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  • The Importance Of Milkman In Song Of Solomon

    superior and died, the next day Milkman was born. The understanding of one’s death and another being born is a reincarnation of a new life, experience, and an opportunity to soar. The motif of flying is both leaving and experiencing the new place you have found and this is a metaphor for Solomon and Milkman because they both left their family to have an opportunity to soar. Milkman has had a tough background and lifestyle. For example,…

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  • Character Analysis Of Milkman In 'Macon Dead Jr.'

    Macon Dead Jr., commonly known as Milkman, is the main protagonist in the novel (enter novel name). Milkman is the son to one of the most prominent African American landlords in the town. Originally he was born with a birth defect, and was normally ridiculed because of his moms excessive breast feeding even when he was ten years old. Not only does is his mother have clingy tendencies, but his father is also controlling and demanding. Both his parents’ influences have him in constant dispute over…

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  • Analysis Of Milkman, Sunday Man, And Not Doctor Street

    Naming is a form of identity in which we become our own person. In doing so, we let the world know different aspects of our personality and who we excel to be. No person has the same opinions and decisions of how life works out. Milkman, Sunday Man, and Not Doctor Street are symbolizing how they want to stand out. Macon Dead’s mother was caught breastfeeding him at an older age, forming him to become Milkman. Throughout the novel, his behavior and sense of ownership has converted. Working with…

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  • Character Analysis Of Milkman In William Morrison's 'Song Of Solomon'

    In chapter 9 of Song of Solomon, Magdalene called Lena, Milkman’s older sister, confronts Milkman about his assumed privilege and lack of concern for others. In this scene, she outlines the ways that Milkman has negatively affected her life, and makes him see the results of his actions. She accuses Milkman of peeing on everyone his entire life, using the moment when Milkman peed on her during one of their drives, and the twig that he peed on which grew into a tree, that was now dying, as…

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  • The Theme Of Personality In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    no exception. In this novel, the main character Macon (Milkman) Dead III had always subconsciously thought that he has no future. Morrison makes it seem that he is doomed to follow in his father’s footsteps of isolation and insensitivity. He is swallowed by both his parents’ fears, insecurities, and greed. This essentially stuns his emotional growth and development as he ages and causes him to lose himself. He is unable to regain his lost personality until…

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  • Coming Of Age In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    Milkman grows older and at the age of “four, the same thing Mr. Smith had learned earlier- that only birds and airplanes could fly- he lost all interest in himself.”(Morrison 9). This first scene of the novel sparks Milkman coming of age, as he is unable to fly feeling lost and lacking of personality. At the age of twelve, Milkman meets Guitar Bains, who was also in the crowd that witnessed Robert Smith about to fly off the roof of the hospital. He tells Milkman that he knows of Pilate Dead,…

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  • Dysfunctional Relationships In Song Of Solomon By Toni Morrison

    Hagar, Pilate, and Milkman to demonstrate how the women influence our lives greatly. Being Milkman’s mother, Ruth has a significant impact on Milkman and how he treats others in his life. Ruth is a biblical character who acts to promote the well-being of others. Ruth act out of love to Milkman. She…

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  • Theme Of Emotional Death In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    endure an emotional death. Emotional death is when a person is numb to all emotions while they live a numb life. However, Macon Dead III or Milkman defies his probable future because he indulges in a quest to self-identity and discovers his connection to his roots. The last name “Dead” had been an expectation met by the previous Deads, but through Milkman’s discovery of his connections, he juxtaposes by living on to defy his last name.…

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  • Themes In Toni Morrison's Clopton Song Of Solomon

    uses it to represent oppression and characters breaking free from oppression or failing to do so. Given the emphasis of the myths of flight and the general symbolism of flying throughout the book, what can it tell us about the concluding scene of the book, as Milkman leaps into the air towards Guitar? Can it be assumed that Milkman flies, like the African myth, or rather does he perish as seen in the western myth? Furthermore, Morrison could have…

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  • Materialism In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon For Giggles

    a chance detail Milkman shared with his father, a mad story about a murder and stolen gold was revealed. With Macon II convinced that Pilate has the gold, he ordered his son, he, in turn, recruited Guitar, to steal the gold. Upon Milkman and Guitar’s attempted getaway they were stopped by the police, where they were forced…

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