Future of Banking Industry Essay

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  • Objectives And Summary Of Teaching Philosophy And Philosophy

    Summary of Teaching Philosophy and Objectives My desire to teach is based upon the belief that teaching will provide me with a challenging and rewarding career. This is my second college experience as I have accomplished a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and pursued jobs in the field of retail management and the banking industry. However, I found those career paths to be lacking in terms of fulfillment. I have come to the realization that I want my life’s work to accomplish more than a numerical salary. Teaching is the profession that will provide the opportunities for me to reach these goals. The philosophical stance that will guide my approach to teaching is idealism. For I believe that the individual is a creation of God’s own image and has free will. With this established, the process of learning is self-initiated. Plato best described this principle of idealism in his writing entitled “Allegory of the Cave” in which he states: “Whereas, our argument shows that the power and capacity of learning exists in the soul already; and that just as the eye was unable to turn from darkness to light without the whole body, so too the instrument of knowledge can only by the movement of the whole soul be turned from the world of becoming into that of being, and learn by degrees to endure the sight of being, and of the brightest and best of being, or in other words, of the good.” I agree with Plato’s reasoning that our…

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  • Case Analysis: Wells Fargo & Company: A Career Employer

    the banking industry in the United States, there are several factors that determine the achievement and future durability of a banking company. According to a study conducted by Atkins et al., the researchers examined a link between bank competition and financial stability, concluding that “greater competition increases financial stability” (27). The study discussed the banks facing greater competition are “less likely to be targeted for regulatory enforcement…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Public Bank Berhad

    country as the third largest banking group in Malaysia with reference to the size of assets. In addition, Public Bank Berhad has managed to keep up the encouraging consistency of having unbroken net profit track record since its establishment in the year 1966. It was recently reported that the business has succeeded to increase the net profit by 13.8% for the third quarter of the year – RM1.19bil…

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  • Macro Pest Analysis And Pestel Analysis Of Sampath Bank

    1.Political Factors : Banking sector is being stand within the government. Banking sectors are mainly affected by the government laws. The government can intervene the banks' activities by the way such as tax policy, labor law, environmental law, tariffs, trade restrictions and political stability. Political influence is the threat for Sampath bank. So they have to take actions in their strategy to adopt the political factors as well. But the skilled government and effective tax policy are the…

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  • Advantages Of Shadow Banking

    Private Banking Versus Shadow Banking There are two types of banking secrecy systems Switzerland takes part in, shadow banking and private banking. The shadow banking system points to the financial intermediaries associated with enabling the creation of credit across the world financial system whose members are not subject to regulatory oversight. Any unregulated activity by regulated institutions is also termed shadow banking (International Monetary Fund, 2014). Private banking, however, is…

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  • Fnb Case Study

    Talent Brand strategy is core in attracting, retaining and engaging talented employees for FNB. It helps them to attract talent of the future. This quest is influenced by the ever changing needs and dynamics of existing customers as well as potential customers, therefore this driving FNB to inculcate innovation as part of their culture by embracing technology. According to Minchington (2007) “employer branding provides a competitive edge to acquire, nurture and retain talent”. Millennials do…

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  • The Two Career Paths In The Finance Industry

    will critically evaluate in this essay derive from the finance industry. I will use the financial bodies involved, which are the CISI and the ICAEW to portray the steps needed which may increase the chances of gaining access to the finance sector. One of my preferred career options is investment banking, I will talk about the capital markets programme provided by the CISI to gain exposure towards this career path. Another option as a career for me is corporate finance for which I will use the…

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  • Singapore Banking Case Study

    1. Introduction Banking is a network of corporations and regulations that provide a variety of financial services. Basically, banking services provide holding money on behalf of customers, providing loans to businesses and individuals, providing investment and insurance services and so on. Banking system is usually regulated by country’s laws and central banks of individual countries. Finance is usually defined as the science of money management. Many studies show that the banking and finance…

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  • Bank Of America Pricing Strategy

    During the process of Bank of America, that is trying, with everything they know how to get to be number one. Bank of America products that are offered is investments, banking, online banking, insurance, credit cards, and CD’s. In this paper, you will see some of the pricing strategies that Bank of America offers to individuals as well as investors. The process will show you the target market that bank is trying to receive, and with the promotions that Bank of America has to offer in the next…

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  • Importance Of Banking Regulations

    Banking businesses are currently regulated quite extensively. The current goals of banking regulations are narrowed down to the fact that the government would like to remind banking businesses of the importance of transparency, protection of assets for both the customer and the bank, and preparation for handling or avoiding future crisis for the economy. There is much debate as to whether bank regulation is getting too restrictive and not allowing banks to run their business in a manner that…

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