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  • Love Is Love

    This paper will prove that love is continually sought among humans. Love, a term lightly used in the common world today is not simply a descriptive word to use for something we like. There is a deeper meaning and a more direct use of the word, and the idea. Nothing is more important than love, and no subject than it is so often misused. In its deeper sense love is often looked upon as a Christian or moral viewpoint and not something that can or should be applied outside of that to the common world. In this paper I will prove that to be wrong. Undeniably, love is not as simple as it may seem. In today’s culture all people want something that will make their life better. A human want however is not simply just the desire for a tangible good,…

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  • Bleeding Love: Love And Loss Of Love

    fills the emptiness of your heart with love and happiness because you found someone that understand you and accept you for who you are. All those memories share together, to realize that you found the one who you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with. Is that special person that can make your face light up, your palms sweat, and experience a flutter of electricity racing through your body. You’re in love. Until he or she decides that relationship is not the same and break your heart by…

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  • Influence Of Love In Love

    I learned a quote off social media that really stuck out to me. “Stop planting flowers in people’s yards who aren’t going to water them”. Love is hands down the worst drug in the world. No matter how hard you try and fight it off, everyone wants it. It can make you do idiotic things. It can completely change who you are as a person. It can cause to cry your eyes out until you are on the verge of vomiting. But sometimes, no matter how hard we love, people can’t love us back. As a freshman in…

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  • Love Of Love In Delirium

    In Delirium love is illegal. At the age of 18 everyone undergoes an operation that prevents them from getting the disease “amor deliria nervosa” or falling in love. The citizens are told the cure will make them safe. Lena, the protagonist, believes these lies and thinks love is something to be avoided until she is safe after her operation. However, Lena’s best friend, Hana, is not sure. She attends highly illegal parties with unregulated music and no gender segregation. Once, Lena attended such…

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  • Love Expression: Love Is Love Or Attachment?

    It is no secret that Love conquers all, but what seems to spark a big controversy these days is whether love is really “love” or just a mutual attachment. To analyze the similarities and differences, one must first understand what each of them is. The website defines love as a strong or constant affection for someone or something and attachment as an affectionate feeling for someone or something. There is only a slight difference between these two definitions and that is…

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  • Lust: Love And Love

    such as getting married at a young age. Dreams could be compromised, friendships could be torn, and for the most important part: your confidence and independence could be diminished. The government should set an age limit on marriage due to the effects on the brain, potential career development, emotional complications, and false claims of the entertainment industry. Many people think they are in love, but they could be under the omnipotent grasp of the brain. Our generation is exposed to…

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  • The Fall Of Love In Shakespeare's Love Fall In Love

    Love is always a major component of a Shakespearean comedy. It is what these comedies are centered around. The lovers in this play do fall in love in the end and all is well, but do they really fall in love? The love between Benedick and Beatrice was conceived through the deception of their friends, therefore it was very hollow and very much based on the fact that their friends wanted them together. Claudio’s love for Hero is very shallow, but Hero’s love remains constant. Benedick and…

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  • Love And Love In William Keats's Power Of Love

    furthermore, her brethren wonder´d much Why she sat drooping by the Basil green, And why it flourish´d, as by magic touch; Greatly they wonder´d what the thing might mean: They could not surely give belief, that such; A very nothing would have power to wean Her from her own fair youth, and pleasures gay, And even remembrance of her love´s delay. (457-464) She has done this with the power of love which is described in terms of depth, growing "With every eve deeper and tenderer still" (10).…

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  • Bernini Love Of Love

    eing in love it makes you do things that you would at no time see yourself doing. While in love you forget the rules of everyday life and your mind becomes overrun with irrational thoughts and emotions that take complete control over your body which leads you to make insane and asinine decisions. Love clouds your sense of judgment; when handling intense situations you have a calm and level head, in the case of Bernini’s love triangle, (with his youngest brother Luigi and his Mistress…

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  • Love And Love: True Love Vs. Infatuation

    three-year-old cousin and realized how accurate they depicted true love and infatuation. I observed that in the beginning of the movie Anna meets the man of her dreams, her one true love, Prince Hans. They are so clouded by the idea of true love that they get engaged. Anna believes he was her true love, but when she needed him the most he did not even consider helping her. Even though he could have saved her with true love’s kiss, he did not want to try. Many believe love, at first sight, is…

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