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  • Botanical Garden Essay

    On September 23, 2016, five members of the Conservation Biology course traveled to the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, Missouri to observe how institutions such as botanical gardens and arboretums work to conserve plant species from around the nation. In addition to caring for living collections of common and rare species, they also freeze seeds to keep in seed banks. These seeds can be thawed and germinated years and sometimes even decades after being frozen. During our trip to the botanical garden we explored the gardens, spoke with Dr. Christie Edwards and Dr. Matthew Albrecht about their conservation efforts, and observed rare species in their living collections. A rare species I found particularly intriguing during our visit was Alluaudia humbertii, a cacti plant native to Madagascar. The Missouri Botanical Gardens has twelve gardens on its main campus. Many of the gardens are homes to plants from different countries, such as Seiwa-wen Japanese Garden, which offers many plants native to East Asia to observe. (MoBot). In addition to worldly flora, the botanical gardens also have planted a variety of native plants, indicated by a symbol of Missouri. We also visited the Climatron, the world’s first geodesic dome greenhouse made to house a variety of tropical and rainforest plants from all over the world. The…

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  • Conservation Geographies: Nonequilibrium Landscapes And Nature Society Hybrids

    This assignment will discuss key stakeholders such as aid institutions, non-governmental organizations, and international conservation agencies (Zimmerer, 2000). These stake holders play a role in the arrangement and management of resources. During the process of making arrangements and managing resources there may be shortcomings that arise. This assignment will discuss some of these shortcomings. Following, this assignment will discuss how the article The Reworking of Conservation Geographies:…

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  • Copenhagen Zoo Case Study

    ethical considerations the management of the Copenhagen Zoo has to face regarding the case of Marius the giraffe, they include Marius’ right to live, the issue of overpopulation, and the risk of inbreeding. In the Conservation Strategy by World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) stated that animal transfer, euthanasia, and contraception is part of population management in zoos (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, 2015), these are some of the options the Copenhagen Zoo could have made…

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  • The Importance Of Endangered Species

    dammed rivers to clear the way for agriculture and industry (Wildlife conservation 1). These activities are the primary reason for a species dying off. The greatest threat to a species is a loss of habitat. Every animal is adapted to a certain ecosystem to survive. When an animal 's habitat is destroyed the animal 's population will begin to decrease as a result the animal becomes endangered. Loggers destroy forest and natural grasslands. People have drained swamps and marshes and converted…

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  • Piaget's Theory Of Conservation In Child Development

    According to Piaget’s theory in child development, conservation is the understanding that something stays the same in quantity even though its appearance changes. To be more technical, conservation is the ability to understand that redistributing material does not affect its mass, number, volume or length. In cognitive psychology, the principle that properties of substance such as weight and mass remain the same (are conserved) when superficial characteristics such as their shapes or arrangement…

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  • Saint Louis Zoo Essay

    The Mission of the Saint Louis Zoo is to conserve animals and their habitats through animal management, research, recreation, and educational programs that encourage the support and enrich the experience of the public. This could be the mission of any zoo it is not what makes the zoo special. They try to grow the experience threw innovation and research. The zoo has a healthy relationship with the Saint Louis Community some of the ways they do this is partnering with schools to introduce…

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  • The Importance Of Child Conservation

    Purpose The purpose of this observation is to prove if the concept of conservation is different for age groups of children described in the textbook Infants and Children by Laura Berk. Background Information I am observing my subject in the cognitive domain and will be focusing on conservation. The theorist that studied conservation is named Piaget. Piaget is a theorist that studies children development. Piaget believed that children are explores and needs to explore their…

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  • The Importance Of Butterfly Decline In The Byre

    Butterflies, like many insects across the UK have undeniable importance to the ecosystem. Maintaining butterfly populations has become a priority across the globe as anthropogenic activities increase to threaten butterfly species. One such species under threat in the UK is the Duke of Burgundy. Decline in flagship species over recent years has led to a review of the biodiversity action plans and the importance they have across the globe. This POSTnote examines the risks of butterfly decline for…

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  • Ecotourism And Tourism

    Ecotourism is closely linked to the preservation and conservation of natural areas. This paper will look at two regions, the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) in Nepal and the Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania. The two regions have both implemented conservation initiatives, and have a strong relationship with tourism. This paper will examine community conservation in the ACA (ACA) that draws on Hulme and Murphree 's (1999) idea of “new conservation”, which involves “the merging of conservation…

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  • Riparian Zone Essay

    paths occur when a berm develops a weak spot and breaks, allowing all the sediment to flow through, which defeats the effectiveness of the buffer. However, no heavy machinery should be used past the second zone as it can cause soil compaction and erosion as well as contamination. Grass species to be planted may include tall, stiff-stemmed grasses such as big bluestem or switchgrass. One major problem in implementing riparian buffer zones is that many of the areas in need of them are on…

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