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  • Reflection Of Oppression In The First Day Of Class

    Before entering the class I knew what the word oppression meant, but when asked to define the term on the first day of the course, I struggled to find words. I thought of words and phrases that related to oppression like “a sense of hopelessness” and “unfair”, but none of these words adequately summed up the term. Oppression was loosely defined on the first day of class as, “cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of authority.” As the class continued, we added other details to add to the concept, such as human flourishing and voice. These additions added a depth to oppression that I had never before considers and I thought about the fact that if the single term “oppression” had so many layers, the stories of those behind the word must have even…

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  • Reflection: Response To The First Day Of Class

    When I think back to the first day of class, I remember being confused, and extremely uncomfortable. It is evident through my blogs that I was uneasy about how the class began. Prior to this class, sitting in silence used to be one of the most awkward experiences for me. At the beginning of the semester, I would look down at my feet and avoid direct eye contact. I did not realize how much I had adjusted and become accustomed to sitting in silence until I reread my blog posts. For the first few…

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  • My Experience On The First Day Of Class In College

    On the first day of class for the fall or spring semester, is kind of a stressful day for most students because students are trying to get to their classes on time, while other students are going to a class that they are waitlisted for, hoping that they can get in to the class. The students who were in the class do not have to worry about what number they are on the waitlist or whether they are able to be added to the class. I feel bad for the students who are on the waitlist because it is a…

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  • Reflection Of English Writing: The First Day Of Class

    the first day of class, I felt quite intimidated when I realized, during our self-introduction session in class, that most of my classmates are sophomores. I thought to myself, “They must have done a lot of college level writings!” It somehow caused me to doubt my ability to perform well in this class, especially when I saw some good essays produced by my classmates during our peer review session. At that moment, writing was quite daunting for me. Knowing that this course is the last writing…

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  • My Experience In The First Day In A Junior English Class

    When you walk in the first day of your junior English class, to a woman under 5 feet tall standing on a desk staring at you, you know that there are only two options; either this class is going to be fantastic or a complete disaster. I had heard from students that she had previously, that you could never please her. But, I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt, see what I could do and what was possible based on my experience. The bell rang and signalled for the class to begin. I took a…

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  • My Experience: My First Day Of Class Observation

    Day 1 This is the first day of my observation. My first class was Grade10- Bagtikan. Mr. De Salit first checked if the room was clean but then there was trashes around so he told the cleaners to sweep the floor. After making sure that the room was clean he started his class. But before that, he first introduce me to the class. At the middle of the discussion, students of Grade10- Bagtikan started to chat with their seatmates. As the students make some noise, Mr. Ronn always told them to…

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  • My Personal Experience: My First Day Of Class

    At eight o 'clock in the morning, I start my first class, which is the most important part of my school day. I was extremely excited about my first day of class, I was finally a college student. My first class which was cornerstone ended up being the most beneficial class throughout my entire semester. Even though I was slightly nervous going to meet new people that I have never met before, I was prepared for the class since my step sister went to Florida SouthWestern before me. As much as I was…

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  • Christmas Travel: A Personal Essay On Holiday Travel

    destinations. The first few months of the year can also be a lot cheaper than you can imagine, this is the best time to make a trip of a lifetime. From historic Rome to incredible Berlin, reveling in Paris to a New Year in New York, a world of celebration awaits you. Check out our New Year travel deals of your holiday getaway! Easter Travel There is a chill in the air on sunny mornings, spring has sprung and it is time to starting planning for your Easter holiday. Whether you are looking for a…

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  • Strike Rate In Cricket

    It was a memorable day for the entire Pujara family as India 's number three Cheteshwar Pujara reached his second successive and his ninth hundred in Test format on Friday, that too in his first innings as an Indian Test batsman at his hometown, Rajkot. Considering the match situation, it was a significant knock in many ways. India were 47 for 1 when the local boy Pujara came into the crease and along with Murali Vijay, played almost a match saving innings. Meanwhile, during the course of that…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day In My School

    nervously surprising on this day. The day before this day I was tiresome. I didn’t manage my time to when to go to sleep and woke up so tired. I was ready though; I was ready for my first day as a sophomore. Before i tell you this, the day could’ve been better, but i could handle it. I wake up and get ready for the day to start. I had butterflies in my stomach because i was also nervous on who was going to be in my class. I get ready for my day. My brother is starting off as a 9th grader, so i…

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