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  • Business To Customer Business (B2C) Vs. Business To Business

    The Business to Customer (or B2C) and the Business to Business (or B2B) business models are both models that a business can adopt. Their titles are self-explanatory: Business to Customer businesses sell their products directly to customers, and Business to Business businesses sell their products to other businesses. Although this is the most obvious of their differences, they have other significant differences that must also be discussed. Business to Business and Business to Customer businesses also have similarities that will be discussed. Business to Customer businesses, as previously mentioned, sell their products directly to the customer. Kutz (2016) states that “[Business to Customer] is a synonym for the selling process considered from the point of view of the supplier” (p. 62) because “normally the selling partner is a business organization, [and] the buying partner is a single person” (p. 62). Neither of these are absolute, however: for example, a group of people could be the buying partner. The sales/purchasing process for a Business to Customer business has seven steps: “the information step, the initiation step, the contract conclusion step, the delivery/fulfilment step, the billing/invoicing step, the service/support step, and the communication/tracking & tracing step” (Kutz, 2016, p. 64-76). The information step involves the customer either knowing or not knowing the product/service they want, and knowing or not knowing the supplier they want. For example, if…

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  • The Importance Of Business Planning For Business

    3. Why is it so important for business? 3.1 Starting up the business. The importance of business planning is that it helps an organisation to summarise all aspects of the enterprise. The existence of business plan overviews and summarises the following points about the company: • Where it has come from. • Where it is now. • Where it is going in the future. • How it intends to get there. • How much money it needs to fulfil its plans. • What makes it likely to succeed. • What threats or…

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  • Difference Between B2b And Business To Business Model

    This three page essay (excluding References) examines differences between business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-customer (B2C) business models. It describes their primary characteristics, how they fundamentally differ, and how “electronic tools” such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have changed relationships for better or worse. B2B vs. B2C & AWS The primary characteristic of the business-to-business model is that business transactions are conducted with other businesses, whereas business…

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  • Business Case Analysis Of Costco's Business Strategy

    Business Strategy (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Business Strategy Question 1 Costco's adopts a business model that is based on a best-cost strategy. Basically they utilize low-cost provider approach which consolidates that with making quality for the different partners by concentrating on incredible client benefit, a strict code of morals, regarding suppliers, remunerating shareholders, treating representatives like family and an in number feeling of ecological stewardship.…

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  • Business Management Case Study: Staffing In A Business

    CASE STUDY MY UNDERSTANDING Staffing plays a very important role in the success of any business whether it is a manufacturing business or trading, etc. The decisions which you take in staffing has a very dramatic effect on the quality of work, the amount of profits you make , the level of service you provide your customers and the amount of satisfaction they get from the services you provided them . Even the production activities and goals of an organisation are at risk. To make appropriate…

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  • Business Analysis: Porter's Five Forces In The Business Industry

    Porter’s Five Forces Porter’s five forces is a tool for analyzing competition of a business in a comparative industry. It helps to explain why different industries are able to sustain different levels of profitability. The model is generally used, around the world, to investigate the business structure of an organization and in addition its corporate methodology. Porter recognized five obvious powers that have an influence in forming each market and industry on the planet. The powers are much…

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  • The Importance Of Business Development

    The term “business development” often evokes a pretty vague response from business development professionals. Some claim it is relationships, others that it is about sales, and still others will say when prompted that it is all about the hustle of growing a business. The best definition, however, is the simplest: “Business development is the creation of long-term value from customers, markets, and relationships”. There are a few terms in that quote that require a little explanation. Let’s start…

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  • Importance Of Business Layout

    Creating a strong business layout is the first step towards success in your business venture. From obtaining funding to hiring personnel to planning for expansion, a business plan can be your information for keeping your business on track. Your business plan can preserve you focused on your desires and keep you shifting ahead when confronted with obstacles. Communication is one of the key functions of a business plan. It serves, in effect, as a resume for your business, according to the Small…

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  • Business Analysis: Ford Business Strategy In The Global Environment

    Ford business strategy in global environment Global business environment is now transforming in a much more competitive and intense manner, for companies to operate globally,which is now more difficult and strategically challenging to retain their competitive advantage and gain profits. When organizations are expanding and working in global environment they need to have a global business strategy in order to be successful not only in their home country but also to remain competitive…

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  • The Importance Of Business Communication

    part of everyday life. It can be used in almost every activity of Human life. Communication is the exchange and flow of information and idea from one person to others. It has impact in almost every politic, social, and economic life. In business life, communication is an important aspect to build, operate, and develop the company. It also can affect the sales, benefit, and advertising the goods or services of the company. Nowadays, communication has developed very fast with technology. With…

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