Endangered Animals Essay

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  • Difference Between Endangered And Endangered Animals

    The Differences Between Endangered and Vulnerable Species. (African vs Asian Elephant) The asian elephant, an endangered animal has lost their habitat, have been treated with disrespect and fragmented. They have also been driven by large human population. As a result of coming near farmers lands, they are captured and sometimes killed. However, there are conservation priorities for the Asian Elephant and those include maintaining clean habitats and securing their corridors. On the other hand, the african elephant which is a vulnerable species. The population of elephants have ben poached for ivory. However, some of the secure African Elephant population have been illegally killed as well. They carry their calves for 22 months, and as a result…

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  • The Dangers Of Endangered Animals

    16,306 of them are endangered and on the brink of extinction” (Endangered Earth.com, 2016 ). We know that endangered animals have been becoming closer and closer to extinction, but what is considered an endangered animal? There are a few things that the species have to be to be classified an endangered species. Some of the reasons are, when the species has very limited space and when there are only a few mature individuals. The biggest one is the limited space, as we keep taking land from the…

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  • Why Are Animals Endangered Animals

    “Elexis, your birthday is in February, there is no way we can have your party at the zoo.” This line would be repeated throughout my household from the beginning of January until February 20th, ten days after my birthday had already passed. The zoo is a thrilling place for a kid; fantastic animals all around them running and playing, lions roaring and polar bears swimming in the little pools in their enclosures. These are common memories children have when looking back on their trips to the zoo,…

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  • Cloning Endangered Animals Essay

    The Implications of Cloning Extinct Animals The modern world is filled with diverse species of plants, animals, and ecosystems. Looking back hundreds or thousands of years, though, the types of environments, plants, and animals, vary from virtually the same to drastically different. Animals have either evolved or gone extinct as the environment changed, new species came and went, or humans impacted them. There is controversy whether extinct animals should be left extinct, or if people should…

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  • Persuasive Speech: Endangered Animals

    Endangered animals are one of those things that unfortunately, most people overlook. I mean, yes you see them on TV commercials and yes people do try to help, but not as much as it’s needed. Every day animals are getting closer and closer to endangerment due to loss of habitat and poachers, things we can help prevent. Other things causing species into endangerment include diminished food supply, overexploitation, pollution and introduction of alien species, and agricultural changes brought…

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  • Endangered Animals: The Javan Rhino

    Endangered species are organisms that have such a reduced population that they are threatened with extinction. There are thousands of different species that are included in this list. Millions of years before humans existed, causes of extinction of living things were mostly linked to geological and climate effects (environmental change). Even though, environmental change is still the primary root for the extinction of organisms, but now the process of extinction is accelerated by human…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Endangered Animals

    has been our Symbol for the United States since 1782 for its ?fierce and independent image.? The Cheetah is an Endangered Species because people are hunting it for its fur, loss of habitat, and because people think it?s a pest. There are only about 12,000 Cheetah?s left in the World. If this continues who knows how many Endangered Species are going to face extinction. In conclusion, if people continue to kill animals for fun or pleasure there will be no animals left in the world. Think…

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  • What Is Endangered Animals Essay

    The topic over endangered animals have became a major issue in the past several years. Whether or not to try and protect these endangered animals has evolved the U.S. Courts as well as human morality. Collecting information about the endangered animals can be a tricky subject. The Endangered Species Act states that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service collects data from researchers and scientists and compile the 'endangered ' list. (B) as the list is being updated, the FWS take in different…

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  • Endangered Animals Essay

    Countless amounts of animals are becoming endangered right now. The more endangered a species, the harder it is to save them. Although a good amount of people don’t take this topic seriously, animal endangerment is a topic that is not to be thrown around lightly. If an animal species becomes so endangered that humans cannot help it, it could become extinct and we may never see it again. People should try more to help endangered animals because they are dying due to habitat loss, climate change,…

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  • Endangered Animals In China Essay

    treatment and elephants are killed for ivory tusks. Welcome to the world of endangered animals in China. Poaching of endangered animals started happening in the 1900's when the Chinese made a law for animals welfare and animal rights. Chinese people wanted these endangered animals for food, medicine, showing off when guests come over, valuable items, uniqueness and to sell animal products. Some might say there is a lot to help out these going extinct animals. Although others say it will take too…

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