Against Gun Control Essay

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  • Against Gun Control

    Gun control in the United States is one of the biggest domestic issues today. The issue of whether citizens are allowed to own guns or whether they are not allowed to own guns is debated every day. Gun violence continues to rise in public places. Large cities see more gun violence than anywhere else in the United States. Part of the violence in large cities happens at schools. School shooting are terrible events. Some people believe such events could be avoided if teachers or school officials were allowed to carry guns. Some people believe the only way to solve the issue of school shootings is to enforce tougher laws on gun ownership. First, we need to talk about a few of the deadliest school shooting in the United States. In 1999, two students…

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  • Issues Against Gun Control

    Surrounding the control of gun owners. Granting to an author, gun control has been an issue since at least 1934 when Congress legislated a law restricting machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. An Author points out that after the assassinations of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, a law was passed that banned the importation of inexpensive handguns called "Saturday Night Specials;" in 1993, the Brady Bill was passed, which required background checks for…

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  • Cons Against Gun Control

    topic up for debate in the United States is gun control. A question that is often asked is, should there be more restrictions on the process of buying a gun? While some say there is a need to require stricter background checks or psychological testing others would argue that it is our right as Americans to own firearms. Gun control in the United States has become too restricting to serve its original purpose. The second amendment of our country’s Constitution states, “A well-regulated militia,…

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  • Against Gun Control Debate

    Composition 14 Dec. 2017 The Debate on Gun Control Gun control has been a controversial topic in politics for years. Just like many other highly controversial topics, citizens in the United States are either all for gun control or 100 percent against it. There does not seem to be any end in sight for the fight on gun control. Firearm laws are always a big issue in politics because some people think if they were to take away firearms then the crime rate would go down. They also believe the…

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  • Reasons Against Gun Control

    Gun control has been a debate and issue since 1963, and is usually followed by a mass shooting. According to, “22% of Americans own one or more guns (35% men, 12% women).” I oppose gun control laws because of our individual right to protection, the false circulating gun facts, and other reasonable solutions that can be implemented for safety. Removing guns wouldn’t bring peace and less murders but bring more chaos because people’s right to own one are being taken away from them. Not…

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  • The Argument Against Gun Control

    hurt or to injure others just because they have the means to defend themselves. Arguments in favor and against gun control have been a constant battle in the United States of America. The question continues on a daily basis about the gun control controversy, with both sides not able to compromise in order to come up with an agreement that pleases them. Society in the U.S will continue to debate that guns are just a tool to kill innocent people, while others say it is a way to defend their home.…

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  • 5 Arguments Against Gun Control Essay

    least one weapon to protect themselves. In the article, “5 arguments against gun control — and why they are all wrong,” Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes discusses how lethal weapons could help and harm the people. According to the author, some people who know how to use weapon the right way could help to the society. But for people who don’t know how to use them right, they could harm other people around them. As for the author concluded, the laws that we have are actually help criminal to…

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  • Argument Against Stricter Gun Control

    top three things that liberals and conservatives tend to fight about 24/7 is gun control. Liberals tend to believe that with stricter gun control laws there will be a decrease in gun violence. While conservatives tend to think that with stricter gun control laws won 't just breach the second amendment but it will also cause more gun related violence. In the online article “OUR OPINION: Gun Owners ' Support Needed to Stop Mass Killings” by The Editorial Board written for, The…

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  • For And Against Gun Control Essay

    For or Against Gun Control One of the many topics that have been on the minds of people in the U.S., including the presidential candidates, is gun control. In light of recent events these past years, this topic has been on the minds of more and more citizens. People are begining to take a stance on having stricter gun laws or keeping the ones that are currently in place. The country’s presidential candidates— Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump— are even divided when it comes to the topic of gun…

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  • Control In Americ The Case Against Gun Control

    Gun Control There is no justification for the government to apply restrictions on a citizen who posses a firearm.It is deceptive of government to expect us to believe that criminals will follow gun control laws. There seems to be an underlying motive for gun control laws. Just take one moment to think about it, people would be far more easy to control if they had no means of defence. A minority of public policy debates have been as controlled by misinformation and emotion as the one of gun…

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