First Day of School Essay

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  • First Day Of School Essay

    Wake up; it’s the first day of school. I woke up to my aunt and mom standing at the end of my bed. I thought to myself, wow already in fifth grade, it has come so fast then I opened my eyes when I realized my aunt was talking to me. Why would my aunt be here just for the first day of school? She would never be at my house this early in the morning, especially just to wake me to say happy first day if school. There was something else, but they weren’t telling me what. Then, my mom said Allison your dad was in an accident this morning and being taken to the hospital. At first I felt like I was dreaming still, at least I was hoping it was still a dream. I wasn’t sure how to wrap this around my head, I mean I had just woken up I was still half…

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  • My First Day Of School

    her first day of school. Her family had just moved into America this summer. Her family moved in here for better education and more opportunities. Unfortunately, her father had died of heart attack two months before they moved to America. Her family moved in with her mom sister until her mom finds a job and house. Her aunt registered her for public school and even dropped her off for the first day. She was very nervous how the teachers and her classmates will be. How hard the school will be and…

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  • My First Day Of School

    She had been to the school countless times with her dad before today because she loved to attend the sports events, but today was different. Today was her first day of school, a public school that is. Her alarm went off but she was already wide awake, staring at the clock she felt her stomach start to twist uncomfortably. As she began to get ready all she could think about was what the other kids would think of her. Would they accept her? Would they ignore her? Would they talk to her? Her social…

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  • My First Day In School

    The beginning of 10th grade is an exciting time for any student. You’re a grade closer to graduating and you’re no longer the new group to the school, right? Not in Hobbs, Nm. I have never lived in a town where 9th-grade freshman have a totally separate school until I moved here. So when the time came and freshman school finished I felt like I was going to be a freshman all over again my sophomore year. I dreaded having to introduce myself to the whole class like most teachers make you do on the…

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  • My First Day In School

    With the beginning of fall coming in it also meant that there was another new school year that would start. This new school year was even more special than the other school years because this was the year an old school that’s been there for 106 years was going to be re-modeled, and it was also my senior year. I was half way through my first day of school as a senior; so far I felt good about my classes but yet there was one class I still needed to attend after…

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  • Essay My First Day At School

    The first day of school is something that is dreaded by most, it is the end of the wonderful time we call summer, it starts months and months of stress and pain, and it means getting up at six every weekday, with about four to six hours of sleep. Once you finally realize that you cannot escape the impending doom that is upon you, it is time to get up and get ready for it. Now school is not that bad, but the first day is one of my least favorite days of the year, I dislike the introductions, the…

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  • First Day Of School Short Story

    Ring! Ring! The buzzing sound from the alarm went off to wake me up to go to school. OHOOOO wait I have school today, that’s why the alarm went off. I did not wake up right away. Instead I hid under my big warm blue blanket until Dad came, and knocked on the door to make sure I am awake for school. When I finally got out of my bed I went to the bathroom started brushing my teeth and washing my face. As I was walking out of my bathroom door to the hall way, my dad started slowing dancing along…

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  • Narrative Essay On The First Day In School

    On a hot summer day in a small town called Yellowseed. 16-year-old Jimmy raigal.In a house on 56th street lived a 16 year old boy. His name was Jimmy raigal and who lived his ten year old brother and His Mom and Dad. They lived in that small house of 13 years. It was June 14, 2035. It was the first year college for Jimmy; he was terrified of bullies every time he saw one he closed his eyes and walked away slowly. His palms were always sweaty, and he started to look down when in the presence of…

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  • The Importance Of My First Day Of School

    It is coming down to my last week of school. This journey that seems forever will be over. I never understood people when they would say to me “before you know it you will be graduating, walking across the stage”. Mainly because I was little and the people saying it would be older and I truly thought it took a long time to graduate. If there is one thing I could change about my senior year is make the time go by slower. Something I have learned throughout my educational journey is each grade I…

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  • Essay On My First Day In School

    year was my first year associating with the sport field, I had move from California to Oklahoma. This was an enormous diversification, the countryside was peculiar to what North Hollywood California was. All in all it was more greener, smaller and I perceived that Durant Oklahoma was monumental on the cattle occupation. My first day of school was intimidating because I didn’t know anyone. I went to the office with my parents and I met Mr. Lowry, he helped me choose my classes, by explaining what…

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