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  • My Career And Future Goals For My Future

    My future goals include graduating from the Union High School in May 2017. After I graduate, one of my goals related to my education is to attend a university located in Oklahoma for the fall of 2017. While in college I want to be as involved as I can possibly be during those four years. I want to create an impact in my community and hopefully the world as well. Community service that I will be participating in will provide me with the experience that I need to be a more well-rounded individual. These experiences in turn will help me become a better social worker in the future. Also during college, I want to get an internship in Oklahoma City so that I can have more experience in my future field of work. The situations that I will encounter not only affect my clients, but also myself.…

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  • Future Career For Student Athletes

    My project will be based around my future career path of becoming an academic director for athletics. Working with student- athletes is a rewarding task for you are helping mentor them at making decisions for their future after college sports. Therefore, my leadership program will be based on formal mentoring. To me formal mentoring is preparing the mentee for the future by providing advice, guidance and support. My program will consist of a team of properly trained student-athlete alumni as…

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  • The Importance Of Future Career Path And Education

    When looking at my future career path and education, I have clear goals that are driving me towards success. To begin, I’m planning on attending Northern Illinois University in the fall to continue my pursuit in a social work degree. NIU has a program that specializes in family social services which will allow me to follow my passion. As a freshman I started out at Aurora University and was placed on the dean’s list finishing out with a GPA of 3.875. My academics are my top priority, because I…

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  • What Are The Future Goals And Career Plans Essay

    Karley Campbell Essay about future goals and career plans When I want to make something happen, I know that if I don’t start somewhere then it will go nowhere. Merely proclaiming, “Someday I will…” is a start, but rarely leads to the desired result.Yet, there are only so many hours in a day to achieve these goals. This is where what I call goal triage comes in. What I mean by goal triage is that short-term goals should be faced head on and of highest priority. Meanwhile, long-term goals should…

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  • Knowledge In The Future Career

    The university provides a plenty of basic knowledge in various fields that will help students a lot in future career. However, some people argues that the university should pay more attention to the intrinsic value of the knowledge instead of considering whether these knowledge will be useful in the career. Others believed that learning the work-related knowledge can contribute to the better performance in the workplace. To my point of view, it is more practical and beneficial to provide…

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  • Future Career Essay

    For my future career, I have decided to research the job tasks, pay scale, and requirements for a high school history teacher. I chose this particular career for a number of reasons. History is one of my passions and I knew that I desired to work in a field that pertains to them. I also feel that going into education could entail positive changes for both myself and the current system. Finally, one of my advanced placement teachers in high school motivated me to follow this career path. As a…

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  • My Career In My Future Career

    Career I would like to work in the private sector, being a forecasting meteorologist immediately after college. Although, I do not know enough about each company I would like to work at companies such as, Innovative Weather in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Accuweather in Pennsylvania, or even The Weather Channel in Atlanta, Georgia. I still need to figure out and do some research as my years go on at Central about these private work places. It is my goal to work in the private sector and provide my…

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  • Goals: My Career As A Career In The Future

    This is why I would like to observe and do internships before I make a decision about what I want as a career in the future. There are so many different careers that interest me at this time. The ones I mostly want to observe and do internships with are with Occupational Therapists, Physician Assistants, or Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists. Occupational therapists are people whose work is not easy, but they do everything they can to better the lives of those who need…

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  • Decision Making Model Of A Counselor

    concerns, challenges, and frustrations associated with being uncertain of a major or career choice. The counselor will encourage group members will share their own personal goals. Members will share their homework assignments and discuss similarities. The counselor will educate members on the decision-making model. Additionally, the counselor will encourage the participants will disclose their expectations of the group. Members are urged to participate in all group sessions. Objectives: •…

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  • The Importance Of Career Design

    they are fully capable. The Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance points out that ?there are more than 120 accredited interior design programs offered through art, architecture, and home economics in schools?. Professional schools usually offer two or three year certificates or diplomas in interior design and undergraduate degrees in four year programs. It is highly recommended to take courses that inform on the government regulations and safety standards of buildings. One of the…

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