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  • Confucianism In China

    It truly moved China from its antiquity into the high middle ages. Many parts of China’s identity started to develop here. The cultural rise of Buddhism forever changed the region. China went from being an empire based on the yellow river into one that was had broad cultural identity from the mouth of the pearl in Guangzhou to the reaches of Manchuria at Beijing. The major split in Chinese culture turn from one of east and west to one of north and south. Women started to be a major cornerstone of the Chinese family and could wield huge influence over their children. The centralized dominance that the capital welded was gone and Confucianism would not regain its sole place in the hearts of the Chinese citizens. Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism all have varying levels of influence over both kings and peasants. Lastly China would come out of this time of disunity unity aware of other countries and powers. China developed a cultural sphere of influence in Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. It learned how to meddle in the affairs of other nations without the use of force. They also saw strong kingdoms in India that the could see as equals. China came out stronger and more unified after the northern and southern dynasties and…

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  • The Importance Of Marketing In China And China

    In China, it is important to remember that the customer prefers human interaction. Even when they make purchases online, they often prefer to see and handle the product in person and then exchange funds online only. This is partially due to thier inherent skepticism about product quality, but also because they like to get out where the people are. In practical terms, this means that it is critical for a company entering the Chinese market to develop a physical presence there. That way, the…

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  • Mongol Rule In China

    Mongol rule between 1200 and 1500 CE has had great impact on Central Asia and on China however, China has been left with a greater and longer lasting impression left by the Mongols because of the relative proximity between the two empires. The Mongols throughout the ages have wreaked havoc and created an empire that was vast and continuous and within their empire they encompassed people of all backgrounds and cultures, which would at some points make it hard to control the masses, but an open…

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  • Causes Of Corruption In China

    The spread of corruption in China threatens the legitimacy of the CCP Introduction As the Communist Party of China (CCP) evolves towards economic liberalization, it faces new challenges concerning corruption. Currently, China is aware of the spread of corruption into politics, economy and society. Its impact and consequences threatens the legitimacy of the Communist Party rule and the country 's stability. The spread of corruption across all spheres in China can be understood from its…

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  • Overpopulation In China Essay

    Brogan O’Connor Fuerholzer 6th Abraham Lincoln once said that “you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. The global population kept growing since last few decades, which cause a series problems. China is first identified when talking about the overpopulation problem. Just like honest Abe stated, China has to take action to control their growing numbers. Yet for them, the future holds a continuation of destruction and demise that overpopulation has already wrought…

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  • Chinese Marriage In China

    baby boomers of the 1950s and 1960s were starting to have children of their own. In the same year, to combat the rapidly growing population, the Chinese government imposed a policy in which couples were allowed to have only one child. This policy was enforced by forced abortions, sterilizations, and fines to families with two or more children. Confucian patriarchal tradition has been very influential to Chinese custom and has a bias against girls and women. This discrimination is based on how…

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  • The Influence Of Homosexuality In China

    Christianity and Islam swept across the globe, conquering and colonizing lands and cultures far removed from their own, so too did their latent homophobia spread. In China, when parts of it were subjected to colonial British rule (among other powers vying for control in the region), the British’s homophobia became a norm in a move to appease the colonialists’ sympathies (Lau). This gradual change from a culture that was generally accepting of homosexuality to a culture that despised it lasted…

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  • The Importance Of Buddhism In China

    Buddhism in China has overcome many contradictions and barriers in order to fully develop in China. Due to the contrast of Confucianism and Daoism, Buddhism was pushed to adapt to the Chinese lifestyle by worshipping ancestors and joining China’s hierarchical system. Now, Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in Asia and has expanded to many different forms across Southeast Asia. In specific, the Chinese lifestyle and culture has been greatly impacted by Buddhism such as the schools and…

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  • Essay On Confucianism In China

    Definition and History of Islam and Uighurs in China Despite how the current government may treat religion, religion has been a major driving force throughout China’s history. There is hardly a time when China wasn’t affected or influenced by religion, or peoples of a certain religious group. There are two major native religions in China that have played important roles not only cultural and socially, but within the shifting governments of the dynasties as well. The most major and influential…

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  • Impact Of Nomads On China

    Nomads have influenced Europe and China socially, politically, and economically due to them helping spread there ideas on the government, also by introducing other countries to the vast resources that the place they conquered had and by sometimes transferring the power from being passed down by heritage to actually to people who studied and knew how to rule ,however, not all the time when a nomadic tribe invaded/conquered a territory they actually helped the empire sometimes all they did was…

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