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  • Truth In The Truth: The Correspondence Theory Of Truth

    The Correspondence Theory of Truth can be traced back to early Greek philosophers. Aristotle defined Truth as: “To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true.” While the theory has undergone countless revisions, it still maintains that the determining factor in Truth is whether or not a premise accurately describes reality. For example, we may say Heliocentrism is true and that we can say so because said model is an accurate depiction of “what is.” This is why there is placed so much confidence in this theory and why it seems the most intuitive to people. It would seem that someone who pursued something that did not seek to align with accurately portraying reality then they would be engaged with something different than truth or -- at least -- a truth of a different kind.…

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  • Individuality And Truth In Parmenides: The Concept Of Truth

    Parmenides uses a poem to prove the concept of unity that is the universe and our reality. The poem begins by showing a common person being chosen and given a sacred thing free of corruption, that thing being Truth. The form of Truth is something called what-is; it is free of opinions and errors. It validates Parmenides concepts of unity, that the world is non-changing and that ideas of becoming and removing are false. How empty space is not possible, and how something cannot be simply created…

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  • Truth Vs. Truth Vs. Falseehood

    Truth vs. opinion vs. falsehood According to Vauvenargues, “We must not judge men by what they do not know, but by what they know and by the way they know it.” Opinion is a statement based solely on the thinking, perception and judgment of man. It can either be subjective or objective. On the other hand, truth is a statement that is a generally accepted outcome or reasoning. Subsequently, it is commonly mistaken that fact and truth are identical. Fact is true, but not all truths are facts. Fact…

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  • The Truth Essay: The Importance Of Telling The Truth

    be honest. However, the real definition of what a lie is and what the truth is, never state that hurt is a definite outcome of one or the other. We merely associate lies with harm; ironically, because the truth is most of the time lying does cause damage. Still, it is unreasonable to associate all lies with causing harm. Likewise, we cannot say telling the truth always brings out the good. For instance, if you do not like…

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  • Perception Of The Truth In Plato's Shadows And Truth

    Shadows and Truth Plato uses the visual of the cave to help people realize how their senses deceive them and give them a belief system but not knowledge. The images seen on the walls of the cave look like and sound like anything that performers want to portray. This isn’t knowledge. This is a gimmick used by people of authority to control, and maintain people to their liking. It’s an enticing of the senses. So what happens when we look beyond the shadows? The description of the cave and…

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  • Importance Of The Truth

    Is it ethical to withhold the truth from terminally ill patients? What would you do if you were to be given an close “expiration date” due to a disease such as cancer or HIV? Would it be better to be living in ignorance and bliss or be in sorrow and in a state of confusion? Like many doctors agree it is unethical to withhold medical information from a dying or terminally ill patient.By defining the importance of having candor and speaking the truth to the patient, by refuting those who claim…

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  • The Importance Of Truth

    What it does do, is illuminate why I think truth is not a useless concept. Every time we open our mouths, lies fall out. Truth is a yardstick that we can never measure up to as long as we are human. Nonetheless, we can follow the mathematician’s example. Lies are not created equally, and truth and lie are not binary. The Earth is flat and the Earth is round are both lies, but they are far from the same. Despite the impossibility of ever quite reaching the truth, we can get close enough.…

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  • The Truth According To Karl Jaspers: What Is Truth?

    Since the very beginning of time, there has been a question that has been continually asked. The question of “what is truth?”. According to Karl Jaspers, the essence of philosophy is not the possession of the truth, but rather the search for truth. When then can we stop searching and take possession of truth? People have decided to stop at some point and take possession of what there think is true, while others still continue to search for truth. This is without thought the reason why there are…

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  • The True Truth In Stephanie Ericson's The Truth Of Lying

    The Truth of Lying “Are you calling me a liar?” “Well I ain’t calling you a truther!” Drake and Josh display a perfect example of a double entendre; a phrase with two meanings, and in this scenario Drake explains that he is not telling the truth and alludes to the fact that there is several forms of lying.This is further explained in Stephanie Ericsson’s article The Way We Lie when she explains, “There must be some merit to lying.” In our society today, it seems that everything we run into is a…

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  • Truth And Reality Analysis

    Truth and Reality A true war story is not about war; it is about love, peace, violence, life, death, joy, and despair. Sometimes, it’s happenings are not even true. What makes a war story true, however, is its ability to show the realities of war, whether through true experiences or fictitious ones. Truth is the root of all of these things, as it is the source of all views and perceptions on life and its happenings. Truth is objective; there is a real, unchangeable truth to every subject or…

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