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  • Kate Spade: Fashion Director: My Dream Jobs In The Future

    kate spade - Fashion Director: I find this job to be the most appealing because it directly deals with the visual aspect of the fashion industry. One of my dream jobs entails working at a corporate level and being on a team that designs the window displays and visual layouts for stores around the U.S./ world. This job is high up in the field, so it’s something I could actively be working towards. I currently work for kate spade and love the aesthetic of the brand, along with the values the company holds. The company culture is vibrant and the merchandise fits my personal style. I want to work at a place I would feel inspired, and kate spade does just that. Something I would look more into is figuring out the steps needed to obtain a position like this in the future. Such as, what jobs or internships I could currently take that would set me on the right path for a job along the lines of this one. Harrods - Assistant Buyer: A multitude of people I know that are also pursuing a degree in…

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  • The Concept Of A Dream Job

    The concept of a “dream job” for me is not a clearly defined term at this point. This is because as an entrepreneur, opportunities to make money are on a constant basis. For example, if an individual has a skill that they know how to market then that is a possibility for money. What if someone has multiple skills? Then those are multiple opportunities to make money. As for myself, one of my skills is music (specifically playing guitar) so this has become an outlet to make money. However, it is…

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  • My Dream Job

    ` What do you hope to achieve in your lifetime ? This is more or less like a dream question, that is determined to be answered in different ways. From Avril lavigne’s quote “life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life” (BrainyQuote). I aim to live a successful, happy and relevant life. I whim to achieve several things such as going to the best university of my choice, graduating with a good degree, getting a good job that relates to dream career and getting loved. Right from…

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  • The Importance Of A Dream Job

    There is a new position opening at work that you are really interested in applying for. You are more than qualified for the position based on work experience, however it requires either a college degree or enrollment towards a degree. This position is your dream job and what you have been slaving so hard to achieve. Unfortunately, the thought of being a thirty year old college student makes you very scared. There is a month before the deadline to apply for this position, you decide to really…

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  • The Importance Of Dream Jobs

    some of the popular profession which is good and it is a dream job for everyone such as a doctor, engineer, and pilot. And in each line of work, it’s very difficult to get in, we need to prepare ourselves to increase a chance to apply for our dream jobs. Therefore, there are three steps which can improve a chance of the success of acquiring our dream job. The first step is to think about yourself. In this first step, you have to evaluate yourself that means you must think about what you would…

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  • My Dream Job Analysis

    Become acquainted with their hiring practices and available postions, (4) attend job fairs to research the availability of positions and identify and establish networking contacts. In this context, research local, profeswional organizations and make cold call to establish contacts. The journaling aspect of this process will, in effect, enable me to communicate with others, who, in many ways are experiencing the same issues that I am. Maintaining a daily journal of experiences will enable me to…

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  • My Dream Job Paragraph

    My dream job Author:Osage McCuen My dream job. My job I want and keep forever. My job in my job of me having. That is why it is called a dream job. I am here to tell u about it. I really want it so bad. I am doing camp and middle school teams. I am about to do it in high school when I get there. I maybe will get it college. Some people say you have to try out for athletes and a lot of sports you do that. My dream job as you know now is to be an athlete but what sport. Well, I…

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  • Employment Gaps In The Dream Job

    employment gaps, there may be a few other obstacle that you feel are standing between you and your dream job. These obstacles may include being overqualified, under-qualified, over the age of 40 or a sudden change in your career. These problems can all be solved within your resume, enabling you to still get that interview at your dream job. Overqualified An employer is reluctant to hire an overqualified job candidate for a few reasons. These reasons include quitting as soon as a better job…

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  • My Dream Job Essay

    of things I look forward to fulfilling in my life. In highschool I plan to hold nothing less then a B-, in college I want to prepare myself for my career, I will work hard to obtain my dream job and deliver all other goals I dream of doing. As a sophomore in high school, I still have two more years left to achieve my high school goals. My first year in high school I rarely got my work turned in on time. My grades were low and I just didn’t really try much. I got my work done for the most part…

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  • Narrative Essay On Dream Job

    I was born into a family where money seems to be the one thing that we are missing to make our dream real. My mom came to this country for a better life. She has traveled a long way in order to see her children have a better life and not have to struggle like she did. When she settled down I was in her stomach while she works in places that accepted people with no documentation to this country. My mother has struggled with money since the moment she was born. She comes from a family that grows…

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