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  • Benefits Of Group Therapy For Older People

    chance of being able to do a lot of things they normally may not be able to do. Group therapy recommends that being alone and separation are condensed and the amount of people communicating is heightened in groups. The elderly that have problems are better off in group sessions which help them have a feeling that others care about what is happening in their lives. It gives them a feeling of being secure and not afraid to talk. Group therapists help the elderly with their simple essentials; their body starting to have problems, and isolation in before they begin speaking of any progress and change. "Weisman and Schwartz (1989) also warned that failure to address these factors reduced…

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  • Karen People Culture

    The Karen People Ethnicity The Karen people are an ethnic group living in South-East Asia with their own distinct languages and culture. The Karen people who are from Burma are ethnically distinct from other groups living in Burma and Thailand. The Karen are unique in which it is not necessary to have Karen parents in order to be Karen. To be the Karen people, a person must identify himself or herself as Karen by knowing Karen culture and customs as well as speak a Karen language. The Karen are…

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  • Discrimination In White People

    the beginning, certain people feel like they are more deserving / have more power over others. In particular, white people have been seen as most guilty for this. Although African Americans have come a long way from being slaves, they still face discrimination every day. White people often believe that they are not being racist when in fact they are. It is the ways that white people are unaware of being racist and the use “white talk” and micro aggressions as well as being “colorblind” that…

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  • Woiworung People Essay

    Part A- Postcode Wyndham Vale with the post code of 3024 is part of the land where the Woiworung people lived as part of the Kulin Nation (ATSIS, 2016). According to The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VALC) the Woiworung people lived in the area beginning at the Yarra River, up to Gardiners Creek, and in the southeast next to Dandenong Creek. In the north, the Dividing Range from Mount Baw Baw to Mount Blackwood. The Werribee River was their westernmost point (ALC, 2016). As…

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  • Essay On Competition Is Good Or Bad For People

    of your house’s driveway to your house, or attending a school’s drawing contest. Everyone wants to become the champion and enjoyed being receive the title of the first place. Because we all know what the result of being the first place is, and we are more than likely to get a valuable prize as the result. People always have different opinions on if competition is good or bad for people. Here are some research that can show us competition is actually good for us not only physically and mentally.…

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  • The Stereotypes Of Aboriginal People

    Aboriginalities essay “How have settler constructions of aboriginal people affected aboriginal peoples?” The settler voice towards aboriginal peoples, has ingrained constructs i.e. stereotypes, into society. These stereotypes have inflicted harm and severely affected aboriginal people throughout history and to this day, but in what ways and through which medians do these coloniser interpretations express themselves in society? And what are the responses of the aboriginal peoples who are…

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  • The Importance Of Black People

    Today, many people, from other races, with the exception of black people think that everyone receives the same opportunities. This form of thinking is incorrect. Black people do not get the same opportunities as whites. As an example, when a white individual and a black individual apply for the same job with the same company, both have degrees, and equal experience, most often than not, the white individual is offered the position. Many people in society do not understand the struggles that…

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  • The Importance Of People Of Color

    allegiance? NO. I am a proud African American who is hurt and appalled by the way people of color have been treated throughout history as well as the present day. It is not easy to live in a world whose system works against you and aims to keep you down. I want to encourage my people to take a stand for their race, love their melanin and the skin they’re in. I want to encourage people of other aces to open their minds and hearts and accept the fact that people of color ae just as human as…

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  • Reflection Of Sorting People

    The two activities I completed were “Sorting People” and “Me, My Race, and I.” In “Sorting People,” I first started the activity by reviewing the 3 types of physical traits that fit 5 major races. These physical traits included: skin color, blood type, and finger print. One interesting I found from this activity, which was basically a refresher for me, was that not a lot of African-Americans have the blood type AB. The five major races included in this activity were: African-Americans or Blacks,…

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  • Differences And Similarities Of The Inuit, The Plains People And The Plains People

    Introduction Did you know that the Inuit have to live through a very hard and cold winters and barely get summer. I've been studying the “First People of Canada” and found out that they have similarities and differences. This Essay will be about the differences and similarities between the Inuit, the Plains People and the Plateau People. Similarities All of these tribes have a lot in common. For example, transportation is one of the things that they have in common,when I…

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