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  • Creative Writing: The Importance Of Creative Writing

    For someone who has done any amount of creative writing, it should be clear, ideas are not easy to come by. Commonly, artists are plagued with hours of procrastination, yielding clean houses, empty inboxes, and plenty of watched YouTube videos, but not a word on the page. How do successful writers manage their time and ideas to create thousand page novels or Oscar winning screenplays? Temperance, or the ability to master physical desires, helps a writer control him or herself and stick to a solid work schedule. This quality of restraint allows artists to develop ideas to the fullest potential, increase their body of work, and have better odds at success. It seems like all of the “best” ideas come to mind when in the middle of another task.…

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  • The Influence Of Creative Writing And Creative Writing

    legendary for their creative writing and literary works. The University of Iowa has contributed to this legacy and made it world renowned; their unrivaled approach to language, writing and literature has solidified it 's spot at the top among schools. Iowa City has always placed an emphasis on creative writing and literature. In fact, has gone so far as to say that, "For 80 years, Iowa City has been teaching the world to write." It is true, Iowa is no stranger to the world…

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  • Imagery In Creative Writing

    In all other forms of writing, the use of imagery is not the main component. Although it is always nice to have, it is by no means a requirement or an expectation. Creative writing, however, demands vivid imagery to keep readers engaged and guessing. A creative writer should never explain that someone is bleeding, but rather they should describe the look of the blood glittering in the moonlight flowing from an open gash. As E.L. Doctrow once said, “Good writing is supposed to evoke sensations in…

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  • Creative Writing Experience

    Even though I signed up for a creative writing class and my first experience in the class was poetry, I am curious to see where the assignments will unfold. What a pleasant surprise to realize that my greatest wish to become a prolific writer is about to be realized. Besides, I like the quote “Please do not allow the spinning mind, with its inexhaustible genius for resistance, to keep you from writing the poems suggested in each chapter.” (v) I have been telling people that I did not choose my…

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  • The Importance Of Creative Writing

    When people pursue writing as a career, often a goal in mind is to have their words reach beyond themselves. Ask one why they write, and it is likely that their response will be as poised as the words that come from their fingertips: to discover, to create, to change the world (as far as people who read go). Their said intentions are almost philanthropic -seeking to serve the public- while their own success seems an unintentional perk. In contrast, my writing habits are comparably selfish,…

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  • The Importance Of Creative Writing

    After finishing my AA in Communications, I will be attending the University of Iowa to pursue a Bachelors in English, with a focus on Creative Writing. I acknowledge that choosing creative writing as a career path is risky, not everyone can write the great American novel. However, choosing English is a risk I am willing to take. I have an entire world of ideas and useable plot locked inside my head and scribbled across countless pieces of scrap paper and old notebooks. I have many great and…

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  • Writing Essay: The Importance Of Creative Writing

    In many ways, writing is the act of saying I, of inflicting oneself upon other people, of saying, “listen to me, see it my way, modify your outlook.” It’s an aggressive, even antagonistic act. You can mask its qualifiers and tentative subjunctives with ellipses and evasions—with the whole comportment of insinuating rather than demanding or suggesting rather than stating. But, there’s no getting around the fact that placing words on paper is the ploy of a surreptitious bully, an incursion, a…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Creative Writing

    advantages and disadvantages of creative writing. They all point out that creative writing is very helpful in our classrooms. The fourth question is about the techniques that teacher’s use; all of the teachers use two methods. The first method is to finish a story and the second is to write a story. The fifth question is if the teachers do participate in creative writing groups, none of them did. How can a teacher that does not like learning about creative writing, teach about creative writing?…

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  • Identity Vs Creative Writing

    When creative writing comes to mind, people generally do not think of it relating directly with academic writing. However, creative writing can benefit authors by introducing various techniques to insert identity into academic papers. Typically, lecturers teach students that identity should never be present in academic writing, but in reality, “identity is always present in writing… the idea that any writing can be disconnected from identity is absurd” (Williams, 712). Without it, the paper…

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  • The Importance Of Creative Writing

    until I felt like writing I 'd never write" I never realized how true this was until my teacher made me write a short story. I hated writing. Research papers, speeches, stories, I didn 't like them. I didn’t they were necessary. I had a creative writing class in the 11th grade. The class was just put on my schedule. I didn’t want the class so, just like the other students in that class, I tried to get out it. Nobody could leave. Therefore, I expected the worst. I was wrong about creative…

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