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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Going To A Trip To Michigan Adventures

    I couldn’t believe it, my family and I were finally going on a trip to Michigan Adventures. I was so excited, it was only one month ago that my dad gave me and my brother the decision to either go to Michigan Adventures as a family or to have both our birthdays on the same day as we normally did every year with presents and cake. My brother and I came to a decision to go to Michigan Adventures, who wouldn’t want to go to an amazing amusement park, considering we had never been to one before in our lives. We were finally getting packed up and in the car, my brother and I were literally bouncing with excitement. My dad had thought that we would fall asleep within the first 30 minutes because we had to wake up at 7:00 am and start heading…

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  • Persuasive Essay On How To Prepare For A Trip

    Take the Scenic Route Have you ever planned and anticipated a trip for months on end, only for the trip to take a shovel engraved with the word “reality” and slam you into the merciless ground? Everyone has had a vacation that went awry or just didn’t live up to their expectations. These types of vacations have a sensation similar to a the unpleasant aftertaste of almost spoiled milk, and should be avoided. Thankfully, the most important thing to prepare for an enjoyable vacation is your mind. …

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  • The Fast Essay

    knew, and in the midst of my fear I realized time is up! I am at the base of Winding Stair Gap, a steep hike up a winding trail 6.2 miles up at an elevation of 1,500 ft. Fear is now in the middle of my throat. What have I done? I questioned myself mentally. Oh Lord Jesus, I cannot do this, what was I thinking, I prayed. The Fast My story actually begins a couple of months prior to this date. I decided to go on a little field trip to Savannah…

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  • Love, And Character Analysis: Thelma And Louise

    Jennifer Vo Thelma and Louise is a story about two women who decide to go on a trip, but it does not go as planned. The premise is a classic adventure story about friends who plan a great adventure; however, they hit bumps in the road, but the problems they endure help them define themselves. In the three act breakdown, act I is the planning of the trip to taking off on the trip, act II is the runaway from all their troubles, which leads to act III Thelma and Louise tries to escape and their…

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  • Allowing My Brother And I To Travel To Iceland

    Far and Away: Why You Should Consider Allowing My Brother and I to Travel to Iceland Recently, we have discussed the possibility of me taking my brother on a trip to Iceland. I realize that, like most parents, you are skeptical of the idea of us traveling away to an unknown country by ourselves. I can understand your displeasure with the idea of your two oldest sons leaving into what you may perceive as a dangerous endeavor half way around the world. However, now that we are both coming into…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On A Roadtrip

    a tent or anything like that, but I figured it would be a lot of fun. Just Getting the opportunity to go out and experience the world away from my home and have a lot of fun was made even better getting to go on a roadtrip to go backpack Yosemite with two buddies and one of their dads. I just knew it was going to be one fun adventure. Since I had never gone hiking or anything like that I would have to get some supplies. Lucky for me though…

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  • Planning A Vacation Essay

    Planning A Vacation Planning a vacation can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Vacation is supposed to be a fun time when the stress of everyday life can be forgotten. If certain steps and guidelines are followed, planning a vacation can be as fun as going on one. When planning a vacation the first step is deciding where to go. For people who like to relax, a tropical island with a beach might be appealing. However people who like action might like somewhere with an abundance of…

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  • Essay On The Trip Of A Lifetime

    The Trip of a Lifetime It was July fourteenth of the year two thousand and twenty twelve; I was twelve years old. My best friend Page, her parents and I were on a thirteen hour car ride to West Bay, Wisconsin. We were staying with Pages godparents for a week in their cabin in the middle of nowhere. This story is significant to me because I got to see, hear, and learn different things from a different perspective. The drive up to Wisconsin was the longest drive I have ever been on. On the way,…

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  • Personal Narrative Of A Hiking Trip In The Catskill Mountains

    In 2014, something happened to me that I will never forget! That summer, four of my friends and I took a hiking trip in the Catskill Mountains of New York. As I started to think about that trip, I found myself considering the incredible vistas and the great memories I made with my friends; but then I started to realize. The little moments on that trip, the ones that could have caused it to end in success or failure, really transformed it into such an incredible memory. As young teenagers we…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie Contact

    The news takes the media by storm, leaving Doctor Ellie with the desire to be part of the first mission to make physical contact with extraterrestrial life. While taking the necessary tests and physiological reviews, Ellie is questioned about her faith in the Lord. After admitting that she does not believe in a God, the decision is made for her not to attend the trip. After a tragic terrorist attack destroying the shuttle and everyone in it, the trip was canceled. Evil had once again worked its…

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