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  • Marketing And Marketing: The Importance Of Marketing

    Marketing is one of the important processes in any organisations. When we talk about marketing, “many people mistakenly think of marketing only as selling and promotion” (Kotler & Armstrong, 1994, p. 6), because of every day we are “bombarded with television commercials, newspaper ads, direct mail, and sales calls” (University & Barnes, 2001). In fact, marketing does not only involves selling and advertising; “Selling is not only the tip of the marketing iceberg; it is only one of several functions that marketers perform, and often not the most important one” (Kotler & Armstrong, 1994, p. 6). In fact, “marketing includes all business activities involved in the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers” (ILRI, 1995). Another definition…

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  • Marketing And Marketing: The Importance Of Relationship Marketing

    but it does not seek only to improve and consolidate the links between the customers. Therefore, the company is a set of resources, which allow him to be continuously informed about the evolution of its business environment and this can only succeed through marketing…

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  • The Importance Of Marketing In Marketing

    Marketing is word of mouth (wom), it is nothing but production of goods and services as per customer needs and wants. Marketing is very important in business to success. As the world is growing with high intensive technology and mainly organisation are inventing new technical products. However all these products are not reaching to right market to right consumers? Technology focus on communicating the value of product in different market segments to deal with these problems. Government…

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  • Marketing And Marketing: The Challenges Of Social Media Marketing

    how to market and advertise their service and product. Social media marketing is seen by many experts as the new ground for marketing that include Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn (Moorman, 2014). Everyday information and knowledge is shared in real time in different social media sites. Research says that the idea of integrated marketing communication (IMC) is to create consistency and interaction by combining marketing communication elements so that they support…

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  • VR And Experiential Marketing: Characteristics Of Marketing And Marketing

    1. VR and experiential marketing Since virtual reality has the unique characteristics like immersion and interactivity, VR games offer brand new experiences for players; some media apply the technology to their live events or movie productions; and more and more companies think it is a great opportunity to use VR as part of the promotion and branding strategies. Till now, one of the most popular alternative marketing forms with VR is experiential marketing. Experiential Marketing As the…

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  • Marketing: The Impact Of Social Media Marketing On Marketing

    ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ON YOUTHFUL CONSUMERS: AN ANALYSIS OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS and THE BANKING INDUSTRY. Background to the study Social media is a platform which enables interaction, collaboration and the sharing of content. The current marketing activities are carried out on social media platforms with the aim of increasing the magnitude of their reach at minimal costs. Over 70% of adults use a given type of social media platform. It is no longer a cool kid’s thing…

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  • Types Of Marketing Matrix In Marketing

    What is marketing Matrix? Marketing matrix is the combination of Product,price,place and promotion for any business enterprise or venture. Product defines the features and appearance of good and services. Price define how much customers pay for a product. Promotion defines how customers are informed about products. Place defines the point where products are made available to the customers. Basically none of the marketing matrix is important than the other and they ideally support each…

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  • Marketing Vs Marketing Of Services

    Marketing of products or commodities should not be any different from marketing of services, both must be given same urgencies and strategies to achieve success from targeted audience or market. However, the notion of marketing services the same as physical product is not far away, although its actual implementations includes the people, process and proof of the services’ offered on to top of the 4 Ps approach of marketing. Marketing in general, can be defined as, the process of implementing…

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  • Marketing Strategies For Digital Marketing

    Advertising Marketing is key in creating a financially successful business. Without visibility, customers are not aware the store exists, what it offers, or whether or not they would be interested in shopping there. As a localized retail store, targeting customers within your region is ideal as well as potentially low cost undertaking. First, the signage of the store should reflect the brand and make the store visible from the street. Second, the use of digital media to secure Google Maps…

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  • Marketing And Social Marketing

    Marketing is one of the most common and well-known business term that will be seen anywhere. It can be explained as a process of exchanging a good or services for other goods or services or for money. It is an inevitable process that we must undergo in our daily lives. Financial goods are the main objectives of marketing, it involves satisfying customers ' wants and needs to earn economic profits. Marketing only occurs when there are two or more parties, with goods or services to exchange and…

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