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  • Faith: What Is It And What Is Faith?

    What is Faith? Just like religion, it is difficult to understand the correct meaning of faith. According to the article, "What is Faith" written by Jim Haeffele, faith is defined as having trust, assurance and confidence in a higher being. It is publicly displayed through service and obedience. However, its importance is based on a powerful human reality which is usually misunderstood. This misunderstanding because people talk about faith daily but they fail to understand its importance in the lives of many. Nevertheless, Terrance W. Tilley 's reading, "Faith: What is it and What is isn 't", highlights the misunderstood concepts of faith and use these misunderstandings to define faith. During the course of this paper the term faith will be defined, the misunderstood concepts will be discussed and personal views and comments about faith will be presented.…

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  • The Importance Of Faith

    known species in the world, even the universe, that can compare to the complexity of this race. Humans were created with reason and logic, something no other species has. Yet, we have faith in things that may seem irrational. There are many things people have faith in, for example: a sea being split in half, bread just forming in the middle of a desert, and even a man raising himself from the dead. Reason can be a great ally to faith at times, but there are still times that you must rely on…

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  • Miscommunications On Faith And Faith In Salvation By Langston Hughes

    God to come to him. There are many different beliefs and practices that revolve around God yet many people are still unsure about their religious Identity. Similar to Langston’s confusion about his faith, I was once confused about my faith too. In this personal essay Langston talks about a time that greatly affected his life when he was only twelve. Langston talks about his miscommunications about “coming to Jesus” (947). In this story Langston starts before the actual revival at his Auntie…

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  • Faith Is Blind Essay

    For the first thesis- “faith is blind, science is evidence based”, Dawkins suggested that religion teaches us to be satisfied with not really understanding. For instance, when one religious person faces with some difficult problem, he/she will just justify it by using the quote of “Oh, God did it!” On the other hand, Lennox suggested that blind faith can be very dangerous especially when it’s coupled with blind obedience to an evil authority but not all faith is blind faith. Faith might be…

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  • Faith Sharing Reflection

    I enjoyed the challenge to share my testimony. I had not discovered the importance of faith sharing until I shared and reflected. I found, upon reflection, that the first time I shared my testimony was in Youth Ministry when I wrote it all down. In that essay and with Haley, the first person I shared with, I did not share the full testimony, but only parts that I found easiest to share. It wasn’t until I shared with Michael that I made a conscious effort to share the whole story and nothing…

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  • The Importance Of Faith In Buddhism

    1. Faith In general, people think development wholesome action by suttas chanting, praying, ceremonial worshiping, offering water, fruits and flowers to Buddha, or engaging in volunteer works. Of course, all of these wholesome work of earning merit is the initial step of gearing one’s mind to spiritual path and somewhat transform mind, but it’s not a sufficient way. For instance, the chanting of Suttas, praying and worshiping help one to develop faith in a religion. However, developing the true…

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  • Christian Faith And Inception

    interaction between the Christian faith and secular society. Someone posed the question, “Why is it okay for games to go into overtime, but if church goes over, then it is not?” Someone replied by saying, “Because they operate in entirely different spheres of our culture. Apples and oranges here, bud.” Such a response represents how reformational frameworks like sphere sovereignty can be misconstrued into a dissonance between faith and secular society. However, the opposite issue can also be…

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  • Faith And Optimism And Planning

    Even though my life path is not laid out for me step by step, it is important that I recognize God has a plan for me and I shall have faith in his plan. If there are challenges placed before me, I must accept these challenges and try my best to work my way through them; After all, being optimistic in circumstances such as struggles and bumps along my pathway will benefit me best and enable me to achieve what I set my heart to. With this, I believe it is a matter of having faith in the plans…

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  • Night Faith Quotes

    At the beginning of Night, Eliezer describes himself as someone who believes “profoundly”. His faith begins very strong, but as the struggles and challenges that happen go on, he starts to lose faith and stops believing in something he once believed so strongly in. “Why did I pray? Strange question. Why did I live? Why did I …..breathe?” -Elie page 4 in night. In the beginning of the book Elie's faith was strong he believed and followed all the rules. When Elie is talking to Moishe, he is…

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  • The Importance Of Blind Faith

    If I could go back to the very time that I decided I wanted to be a Christian, I would have made it my business to thoroughly research a lot of the difficult subjects that I know now. Still to this day, I struggle with living my life everyday as a Christian knowing that I don’t fully agree with all that I have come to learn on my journey. I guess that’s what they call blind faith. This also causes me to think into all the experiences and people I have ran into in different places I have…

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