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  • Descriptive Essay On The Art Of Writing

    The Art of Writing Writing was not an art for me. I can remember like it was yesterday, those dreaded essays for English Class when I was a first year student in College. I spent endless nights sitting in my room on my tiny bed, in the corner, writing and rewriting my essays, only to receive a “C” on the final draft. I was a shy, quiet girl, who had just graduated from a Catholic High School in Jamaica with great expectations. My high school was all girls. Every day to school, I wore a dark grey blouse and a long blue skirt, almost touching my ankles. I was excited at the start of college. College had little rules, no dress codes and great parties on Friday nights. I finally got to see boys in my classes. Most of all, detention was a thing…

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  • Descriptive Writing: The Lottery

    Descriptive Writing: ‘The Lottery’ Silence. Uncomfortable silence followed her death. Storm clouds hovered in the stunned sky, reflecting everyone’s mood. She lay in the center of the crowd, her body twisted and contorted, forming graceless angles. Her auburn hair was scattered in multiple places, stained with blood. Her eyes were wide open, but her pupils seemed to be brimming with bitter melancholy. I glanced away from her bloodstained frame, her screams still resounding in my ears.…

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  • Descriptive Writing Lolita

    A hot summer afternoon it was. Julia, my host at Innisfree HawalBagh (Uttarakhand), showed me the walk way to Kosi river. Walking down was comfortable under the shade of deodar trees on a sunny blue sky day. As soon as I reached the river, I could not resist myself from a swim. I saw few ladies from the nearby village, filling water. The water was cold and the day was sweaty, giving me immense pleasure to swim. I am a water baby. I did not notice the minutes passing by as I kept enjoying in my…

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  • Beach Descriptive Writing

    We got to the beach in no time. The sun was still high in the sky, making it more than warm enough for everyone to be looking forward to getting to the ocean. We set up camp on the higher part of the beach, close enough so that the trip down to the water wouldn’t be long and tiring but far enough away to where the tides wouldn’t hit our camps. The camps were sort of sad heaps of everything we had saved from the crashed plane and burning building. Our little spot we had picked out was at the…

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  • Descriptive Writing On A Forest

    Malicious A twisted tree trunk protrudes out of the silt like earth, covered in crude knots and lanky dead branches; the trunk hovers over the small stretch of land it sits upon. The rough, callous bark of the foreboding tree a dark hazel splattered with sections of sunken grooves. A shadow casts upon the intruding tree, darkening the bottom section of the once splendid trunk to a sinister shade of black. The upper top half on the trunk splintered, as if its own structure and size had betrayed…

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  • Descriptive Writing About A Restaurant

    Steam puffed out of manhole covers that dotted the road. Penn Station came out at an intersection where the air was filled with the melody of car horns, voices and footsteps. Authentic New York style pizza was something I had always wanted to try. Across from Penn Station was this little, uncrowded restaurant that served some very addicting garlic knots. It was impossible to just eat one. The pizza comes in large, thin slices which had just the right amounts of sauce and cheese. It was a…

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  • Descriptive Writing About The Library

    are printers, scanners, a copy machine, a phone charging station, computer labs, computers and phones designed for students with disabilities, laptops, and collaboration tables with screens so one can plug his laptop in and everyone at the table can see. The library has nearly everything a student could need. Many students and patrons utilize JCCC’s Billington Library for its numerous features. Later on in the day around noon one might find the library noisier, filled with students’ quiet buzz…

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  • Descriptive Writing: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Lawn

    Phoebe Chan 54026383 T73 Descriptive writing The Extraordinarily Ordinary Lawn Walking along the aisle connecting Our Lady’s wing and the library, the wind gently fondles my face. The freshness of grass wraps around me and slowly creeps into my nostril. The big verdurous lawn appears gradually with my pace of walking. It seems extraordinarily exquisite today. Different memories evoke right in front of my eyes as if it was only yesterday that I was still a freshman in this…

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  • The Importance Of Sport Doesn T Building Character

    Among today’s society there are an abundance of critics of sport. They criticize the politics, money, and behavior among sport and how it can affect an individual. Most of those critics also believe that sport does not build character. I partially agree to this statement; however, I believe that sport can build character when it is practiced in an environment that thrives on and teaches character and moral development. Then the athlete has an opportunity to become morally developed and gives…

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  • Brandeis College Case Study

    campus and traveling for leisure among students? The null hypothesis is that there will be no correlation, since one is a more limited study and the other one is a more inclusive category. Methodology: To address the research questions, the study relies on descriptive analyses of data from a survey that was administrated to 270 students at Brandeis University from different class years, ethnic/race, sexual identity, social-economical status, undergrad, and graduate students. The descriptive…

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