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  • Family History Assessment

    Knowing one’s family health history provides families, as well as family health nurses knowledge regarding a patient’s risk for certain diseases (NIH, 2016). As families not only share genes, but their environment, and lifestyle, a family nurse must also consider non-biological factors when completing a family health history (NIH, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to discuss my findings after completing a genetic family history assessment, including three generations, as well as family nursing interventions that may be implemented based on the assessment. Choosing this particular family was based on the knowledge, one member has cystic fibrosis. Family Members and Health History The family’s three generations include the grandparents,…

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  • The Importance Of Family History

    “Who am I?” This is a question that everyone my age has likely asked themselves. The first thing that needs to be figured out is, what defines a person? Does family history decide who you are going to be? I believe it is the things you pick up from the people you are around, the things you go through, and the things you learn in your life that decide who you will become. First, I will discuss my family history. The only in depth history I have is my mother’s father’s family, the Wescovich…

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  • History Of My Family

    seventy-five percent of my family resides here as well. I am grateful to know and have both side of my family in my life considering that I was at one point a foster child. All twelve of my siblings were adopted by my mother’s sister Luanne. I was raised by my whole family, I grew up in a house of seventeen people and seven rooms. We had a revolving door of relatives coming and going when times were rough for them. My aunt took me in when I was two years old and the rest is history As my…

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  • Family Life: Family History Of Aubri's Family

    Family History Aubri was born on November 23, 1999, she was born in Coshocton, Ohio. Aubri’s delivery was non-remarkable. Aubri was the first child born to Melody and Richard Chambers. Aubri’s parents divorced while Aubri was in kindergarten. Aubri her mother and little brother Jason Chambers moved to Arkansas when she was in the first grade. The family moved in with Aubri’s maternal grandmother Sharon Terry. The next year Aubri mother married Paul Brock and the family moved into a…

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  • The History Of My Family

    The history of my family started in Texas as far as I can see. Texas had about 5,000 slaves at the time of its revolution in 1836, but by 1845, when the State was annexed to the United States, this grew to more than 30,000, state hood and slavery (1845-1856): Texas applied for statehood just 16 years before the Civil War and was admitted to the union in 1845 as a slave state. Slavery formally ended in Texas after June 19, 1865 (Juneteenth), when Gen. Granger arrived at Galveston with occupying…

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  • Retold In Family History

    Stories play a big part in our lives. When telling stories people are able to learn about the past and people who may have been related to them. Stories can also demonstrate moral lessons or teach us to learn from our past mistakes. They can also be associated with history and will explain about a certain time era. Without stories we would not have any way of preserving memories, special moments, or important times in people’s lives. The story that comes to mind, is a story that has been…

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  • My Family History

    were your great, great, great grandparents from? I had never really give this much thought. I didn’t think it was very important, but recently that changed. One day I was sitting at home with my mom. She had just gotten home from a long double shift and was very tired. We had not spoken much that week since she worked a lot. The only noise I heard was the TV. Suddenly she spoke and what she said shocked me. “Do you want to know your family history?” She said. Everyone’s past is different.…

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  • My Family History

    and raised in America. Both my parents were born in Mexico; however my grandparents came from Mexican decedent, fled the Mexican American Civil War, and were born in America in the 1920’s. Having their strong family ties and connection to Mexico they choose to return to Mexico and identify with the Mexican culture to raise their family. My parents settled in a geographical area in Houston East End, where most families were descendants of Mexican American families. The East End is now…

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  • Genetic Family History Assessment

    Genetic Family History Assessment For this paper, I will complete a genetic/genomic nursing assessment. This will consist of three generations from a family. I will obtain a brief health history of each family member, as well as a reproductive history for any relevant family members. I will also, include ethnic backgrounds of each family member and identify any growth and development of each family member. After gathering this information, I will explain how each family member understands…

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  • The Story Of My Family History

    Truth about My Family History The stories that I have heard while growing up in the Adcock family sometimes seemed rather far-fetched. Though hearing them from my grandfather, I always assumed them to be true. He told my family many stories. There were stories about the store my family owned, and about how my grandfather fought in the war. There were stories about the hard times and stories about how life was so good “back in the day”. Out of all the stories that he told, there was only one…

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