Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Essay

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  • Paragraph On Darkest Moments

    focus to see the light. Introduction: If miracles have ever happened, they have happened in adversity; if warriors have ever won, they have won in warship; if discoverers have ever discovered, they have discovered in a painful encounter; if they have ever emerged, it is because they had never vanished. All the great accomplishments of men and women were achieved owing to their spirit of 'never give up.' Sooner or later, darkest moments befall upon each and every individual: rich or poor; younger or older, worker or leader, but the most positive aspect of darkest moments is that they do not last for good and all. They are temporary unpleasant moments of our life. They are there to exert the best out of us; enlighten our character and give us the sweet uses of adversity, so, we should boldly face the darkest hours, and be optimistic in every adverse situation. Outlines: 1. Role of darkest moments in a human beings life 2. Outcomes of darkest moments 3. Preservance and Hope 4. There is never a cloud without a silver lining. 5. Heroes and nations coming out of dark moments i. Thomas Edison ii. China 5. Ways to stay focused and hopeful i. Physical exercise ii. Mental exercise iii. Spiritual exercise…

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  • Slavery In Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth And Harriet Tubman

    Slavery was one of the darkest clouds in American history! It makes me cringe every time I think about what African-Americans had to go through during that time. Not only were the slaves themselves dehumanized but the owners themselves did not act normal because of all the power they had. Slavery is something America will never be able to wash their hands of, but it gave us some of the bravest Americans you 'll ever meet in Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. Slaves were…

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  • Theme Song: Make My Own Sunshine By Olivia Lane

    Theme Song Essay Music has always been such a necessity to me. Sometimes when I listen to certain songs it brings so many different emotions to me, other times music will remind me of certain memories or people. Music can be such a powerful thing to some people. You can listen to music when you are sad, happy, excited, angry, etc. However, my go-to song when I feel like I'm going through a hard time and need some motivation or reminder that you have to stay positive through all the…

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  • My Journey To Americ My Life After The Vietnam War

    SILVER LINING The first year of living after the Vietnam War ended in 1975 was the most difficult for me. When I heard my president Minh Duong, in South of Vietnam, commanded us to give up and hand the weapons to the North Vietnamese Communist Party, it felt like an atomic bomb exploded inside my head. My entire life, my body, and my heart fell down as I came to a free fall. For weeks I gradually got used to a new reality that my government lost the war. When terrible things happened to me after…

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  • My Most Recen This Diamond Analysis

    Following a little while, Pat recuperates from his wounds, and in the wake of accepting a letter, consents to meet Tiffany. Pat clarifies that he requested that his sibling Jake drive him to see Nikki, and watched her from a far distance, at last acknowledging she has another family and is cheerful, and hence acknowledges it as the completion of the film of his life. Tiffany gives Pat a tardy birthday show: a cloud diagram, and they lie on the ground and watch the mists together. Pat pulls…

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  • Corporate Ethics In Frank Poulsen's Blood In The Mobile

    There are five elements that instate the CSR policy of their company with their corporate strategy. To begin with, Centrality as an element defines the closeness of the association of the two things. However, in this case, Nokia has established a wonderful CSR strategy but has not put it into force thereby undermining the link. This is well known by the company and constantly makes a mention on improving upon it but has already turned a deaf year. Secondly, the specificity and the voluntarism to…

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  • The Economic Crisis: The American Dream And The Foreclosure Crisis

    the housing market. This event overwhelmed the economy and the real estate market as a whole. Millions faced foreclosure and short sales; thousands lost their homes. Many had to relocate while others faced homelessness. There was a domino effect; vacant homes created increased crime and as a result buyer confidence declined for those who were financially able to buy. Homeowners were underwater; their mortgages were greater than what their homes were worth. It was a frightening time throughout…

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  • Impermanence Of Glory Thomas Hardy Analysis

    Where the glory of the Titanic was presented as prideful, self-adoration, this athlete seems to have every reason to receive praise for his accomplishments. There are no judgment-laced allusions or morose comparisons to spoil his moment of fame. However, like the ship, his glory is also fleeting and every step brings him nearer to that fateful impact. Rather than assign maleficence to the inevitable, the speaker of Housman’s poem simply calls it “…the road all runners come” (5). At some point,…

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  • Analysis Of The Naked Bosom, By Italo Calvino

    He is unable to communicate and process his thoughts into actions because of the social taboos. Here he is a representation of the male mentality as a whole. Though males have always considered themselves superior to women, they take it as a self-implicated right to appreciate female nudity whenever they get a chance. This can be done either in a bold or discreet manner, but every male does it. In this situation, the protagonist Palomar switches from boldness to shyness and his conscious…

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  • The Balance Between Good And Evil In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

    Shanaz Deen The recurring doctrine of balance has been around since the beginning of civilization. There is a balance between day and night, yin and yang, and most importantly, good and evil. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, common opposing forces found in humanity are hidden and discussed under the literal plot. Golding uses diction and symbolism to demonstrate his ideas about the necessity for balance between good and evil, forces that are present in every aspect of society.…

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