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  • American Horror Story Analysis

    RIP Essay: American Horror Story In the television show review of the Pilot episode of American Horror Story called an AMERICAN HORROR STORY: AN EMOTIONAL DRAMA WITH UNEXPECTED TWISTS THROUGH THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN, by Cristal Oliveros, I tried convince my audience how the show can be seen as a Drama even though it is considered a Female Gothic. I did this by comparing the Drama genre to some of the scenes in this first episode of American Horror Story that enable the show be considered a Female Gothic. This enabled my audience, who are people who would typically seek Dramas, to branch out of that genre and try something new. The first thing I tried to do was to address people who would typically seek Dramas by asking “Looking for a Drama…

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  • Mental Illness In American Horror Story

    American Horror Story is an American series of horror seasons on FX, that tell a new story season to season. The producers of the show are Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The series is meant to reach out to a wide range of ages, I would say it mainly targets teenagers and people in their early to middle adulthood. The Asylum is the second season of the series American Horror Story. Asylum begins in the 1960’s at a mental institution named Briarclif Manor, which happens to be in the hands of a…

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  • The Importance Of Horror Story

    Senior classes were given the assignment to write a horror story and allowed no restriction. As soon as I heard of this assignment I thought, “Yes! Finally my chance to show people how gory and gruesome of things I can imagine!” I told my youth minister of this assignment and the next thing he said was, “That sounds ungodly”. I started thinking and realized how ungodly it really was. Then, he told me, “You should write about the rapture and the people that will be left behind, now that’s…

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  • Father Of Horror Story Analysis

    Edgar Allan Poe, a 19th century author and “Father of Horror” has a very unique and distinctive writing style, which he demonstrates through a variety of gothic elements, themes, and outcomes. When comparing “The Pit and the Pendulum” to other Poe stories such as “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Black Cat”, it is easy to see why he is revered as “The Father of Horror.” But what makes his writing so extraordinary is that he uses attributes that are very specific to only Edgar Allan Poe’s horror…

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  • Analysis Of American Horror Story: Murder House

    yourself glued to the images being displayed. Gruesome inhuman creatures, ominous pools of blood, and half-blurry images of the dead flash before your eyes, complete with a chainsaw-like sound that permeates the silence of your living room. If it seems like the images above are straight out of a gory horror flick, you are partially correct. In fact, they are featured in the title sequence of the popular television show American Horror Story. First aired in 2011 on FX, this anthology series plays…

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  • Bojack Horsem The Horror Story Of Bojack Horseman

    Sup friends, family, and future folk, I have returned from the depths of my desk where I serve the public. Its kind of weird because when I was younger I told myself that I never wanted to sit at a desk, but here I am... sitting at an (ergonomically correct) desk. This isn 't some weird horror story where I sit at this desk for 35 years and retire as a jaded old white man who has a farm in the country where I breed little murderous horses that only attack on the second Friday of the month…

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  • Evil Stepsister In Horror Story: Evil Stepsister

    sister Ali she was 9 and a troubled child who just got enjoyment out of messing with me and her younger sister Ashley she was 6 and I was 7. I only knew her for a couple years but I can tell you she was the evil step sister that you would always hear about in horror stories. Ali told me I had to help her do something to Ashley I was scared of her and I had to figure out whether or not I should help her or not. One day in the summer on a hot and sunny day, too hot and sunny to play…

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  • Character Analysis Of American Horror Story: Freak Show

    Analysis of American Horror Story: Freak Show In class we have learned about many different aspects of disability. In American Horror Story: Freak Show (Freak Show), there were many themes shown throughout that touched on material we have talked about in class. Freak Show illustrates the medical and sociopolitical models of disability, uses terms that are deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by the disability community, and represents people with disabilities in the media. I have…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Horror Story Of High School

    Many people have older relatives such as their parents, grandparents and great grandparents who will have at one point told them horror stories about high school. Whether it's about how awkward it was or about how good they were in school. One day we will all have these stories to tell to our offspring. These won't be all the stories that define our time in high school, but they will be the funniest. Even if we don't realize it now these moments are silly and great lessons. Most of the time when…

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  • Criticism In The Nature Of Horror By Gilman

    Carroll’s argument of art-horror qualifies Gilman’s story by causing a horrified feeling in the audience. Gilman creates this feeling through the story’s setting. In the story, “The Nature of Horror”, Carroll explains that the human experience of art-horror is reliant on two necessary conditions: disgust feeling, and monsters tied with the sense of being threatened. Carroll states, “We shall presume that this is an emotional state whole emotion we call art-horror” (Carroll 52). According to…

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