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  • Egocentricity In An Inspector Calls

    Priestley's “An Inspector Calls” is a dramatic play that investigates the case of a poverty-stricken girl, Eva Smith, who commits suicide. A rich family, the Birlings, and Gerald Croft are inspected by Inspector Goole to find their link to the death of Eva. Each character has a different reaction when they discover they are responsible for Eva’s death, which reveals their personality traits of egocentricity, denial, and naivety; hence, the personality traits show some of the attitudes of wealthy people towards the poor. Firstly, Mr. Birling, the father of the Birlings, reveals his attitude towards the lower and middle class society through his egocentric character. Before Inspector Goole interrogates Mr. Birling, Mr. Birling attempts to intimidate the Inspector by babbling about his prestigious position as “an alderman for years- and [being] Lord Mayor two years ago” (11). After Inspector Goole inspects him, Mr. Birling tries to unnerve the Inspector by uttering that Colonel Roberts is “an old friend of [his] and that [he] see[s] him fairly frequently” (16). These quotes by Mr. Birling show the way he tries to…

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  • Identity Crisis In An Inspector Calls

    There are three types of identity crisis: a temporary change of identity; no change at all, and a permanent change that isn’t reverted. Looking at the classic novels An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, we can see these are present in their characters.Of Mice and Men was first published in 1937, it is a poignant tale of a remarkable friendship between two peripatetic workers in the Great Depression years of 1930’s America. George is a small hardworking man…

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  • Sheila In An Inspector Calls Analysis

    Explore how J.B. Priestley presents change in Sheila during the course of the play, ‘An Inspector Calls.’ In An Inspector calls Priestley initially presents Sheila as an immature girl who abides to the expectations set upon her by society. However the Inspectors introduction starts a change in her where she is presented by Priestley as more mature and responsible as shown when she takes responsibility for Eva’s death. Priestley uses Sheila to reflect his own ideas of socialism to the audience…

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  • Responsibility In An Inspector Calls Analysis

    Responsibility in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley J.B Priestly wrote 'An Inspector Calls' just as the 2nd World War was coming to an end in 1945. The play was based in the time just before…

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  • Theme Of Professionalism In An Inspector Calls

    An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 shortly after the Second World War but set in 1912 just before the First World War because Priestley a socialist himself wanted to show how big the class divide was before the wars and everyone had to pull together and how he didn’t want us to go back to that so Priestley uses the Inspector as his voice in the play to try to teach the Birling’s and the audience about caring for each other and looking out for one another. The play opens up in the Birling’s…

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  • Theme Of Family In An Inspector Calls

    The play an ‘inspector calls’ divulges the truth and teaches the moral message about responsibility, warning the consequences if the message is not heeded. As the play was set before the First World War, it enabled priestly to refer to class division and social hierarchy through the characters and to the audience. Priestly portrays the attitudes of the characters and how family is presented in upper class throughout the play. The eccentric, Mr Birling a pretentious factory owner worries about…

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  • An Inspector Calls Character Analysis

    The play ‘An Inspector Calls’, was written in 1945 by writer J.B Priestley. Its story revolves around a middle-class family called the Birlings, whom are celebrating the engagement of their daughter, Sheila. However, the play undergoes a subtle shift in mood and tone as an inspector lets them know that they have taken part in the suicide of a young lady called Eva Smith. Priestley chose to develop each character in the play in such a way that they all bring a lesson into the drama. Perhaps one…

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  • An Inspector Calls Character Analysis

    In An Inspector Calls, an inspector arrives at the Birling household to ask them a few questions about Eva Smith, a girl who had just killed herself. The play begins with Arthur Birling hosting a celebration party for Sheila Birling’s engagement to Gerald Croft. When the inspector arrives, both Arthur and his daughter, Sheila, play a very significant role in the progression and message of the play. Both of these characters tend to contrast one another in every instance such as their…

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  • The Role Of Socialism In An Inspector Calls

    An Inspector Calls is a play written by Dramatist J.B Priestley in 1945. Priestley was a left-wing socialist and this was one of the factors which influenced him to write this play. Even though the play was written in 1945, it was actually set in 1912, right before the start of the First World War. It is set in the spring of 1912 at the Brumley home of the Birlings, a prosperous industrial family in the North Midlands, getting involved in the death of a woman named Eva Smith. The Inspector uses…

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  • Mr Birling And Sheila In An Inspector Calls

    between Mr Birling and Sheila? In the play an Inspector Calls, by J.B Priestley, the 2 generations end up with very different view on capitalism and socialism with the younger generation changing towards the more socialist attitude. The relationship between Mr Birling and Sheila symbolises the differences between these two world views. Priestley wanted the change to happen from a capitalist to a socialist society. Mr Birling is represented in some ways as a hot headed…

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