Haunted House Essay

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  • Business Plan Of The Underground: Haunted House Attraction In A Cave

    Business Plan We are the Underground: a haunted house attraction that is located in a cavern. Our goal is to create a truly frightening experience in a very untraditional way by focusing more on the actors and natural setting rather than large effects and displays. We operate seasonal, but keep our lobby/bar open all year. The attraction will consist of a self guided tour of the cave were the participants will explore, figure out what they must do through puzzles, and reading. During their experience, the customer will encounter our actors, who will personally scare them through stalking, jumpscares, chases, ex. The story, and actors will depend on that years theme. Each year we take suggestions from the customers online. We pick the most…

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  • Descriptive Essay On A Haunted House

    The house that was next to my house was a tarnished old house, which has been there before I was even born. The house had a giant garden that had many wilted plants that were surrounding the house. There are lots of rumors around the town that the house is haunted as, around midnight there is always a shriek with the lights flickering on the top floor and, that has always been a mystery. Nobody has ever lived or went into the house except for one woman who had lived and died there years ago.…

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  • Essay On A Haunted House

    HAD ALMOST convinced herself, that there was a logical explanation for the strange occurrences that were happening in the house that her parents’ had recently purchased. So, when she was awakened once again by the sound of bumps and thumps echoing madly through her bedroom ceiling, she decided to do what any ten-year-old girl would do — she threw the blankets over her head and covered her ears. Unfortunately, covering her ears only muffled the sound. She could still hear the bumps and…

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  • Informative Speech About Ghosts

    Spirits We all want to know what will happen to us once we die. The questions arise, “Will I come back as another form of life?” Will my sole still linger around those I love? Will I just be a lifeless body in the ground? All these question are things we have thought about from time to time especially the older we get and how the fact of death becomes a reality. I know most all of us have been to a haunted house or heard of off the wall ghost stories. Are these true? Are there really ghosts or…

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  • The Haunted House Essay

    Gianna begged to go to the haunted house in Phoenix, although she lived in California. The haunted house or known as 13th floor is probably the scariest thing that could happen in Phoenix. There have been millions of rumors that the 13th Floor is actually haunted, millions of reports that people have been killed. Yet no one will believe that because it is just ¨acting¨. The first time she asked was a bit ago, but now, today is her birthday, October 13th, 2003. She felt like the happiest person…

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  • Haunted House Experience

    school years, one event stood out from those memories. That memory was acting in a haunted house. It was a fundraising event for my graduating class in high school last year. My first haunted house experience taught me how enjoyable it can be. The haunted house was located in my high school, Okkodo. It was before Halloween of last year. We had three day to practice before our actual haunted house. The haunted house was for two nights. The first night was after school on October 24, 2014, we…

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  • A Scaredy Cat's Analysis

    Fear does not always bring out a negative feeling; Fear can also influence people to seek it. The enjoyment that fear may bring is interesting because fear is often depicted negatively. Many people don’t realize that there is both a bad type of fear that a person experiences, as well as a good type of fear. The excitement that fear can bring is important because when someone faces that fear, it brings a sense of achievement and it may also push somebody to come out of their comfort zone. Yin’s…

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  • Haunted House Essay

    I had never felt a genuine sense of fear. That wasn’t until I visited the first haunted house of the Halloween season. During my childhood, I was overly obsessed with horror movies and anything that was guaranteed to send shivers down my spine. I lived to seek for blood and guts. I lived to seek for scary. I lived to seek the abnormal. Everything in the horror genre, fascinated me, but scared me at the same time. So when I finally got old enough to go out on my own, my mother agreed to let me go…

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  • Themes In Ghost Stories, By Alex Vernon

    She establishes credibility with the people who believe in the supernatural by providing locations to visit which are supposed to be haunted. Dabbs writes about spending two nights at a haunted hotel in Savannah, Georgia,…

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  • Waverly Hills Case Study

    In fact, Waverly Hills has even been dubbed as one of the most haunted places in America. One of the most notable investigations of Waverly Hills was conducted by the team on the TV show Ghost Hunters. They reported seeing apparitions and concluded that the location was indeed haunted. The shows Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures each conducted their own investigations, with the former’s concluding with definite apparition sightings and scratches. It seems that the general consensus on the…

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