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  • Film Review: Schindler's List

    The film I selected to analyze in this paper was Schindler's List, which was directed by Steven Spielberg. I selected this film specifically, because I always found the subject matter relating to the events of the Holocaust interesting. All of the subject matter I had been exposed to about the Holocaust was from books and through oral teaching, so I thought a film that focused on the Holocaust could give me a deeper meaning of the actual event itself. One of my high school history teachers use to reference Schindler's List in class, which is what originally pin pointed me to the movie itself. In 1994 Schindler's List was nominated for twelve Academy Awards, and received seven, including best movie, best direction, and best adapted screenplay,…

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  • Film Review Of Beineix's 'Diva'

    attention of key post-modernism theorist Frederic Jameson, who identified it as the first French postmodern film. Despite ‘Diva’ becoming a cult film for the youth of the time, the French film critic establishment did not appreciate the superficial aspects of its postmodern aesthetics. It was simply considered an irrational attachment to visually pleasing imagery at expense of character development or moral purpose. ‘I think France is a very strange country. There is great intelligence there…

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  • Exit Through The Gift Shop Film Review

    Film Review - Exit Through The Gift Shop Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary about the emergent and exploitation of the street art genre directed by the reclusive street-art graffiti legend, also known as Banksy. The film came about when the world famous graffiti artist was approached by an eccentric French shop keeper, Thierry Guetta, who records his entire life with a video camera in order to capture the memory out of apparent relevance to the impromptu death of his mother when he…

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  • Film Review: Devi, The Re-Incarnation '

    Mukhopadhyay had written a short story based on a 16 year old girl who was considered as an incarnation of Devi (Goddess) by her religious father-in-law. The short story first published in the year 1899 appealed to Satyajit Ray which he thought could be made into a film with interesting character interconnections and the idea of a period film highly intrigued him. Umaprasad’s father Kalikinkar (Chhabi Biswas) was an ardent devotee of the Goddess Kali and in a supposed dream, Kalikinkar sees his…

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  • Film Review Of The Movie Maleficent By Linda Woolverton

    I have watched an English movie entitled Maleficent as one of the assignments for my movie review. I choose this movie as it is my favourite movie so far. Maleficent was directed by first-time helmer who is Robert Stromberg which is from a script that is credited to “beauty and the beast” by Linda Woolverton. There are many characters in this movie and the main characters that plays the main role in Maleficent is the Maleficent itself which is starred by Angelina Jolie. While the other…

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  • Kristen Leder's Review: Films As Cultural And Emotional Measures

    In her study ‘Films as Cultural and Emotional Measures,’ Kristen Leder provides interesting insight into the emotions connected to film and how this affects viewing choices. Leder utilises qualitative material to analyse the vernacular criteria through which viewing choices are made in regards to horror films, for instance, specific textual content such as media violence, or the ‘emotional investments’ subjects anticipate due to preconceptions they had of specific films (284). Unlike previous…

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  • Film Review Of Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding By Sabrina Dhawan

    with theatre but then got drawn towards film-making and from 1979 started making documentaries that explored the concept of India and Indianness. She found them to be “a marriage of my interests in the visual arts, theatre, and life as it is lived”. Her second non-fiction, “So Far from India” (1982) was a best documentary winner at the American Film Festival. She made two more and then switched to fiction as she wanted more control over the direction of the story. She never looked back. In the…

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  • A Film Review of Shrek Essay

    A Film Review of Shrek Shrek is an animated film, created by DreamWorksâ„¢ and brought to life by state of the art 3d animation. Shrek is made in all ways to reverse fairytale tradition and is a very unconventional fairytale. There are many parts of the film and characteristics of the main characters that make the irregularity of this fairytale funny and effective. Although the fairy tale is an unconventional one its opens like a traditional fairytale film. There…

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  • Movie Review: 12 Angry Men: Film Review

    12 Angry Men Film Review If you are looking for a film that is heated, exciting, and exposes social justice, you might to watch the story of 12 Angry Men. This film is drama filled and will always keep you wondering what is going to happen next. I would recommend the film, 12 Angry Men, to viewers This film is excellent because of the strong use of character development, complex, but easy to follow plot, and proper use of film elements. The film revolves around 12 men serving on a jury to…

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  • Film Review: The End Of Watch: Movie Review

    The film I choose to base my film analysis paper on was End of Watch it was released September 21st of 2012. This film is primarily about two close partners in law enforcement who have been through a lot together. They get assigned to patrol one of the most dangerous areas in LA. The film goes on to show their day to day events while on duty. As the movies continues the two officers begin to grow closer in relationship and always have each other’s backs. Jakes and Mike get dispatched to a call…

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