Essay on My Aim in Life to Become a Fashion Designer

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  • The Importance Of Sustainable Growth In Fashion Business

    actions seamlessly blend in our life. These perspectives are still continuing and having a huge impact in the future. It is not only for production and manufacturing side, but also for driving in lifestyle. This aspect can be widely spread into fashion products or build the long-term sustainability growth in fashion business. The traditional and historical build strong sustainable societies. First, the perceptions of consumers towards culture, arts and sustainability are changed widely from fashion to lifestyle products. According to WGSN report, slow fashion leaves “the trend” behind. Yet, slow fashion will focus on local folk wisdom and culture. Moreover, social responsibilities…

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  • Millennial Generation In Advertising

    Not only does it exist in the fashion industry, but in several other forms of products. Their new method involves extensive pandering and micro-marketing. An article from The Australian asserts that the transition to micro-marketing has already begun as advertisers persist on targeting consumers with relevant and contextual ads within social media platforms and search results (Bingemann & White). Most search engines today track searches to later present ads, related to their recent searches,…

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  • Material Culture In Abaya

    many new things that have become part of our material culture recently. Some of these objects…

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  • Vivienne Westwood Analysis

    created by Vivienne Westwood and the influences of fashions she had on society. I will be primarily focusing the body of my essay on Westwood’s earlier years throughout her career, although I will be contrasting the change in her style with one of her later collections, then overviewing how these influenced fashion. Throughout the body of this essay I will addressing factors such as the fifties rival; discussing the opening of Westwood’s first boutique ‘Let It Rock’ and her earlier works with…

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  • My Personal Values: My Value Of Friendship

    The world is designed in such a way that every person should face challenges at least one time in his/her life. Some people make experiences over them, some of them are doing the same mistakes again, some just forget and some people never forget. I think I am the last one. I don’t have principles, likewise, I have values, which are much stronger and keep me alive. They are the key stones of my life. They are making my life more valuable and when one of them is hurt it affects all my mood,…

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  • Margarett Mazzantini Morning Sea Analysis

    A Gazelle and the Chinese An author holds a myriad of tools in his or her arsenal that can be used to strengthen their vision for the story. One such tool, the motif, reoccurs throughout the storyline and can either be used to fortify the key theme of the work or create a totally different theme. A common theme is shared by both works Morning Sea, written by Margarett Mazzantini, and Story of My People, authored by Edoardo Nesi. The overall meaning of Morning Sea revolves around the certain…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Zara's Fast Fashion

    Fast fashion has emerged in many industries especially in clothing. The biggest fast fashion brand of clothing is Zara. And Uniqlo, a brand from Japan who represents Asian, has been competing with not only Zara, but also other brands such as GAP, H&M in international field. The limited market share leads to a result that companies should continuously take innovative strategies to face the fierce competition. Finding out the methods that Uniqlo use to be acceptable and outstanding globally from a…

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  • Walvis Case Study

    1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 The company name, the message and rationale Walvis is a privately owned fashion accessory store located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The owner is Thanh Truong. Walvis specializes in a variety of low to average price and trendy accessories that can match with client's demand in different occasion. I am interested in tiny things that complete the appearance wearer besides clothes. Started out as an interest, a hobby for me evolved into a promising industry in the Southern…

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  • Nestle Coffee Case Study

    The transition from a humble homemaker to a tech savvy, independent decision maker has taken place. The Indian women occupy an important place in the society. By targeting this segment through its easy-to-drive cars, with technology adaptations like power steering would help it expand its customer base. Maruti Driving School intends to be the best motor driving training school in the country, by providing not just driving skills but also better awareness towards overall road safety and t\ms…

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  • Behaviura Case Study

    BBA- V th Sem AMITY UNIVERSITY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is in particular that I am acknowledging my sincere feeling towards my mentors who graciously gave me their time and expertise. They have provided me with the valuable guidance, sustained efforts and friendly approach. It would have been difficult to achieve the results in such a short span of time without their help. I deem it my duty to record my gratitude towards my faculty guide Dr. Himanshu Rastogi…

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