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  • Old Earth Creationism: The Original Creation Of The Earth

    this essay is the Original Creation of the Earth. In this essay, I will discuss, compare and contrast the viewpoints of the Nebular Hypothesis vs. the six-day creation from the Old-Earth Secular View and Young-Earth Secular View. The Young Earth creationist believes that the Earth was created in the six-day creation and the old earth creationist believes that the Earth was created billions of years ago during the time of evolution of the Solar System. It’s really all about what one believes. Old-Earth Secular View In the Old Earth Secular viewpoint, the Nebular Hypothesis is the most widely accepted model in the field of cosmogony, which explains the formation and evolution of our Solar System and the other…

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  • The Sustainability Of The Earth

    In what ways are we putting Earth under complicated issues? What can we do in order to achieve long lasting sustainability in Earth? Earth has become an issue all throughout the world and has been the number one problem due to the lack of attention we put on it. Many might not consider it an issue because we see the problems everyday thinking it’s normal, however it affects us along with the Earth. This has an impact on the world because we are the ones who come across problems involving the…

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  • The Mantle Convection Of The Earth

    Impact of Mantle Convection The Earth has not always looked the same as it does now in modern day. The early Earth was made up of one supercontinent called Pangaea and a large ocean surrounding it. How did the Earth get to be the spread out and in the oddly shaped continents that it is today? The reason that Earth looks the way it does today is due to plate tectonics. Tectonic plates are plates that are located on the lithosphere, the outer layer of the Earth that is made of part of the…

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  • Earth Creation Theory

    Theories on how the Earth was Created Introduction Throughout the centuries, mankind has always been curious towards how everything was created. Over the years, numerous theories were introduced to the world on the concepts of Earth as well as its origins. Mankind has always made strives in scientifically proving fact from fiction in answering the age-old question: How was Earth Created? After centuries have pasted, the Nebular Hypothesis was generated based on numerous experiments, and…

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  • Earth And Mars Essay

    Introduction While Earth and Mars share similarities, these two planets possess distinct differences. The objective of this article will be to elaborate upon those planetary differentials that exist between such specific domains. Mars does maintain aspects that strike comparisons to those of Earth, though poses equal distinction in its galactic contrasts. This article shall reveal the ideal atmospheric condition of Earth as well as towards its sustaining a total environment for complete cycles…

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  • Three Layers Of The Earth

    Lesson 1: Earthquakes and Volcanoes Layers of the Earth Earth is made up of three layers: crust, mantle and core. The outer layer is the crust, the middle layer is the mantle and the inner layer is the core. Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into large plates that move slowly. Figure 1 shows the layers of the Earth. Figure 1: Layers of the Earth Plate tectonics The Earth's surface is formed of large pieces of rock called plates that are also called tectonic plates. These plates…

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  • The Importance Of Earth Depopulation

    Wow did you know that earth is depopulating in seconds because of deadly toxins and trash you helped spread. Every time you throw a piece of trash out of your car window or your hotel room that adds up and defeats the purpose of life and health. Cleaning earth will allow us to live a healthier life not forgetting a longer one as well. Plus it will also let Earth's existance last longer according to scientists ! WE need to stand up…

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  • The Four Spheres Of Earth

    of Earth Before we can learn of the compositional layers and mechanical layers of the interiors of earth, we need to know some basic concept of the four spheres. As we may know the four spheres responsible for life on earth: lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; and their interaction with each other is called Geosphere (Fig. 1.). Another sphere that isn’t included among the rest for its different property is Pedosphere. Pedosphere is basically the interaction between the…

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  • Yellow Earth Themes

    Thus the home appears unchanging due to the theme of tradition in Yellow Earth. In Crows and Sparrows, the home is also seen as unchanging in the beginning of the film due to the rigidity of the class system. While tradition and the class system are important to the fixed nature of their lives, the home is not dependent on these institutions and in fact breeds contempt of them. The home is therefore seen as the starting place for change in both of these films. In the case of Crows and…

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  • Old Earth Argument

    Was the earth made thousands of years ago or millions of years ago? The earth is something that humans have theorized about for many years, but we don’t know which ones are right or wrong. One of the most controversial ideas that humans have is how old the earth is. People have come up with two options, the first is the New Earth idea which believes that the earth was made thousands of years ago, the other idea is the Old Earth perspective where people believe the earth was made millions of…

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