was born on February the 12 of 1809 in Hardin County Kentucky ("Abraham Lincoln Biography."). He was born to Thoman Lincoln and Nancy Hanks both were proud farmers of Hardin County. Abraham was born in a small cabin near “Sinking Spring Farm” ("Abraham Lincoln Biography."). He later moved with his family to a large farm by Knob Creek ("Abraham Lincoln Biography."). Abraham learned to read on that farm and also learned to become a diligent young man by helping with chorea and…

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  • The Challenges Of Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln had many challenges to overcome when he was elected President. Some of his challenges were slavery, the separation of the North and South, and the rising tensions of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln ended slavery, brought the United States back together, and ended the Civil War. With Abraham Lincoln’s knowledge, leadership skills, and kind heart, it made him one of the best presidents in U.S. history. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a log cabin. He had a sister…

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  • Abraham Lincoln Biography

    Abraham Lincoln He was a small town boy born in what was considered a slave state at the time. Abraham Lincoln was a man of many talents, from engineer to politician, from living in Kentucky to Illinois, he was able to see things from many different angles in his young life. Little did he know that some day he would be a name that is still talked about today. Abraham, Abe, Lincoln, an American icon, started out as a young boy living in Illinois, and through his many years he learned how to…

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  • Slavery In Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln is well known for ending slavery. He is still considered as one of America’s Heroes, the sixteenth president was born in Hardin, Kentucky in 1809. Due to land dispute, him and his family were forced to move to Perry County, Indiana in 1817. The movie “Abe in Illinois” is a historically accurate film, it’s a film that’s based on the early life of Lincoln from his days in Illinois, when he was a young man, to his election of the presidency. The movies directors and…

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  • The Impacts Of Abraham Lincoln

    knows of Abraham Lincoln and the actions and choices that made him famous, but not everyone knows how much those actions and choices impacted the United States. It impacted us so much that if he hadn’t become who he became, the U.S. that we know today probably wouldn’t be here. That is why I believe that Abe was the political figure that had the biggest impact on American history. His actions led to the freedom that all people in the U.S. have currently. Even before he became the 16th president…

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  • Abraham Lincoln As A Leader

    President Abraham Lincoln and how he one of the best leaders in American history. Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in log cabin in Kentucky with his father, mother, sister, and brother who died as an infant. At the age of 21, Lincoln moved to Illinois, where he found odd jobs to do and in 1836 after being introduced to law books, Lincoln received his license to practice law. Lincoln then went on to be reelected for the General Assembly in 1836, 1838, and 1840 and in 1846 was elected into…

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  • Personality Of Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln is widely known for his freeing of the slaves and for being the United States sixteenth president but, Lincoln did a lot before his time in presidency. Lincoln was born in Kentucky in February of 1809 to his father Thomas, who did not possess the skill of reading but indeed was a strong father figure even though Abe did not get along very well with him and to Nancy Hanks who died when Abe was small. Abe did numerous chores around the house and farm for a while until he turned…

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  • Abraham Lincoln Abolitionism

    While four men ran for presidential office, the two who gained the most electoral votes were Abraham Lincoln (most popular in North), and John C. Breckenridge (most popular in the South). These men represented the regions they were most favored by in their political beliefs. Breckenridge was a Southern Democrat, whose campaign identified closely with the beliefs of a common southerner; such as slavery, King cotton reliance, and strong state’s rights. In contrast, Lincoln was part of the new…

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  • Abraham Lincoln Depression

    Before becoming one of the best presidents known to history, Abraham Lincoln had a regular childhood. Originally, Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky on February 12th, 1809. Lincoln had little education growing up. However, when he was not working for his father on his farm, he was constantly reading. One of Lincoln’s friends called him a “manic” for examining books late at night. Even though he had little education, Abraham Lincoln was very intelligent. He attained his knowledge…

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