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  • Depression: Living With Depression

    Depression is a very serious mental illness that has in some way affected most humans. Some people believe that depression can be treated by using certain types or medicine, but that is not always the case. There are some other ways of treating it such as just taking to the person about what is bothering them. The majority of people, however, just learn how to deal with their depression because it can be so hard to get rid of. Depression can be caused by a number of different things like traumatic events, family member or close friends passing away, or just small things that can shake someone’s world up. People tend to over look how bad some types of depression really are and how badly it can affect a person’s life. We also think that everyone that is depressed commits suicide but that is actually a very rare end product in most people. In an article that talks about living with depression, one man said “Living with depression is like living with a 40 ton weight on your chest, you want to get up and move, but you just feel like you can’t.” Depression can also lead to more illnesses such as anorexia or even bigorexia, which makes a person feel like there body is not big enough. Chandler 2 Depression is usually more talked about in teens or young adult, but it can be found in all ages. Living with someone who…

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  • Depression: The Nine Different Types Of Depression And Postpartum Depression

    Depression isn’t like a cold or allergies, it doesn’t just come and go. There is always a reason for someone to be diagnosed with this condition and it takes a little while for people to fall so low into this stage. Depression is a serious medical condition in which someone feels constantly sad, lazy and hopeless. It causes people to not be social, constantly drag themselves around miserably and think suicidal thoughts. Many people get into a state of sadness here and there but that doesn’t…

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  • Depression: The Causes And Effects Of Depression

    Depression is more than just a rough patch or feelings of sadness. While a depressed person may appear to be having a hard time, their internal battle is more than could be understood by someone who has never been depressed. Typically, a depressed person is overtaken with feelings of sadness, emptiness, and despair to the point of believing that they are unloved and incapable of loving. Emptiness outweighs the rest. "Emptiness is a never ending feeling. Emptiness and helplessness often come hand…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Depression And Depression

    depressed but until I was sixteen I didn’t know it had a name. I thought it was just life.” Those were the words of Erin, a woman who was officially diagnosed with major depression as a teen. Like many teens who live with this serious illness, she attempted to kill herself more than once. (Erin) In America alone one in 10 students in high school have attempted to commit suicide. Also, almost one in six people, in America between the ages 12 and 17 have at least seriously considered killing…

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  • Depression In Emil Kraepelin's Description Of Depression

    Review of Literature The Beginnings In fifth century that Hippocrates and his associates gave the description of depression as “Fear or sadness that last a long time mean melancholia” (Hippocrates, 1923–1931, Vol. IV, p. 185) in Greek. They defined it in a way similar to what we understand it as presently having deep sadness, worthlessness, helplessness and hopelessness as the core symptoms and related symptoms like decreased interest in usual activities, social detachment, decreased sleep and…

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  • Depression: Cause, Causes And Symptoms Of Major Depression

    Major depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest during daily activities (Major Depression). This disorder is known as one of the most common mental disorders (Kohn). It affects how people feel, think, and behave in certain situations. Depression can come on suddenly, or be the effect of various events piling on top of each other (Depression). People between the age of 15-20 have experienced some soft of depression throughout their lives, while…

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  • Depression: Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

    Depression is an Abyss of the mind, a pure void of happiness. Like a black hole, it takes the brightness of the stars in life, then swallows them whole, compressing them until there is nothing but a dark, blank sky in the depressed mind. The mind is screaming to the heavens to see the stars, but there is nothing left for as the black hole has eaten the last of the bright lights. It becomes numb while it waits for God to recreate the universe, for new stars of light to be born. Writing the black…

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  • Depression In The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was arguably America’s darkest hour. Looking back, modern day Americans cannot fathom the despair and hopelessness that covered America like an itchy woolen blanket throughout the 1930s. How bad were those days? What kept American families alive? Where was God? Now, imagine if another Great Depression happened tomorrow. Could America recover? As a student flips through his history textbook, he spots a photo of men lined up around a block waiting for bread at a soup kitchen.…

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  • Dysthymia And Depression Essay

    Dysthymia and Depression: Would You Know It If You Saw It? He sees nothing but darkness, hopelessness, and despair. He is searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, but with no hope. Feeling worried and anxious, he struggles to fake that well-known smile. He is confused, struggling to understand his own feelings and emotions. He has a good life, has many good friends, and is a top student, with a happy family. He just cannot seem to put the pieces of the puzzle together and there…

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  • Effects Of Depression In Adolescence

    Depression in Adolescence Unipolar depressive disorder in children and adolescents is a problem across the world that has become very common, but is often not recognized correctly (Thapar, Collishaw, Pine, & Thapar, 2012). Depression in adolescents is associated with a substantial risk of suicide, is the second leading cause of death in this age group and at least half of those who attempted suicide have described symptoms associated with depressive disorders at the time of death (Hawthorn,…

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