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  • Plastic: The Harmful Effects Of Plastic Water Bottles

    Plastic is a convenient, strong and universally important product utilized throughout the world. However, despite plastic’s convenience and prevalence, which consumers appreciate, it is a devastating reality that the convenience of use of plastic in so many household goods comes at a very high price for our earth and the beings that live on it. With increasing amounts of plastic polluting the oceans and dangerous chemicals being emitted from plastic products, plastic is a hazard to many animals, humans and the environment. Plastic is a useful product that may be virtually impossible to eliminate completely from our daily lives. The harmful effects are being handled with insufficient action and attention. As expert Jill Thompson, Citizens…

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  • The Benefits Of Plastics: The Recycling Process Of Plastics

    Polyethylene terephthalate, most commonly known as plastic, is a material consisting of a wide range of synthetic and/or semi-synthetic organics that are malleable/ductile and can be molded into many solid objects. Plastics are typically made of organic polymers (chains of carbon or chains of carbon that have been bonded to other elements such as oxygen, nitrogen or sulfur) having high molecular masses, but often contain other substances. Usually being synthetic, and most commonly made from…

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  • Plastic Recycling

    The population needs to stop using plastic bags and other single use plastics because, the plastic makes up the largest part of our waste streams, the recycling process is difficult and expensive, and it harms the delicate oceanic ecosystems. There are many ways to get rid of plastic wastes, plenty of them are more harmful than the waste itself, but there are ways to put the nasty waste out of sight and mind. In 2012 the United States generated 32 million tons of plastic waste which took up…

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  • The Importance Of Plastic Waste

    How many plastics products do people use every day? It’s probably hard to give an exact number. Modern life is surrounding by plastic. “It would now be hard for those of us living in Europe and America to imagine a life without plastics, as they now play such an integral part in our lifestyle” (Mossman 185), so as people in other countries. On the other hand, massive plastic waste is produced by people themselves. Therefore, this paper focuses on what influences people dispose of plastic waste…

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  • Negative Effects Of Plastics

    Plastics are a material currently being used all around the world. As the production of this synthetic polymer has increased, it has become almost impossible to completely avoid interaction with a plastic material. With the discovery of this practical material, positives and negatives were discovered too. Plastics have a strong effect on the environment and human health. During manufacturing, additives are put in that can be harmful to each of these important aspects. Due to their synthetic…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Recycling Plastic

    Plastics (Phenolic resins, Epoxy resins, Polyesters and Polyurethanes) are materials which make up the objects which we use in our everyday lives such as phones, cars, cooking utensils, computers and shoes, ( Plastics are a group of material which can either be synthetic or naturally occurring. Plastics are considered as polymers a substance which has a molecular structure with a large number of units bonded together, ( Most plastics are…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic

    this modern world, plastic be the most used material for packaging in almost every industry. The word ‘plastic’ comes from the Greek plastikos which means easily shaped (Robertson, 2013). Plastic is the combination of many molecules that linked together as one long chain which made from polymers: poly (Greek) means many and meros (Greek) means part (Robertson, 2013). Raw materials of plastic are called feedstock which come from natural and synthetic resources, such as crude oil, natural gas,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic

    Since the beginning of the 20th century plastic has become the most common material. Plastics play an important role in almost every aspect of human life. It is found in virtually everything these days; plastic is used to manufacture different products like furniture, beverage containers, toys, and food packages. What makes a lot of manufactured materials these days depends on plastic, because of its durability, lightweight, flexibility and it low cost. Also it can be easily molded into a…

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  • Plastic Bottles Essay

    Plastic Bottles Are Just Big Trouble “50 billion plastic bottles are used each year in America, that’s enough to wrap around the world 190 times,” (Leithman). Even though plastic bottles are popular now, when they were first created in 1947, they were very expensive and not many people bought them. However, in 1960, high-density polyethylene was made and introduced to the public. As the demand for plastic bottles escalated, consumers produced more plastic bottles for cheap, while selling the…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Plastic Pollution

    dire and costly. Different materials have been used for product packages, but plastics lead the way in terms of the most frequently used packaging material by many industries globally. A large percentage of products in a supermarket shelf are packaged using plastics. The water people drink, the food they eat and the electronics they buy are contained in different forms of plastic material. However, the use of plastic packages is not a problem.…

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