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  • Criticism Of Feminist Therapy

    Feminist Therapy Feminist therapy began to take its course in the 1980s. It is a diverse therapy because it does not focus on just one type of problem but on a variety. It includes multiple types of feminism—liberal, cultural, radical, socialist, postmodern, women of color, lesbian, and global. This means that basically anyone of any color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation can be included in feminist therapy. Feminist therapy is a therapy founded on “inclusion” (Corey, 2013, pg 361). It was not founded by just one person, but by a collection of practitioners. This paper will include a few who had major influence on the feminist theory. The first psychiatrist was Jean Baker Miller. Dr. Miller “made important contributions toward expanding this theory and exploring new applications to complex issues in psychotherapy and beyond, including issues of diversity, social action, and workplace change” (Corey, 2013, pg 361). Dr. Miller also had great influence…

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  • Feminist Criticism In Mr. Parker, And Men And Women

    Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and equal opportunities. The feminist criticism can be applied to all literary works. When someone is treated differently because of their gender, it can be viewed through a feminist viewpoint. All of the other critics have boundaries and can only be used towards those literary works. The feminist criticism also applies to how people see the world differently; the severity of which people view this criticism based more on…

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  • Feminist Criticism In Representing Ophelia In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    In Hamlet, Shakespeare portrays Ophelia as an innocent and pure young woman who is easily controlled by her father Polonius and lover Hamlet, before writing her into a downwards spiral of madness. Despite this, Ophelia is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known female characters since Hamlet was published. Showalter describes the varied interpretation of her character has been debated by critics through the ages, by men and women, through several different artistic movements that affect Ophelia’s…

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  • Feminist Literary Criticism In Charles Bressler's Pride And Prejudice

    this theory is that “women as readers” are consumers of solely male produced literature and oftentimes men hypothesize femininity, providing false pretenses surrounding the true nature of women (Showalter). A few prominent theorists and works are Charles Bressler, author of Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, Toril Moi and her essay “Feminist Literary Criticism,” and Elaine Showalter’s “Toward a Feminist Poetics.” The common motive behind the feminist literary criticism…

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  • Mominism And Feminist Criticism In Lady Chatterley's Lover

    Looking through the lens of different literary theories would disclose information about how literature is examined by different readers. For instance, looking through the perspective of a feminist would lead to better understanding of the foundation for feminist criticism. Likewise, probing through ecological perspectives provide for comprehension of ecocriticism. In Lady Chatterley’s Lover, reading through the lenses of these different literary theories reveal the selections in the novel that…

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  • Feminist Criticism In Measure For Measure, By William Shakespeare

    The controversial debate over a woman’s role is not a new issue; in fact, it is quite archaic which is why it makes for an interesting interpretation in “Measure for Measure” by William Shakespeare. The feminist criticism, discussed in “Making Arguments About Literature,” by Schilb and Clifford, was brought to life in the 1970s with its goal to “contest the patriarchal point of view as the standard for all moral, aesthetic, political, and intellectual judgements and to assert that gender roles…

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  • Feminist Criticism, By Patricia Collins And Gloria Anzaldúa

    Feminist theory is often misunderstood and considered to focus on an inherent goal to promote superiority of women over men. Instead, feminist theory seeks to magnify forces that support and encourage inequality, oppression and injustice and replace it with equality and justice for all oppressed people, especially women. Historically, women’s point of views has been excluded from social theory and social science, therefore, feminist theorist such as Patricia Collins and Gloria Anzaldúa have…

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  • Feminist Criticism In Porporphyria's Lover By Robert Browning

    I perceive Robert Browning’s ‘Porphyria’s lover’ as a controversial love poem that is set out in an unconventional and untraditional manner, as it subverts expectations of what love is. I argue from a feminist perspective that Browning objectifies the woman (Porphyria) in this poem. To support my argument I have selected two critical essays developed by Laura Mulvey and Slavoj Zizek. Mulvey’s critical essay explores the ‘male gaze,’ whilst Zizek explores her theoretical approach to the…

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  • Feminist Criticism Of Femminism

    “bad nail beds,” Fey simultaneously acknowledges criticisms of beauty and ridicules them (Fey 19-25). Madonna, on the other hand, used her characteristic nonchalant acceptance of herself to completely disregard dissenting opinions on beauty. Bordo describes a Madonna quote given in an interview that, while completely inaccurate, summated her views on beauty neatly: “Back in the fifties, women weren’t ashamed of their bodies” (Bordo 399). Madonna and Fey agree that society has put forth…

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  • Feminist Criticism Of Psychoanalysm

    psychoanalysis’s presence in feminist theory, as mainly in the position of the enemy. With many feminist adopting the idea that Freudian theory based female sexual identity around the thought of “passivity and, in particular, penis envy” (Ramsey, 2000, p.168), the idea that women, of all races (to be more accurate), suffered inferiority, from both the psyche and physical body, became acknowledged as harmful to feminist and their work in gaining equality (Ramsey, 2000). Although it was not until…

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