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  • The Big Bang Theory: The Misconceptions Of The Big Bang Theory

    controversy regarding the big bang theory. Contrary to it’s very basic title, the theory is quite complex. The theory suggests that the universe started at a central point and then exploded outward. Stars and galaxies followed after about half a billion years. I picked this topic because this theory has always both fascinated and confused me. By writing this paper, I hope to explain this concept in a clear way, while also enhancing my knowledge on this controversial topic. Many people do not accept the big bang theory because of the religious aspects. The big bang is a theory that combines science and doctrine, which makes it so unique. Edwin Hubble shocked the world with a theory that states that the universe is constantly…

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  • Big Bang Cosmic Theory

    The universe was formed and created due to one very important event, the Big Bang. This is the well-known cosmic theory in which our universe all started from one point in space, which then expanded into what we have now. A vast space, forever expanding at the speed of light. The universe was once a singularity, a point at which all everything was just in one small point. However, as more matter compacted into the infinitely dense point, chaos ensued. The singularity collapsed and began to…

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  • Big Bang Theory Stereotypes

    The Big Bang Theory: A View on the Modern “Nerdist” The Big Bang Theory is an extremely successful sitcom that airs Monday nights on CBS. It involves love, drama, comedy and many other elements into a single format. Some of the main characters are Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Rajesh, Bernadette, and Amy. One of the reasons I am researching The Big Bang Theory or “TBBT” is because it is one of the most watched, successful, and highest rated sitcoms of all time. According to Winston, as of…

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  • Misogyny In The Big Bang Theory

    Every night after our dinner my family and I would sit down and watch The Big Bang Theory on television. Those thirty minute airings had my whole living room roaring. We loved how awkward Sheldon was and how Leonard was always chasing pretty Penny. It was not until recently that I have noticed how misogyny is portrayed throughout the show. As I watch the episodes back I still laugh: however, I cannot help but to realize how the women, in particular Penny and Amy, are characterized throughout…

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  • Speech On The Big Bang Theory

    Thanks BA77 for your comments. Sorry for being slow to build a reply. You have based your reply on consensus science, I will base my reply on Judaeo-Christian scripture alone. I suggest you infer, in an oblique way, the big bang theory is superior to the Word embedded in a divine law at Sinai, You said, # 149: _________________________________________________ “in the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time” (Titus 1:2).…

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  • The Big Bang Theory And Steady State Theory

    major theories about the universe and how it began. These are the steady state and The Big Bang theory. Both theories have an explanation on how our Universe is, how it began and how it works. Both theories have stuff in common but also have many differences that could completely change the way we look at the Universe. The Big Bang Theory has much more evidence supporting it, while the Steady State Theory has been proven wrong. Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory first started from Hubble’s…

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  • The Common Misconceptions Of The Big Bang Theory?

    What is the Big Bang Theory? - The theory that tells us that our universe started out as infinitesimally small, and infinitely hot and dense. Then after this initial appearance, it began to inflate, expand and cool, going from very hot and small, to being the size and temperature our current universe. And it still continues to expand and cool to this day. Explain the Big Bang Theory? - This theory explains how our universe sprang into existence as “singularity”. Singularity is a point at…

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  • The Big Bang Theory: The Origin Of The Universe

    from a microscopic aspect compared to the universe. Now, a bigger and more macroscopic question is how the whole universe that contains everything originated? Is the universe created by the God or something up on a higher dimensional world that keeps an eye on us? Background From a historical perspective, it is such a long way for myriads of scientists to explain the origin of the Universe, human civilization helps us to understand more about ourselves. The Big Bang theory is the best…

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  • Application Of Sheldon Cooper's The Big Bang Theory

    Big Bang Theory Application Paper Sheldon Cooper is one of the main characters in the Television Series The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is about a girl named Penny, who moves into an apartment across the hall from two genius physicists (Belyeu, 2007). This television show displays the lives of these three people and their friends inside and outside of their workplace, as well as their personal lives (Belyeu, 2007). Sheldon Cooper, one of the brilliant physicists of The Big Bang Theory,…

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  • Something From Nothing: The Big Bang Theory

    Something from Nothing: The Big Bang Even though the equal balance of matter and antimatter created in the beginning of the universe as proposed by the Big Bang theory might have annihilated each other before any stars could form, the inflation model of the Big Bang accounts for the unequal level of matter-antimatter existing today and how stars could form before matter-antimatter reactions destroyed the universe. The existence of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR). is in line…

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