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  • Is Inflation Imoral?

    Is inflation immoral? Inflation occurs when the price of ordinary goods go up and people can no longer buy the things they need with the same amount of money. The compounded effects of even small percentage points of inflation is that over time wages haven’t kept up with inflation and the buying power of consumers has decreased. For example, my husband and I purchased a life insurance policy back in the 1980’s for $100,000 thinking it would take care of the family in the event of our death. Back in the 80’s, $100,000 was a lot of money but it would not go very far today. In addition, “inflation wipes out the savings of the government and people,” and the effects of inflation are so subtle that most people do not even realize what is happening…

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  • The Impact Of Inflation

    A general increase in the price levels is known as inflation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumer prices in the United States went up 1.5 percent year-on-year in September of 2016, the highest inflation rate since October of 2014. This was so due to boost provided by robust gains in shelter combined with a smaller drop in energy prices and the lowest food cost in over six years. Figure 11 below highlights the trend in the US inflation in the last five years. Figure…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Inflation

    Inflation is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services ( As inflation goes up, every dollar ends up buying a smaller percentage of goods and services and a decline in the purchasing power of money. The opposite of inflation would be deflation where the general level of prices keep falling. As could be imagined there are negative effects of inflation including uncertainty in the economy and the possibility for domestic products to…

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  • Inflation And Malign Deflation

    When thinking about problems in the economy, inflation may be one of the most popular topics. However, deflation may be just as damaging, if not, more damaging than inflation. When deflation occurs, the consumer, the government, and the global economy are all effected. Not all deflation cases are negative, but the ones that are negative are the ones that the policy makers have to focus on and try to prevent. Deflation comes in two different forms. One kind of deflation is malign deflation.…

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  • Inflation In The Macro Economy

    • Inflation One of the most critical aspects of the macro economy is the role inflation plays in determining price levels. Undoubtedly higher inflation will have a negative impact on the economy driving price levels higher then consumer wages are able to keep up with. However, if inflation is too low (below 2%, above 0) it will impede economic growth. The current inflation rate of .2% is a reflection of the anemic economic growth in the economy (U.S. Inflation Calculator). Inflation rates also…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Inflation

    Inflation comes from the latin word inflare, meaning to blow up or inflate. It was first used to describe the increase in the amount of money in 1838. The inflation from January 2016 was 1.37%, which is not good for the US economy. Today, prices of everyday consumer goods are rising while the value of money is going down due to the rapid printing of money from our government. Returning to the gold standard could be the answer to this problem that we are looking for. There are many pros and cons…

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  • Inflation And Unemployment Essay

    In 2004, Japan still maintains its rank as No.1 of Human Development Index in the world for life expectancy at birth . Japanese government should find a way to increase the growth of population, otherwise the ageing population will cause decrease in productivity. This is because ageing people tend to be less productive and consumptive compare to productive age (between sixteen to fifty five years old). To encourage the population growth, the government should give awards for every citizen who…

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  • Causes Of Demand And Inflation

    Demand-Pull Inflation: One of the most prominent causes of this economic issue is demand-pull inflation, which involves an increase in aggregate demand or consumer expenditure, whilst the economy is simultaneously nearing its supply capacity. Consequently, as output is unable to expand to meet demand in the short term, prices will rise, as evidenced in Figure 2, conveying the Demand-Pull Inflation diagram, where the aggregate demand curve shifts to the right, leading to an increase in price…

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  • Causes And Effects Of Inflation

    Inflation, this word certainly carries fear and resentment among many. This condition is a self-defining term meaning increase. Inflation may show a direct correlation with the negative impacts on the standards of living decreasing. As inflation proceeds to increase, so do the cost of certain necessities that may again impact the standards of living. Presently the core inflation rate removes the effect of certain seasonal food and energy increase. Additionally, the target inflation rate is at…

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  • The Importance Of Inflation Rates

    One important issue that Millennials overlook when saving for retirement are inflation rates. When saving in retirement accounts, it is best to know that inflation will affect present dollars put into the account in the future. Inflation rates reduce purchasing power and the interest rate in your savings account will likely be below the rate of inflation. The rate of inflation is increasing more than the amount of the savings account. Also, budgets are important to help Millennials have enough…

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