How to Write a Descriptive Essay About a Place

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  • Descriptive Techniques In Parkinson's Alley

    The descriptive style of writing used in Joy Horowitz’s Parkinson’s Alley helps connect the reader to the individuals, their struggles and the problem that is threatening livelihoods in Visalia, California. Without the description embedded in this article, it could be very easy for the readers to get lost or lose interest. A tie is created after you learn a thing or two about “A big, friendly bear of a man” (Horowitz) who has been ultimately screwed over by his government when they decide to do nothing about the issue at hand. When you think about a stereotypical research article, especially one about pesticides, you imagine a bland, sophisticated and lengthy article to be placed in front of you. Instead, with Horowitz’s piece, you are met…

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  • Short Story: Tuesdays With Morrie

    When LaMarian Watkins was a young boy in elementary school, his mother, an aspiring school teacher, would sit him down and tell him to read and write for two hours every day. His mother wanted to make sure he had a strong reading and comprehending level at a young age. She knew it was imperative to have knowledge built on a strong foundation. This continued until Mr. Watkins attended Hickory Ridge Middle School in Memphis, TN where he started to write on his own for pleasure. During middle…

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  • The Importance Of Purpose In Three Short Story

    ever in the history of the world has a sociopolitical document expressed in such profoundly eloquent and unequivocal language the dignity and the worth of human personality” (King 173). He uses strong vocabulary and words that have a deeper meaning than just, you need to believe this way because it is cool. In “Travels With Charley,” Steinbeck uses a very descriptive word choice when explaining the views he has on the places he visits, but does not use that throughout the entire story. However,…

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  • The Importance Of Radiography

    grade on this piece of work. After reviewing the feedback I received I found that my work was not up to APA standards. The narrative that I wrote was more of a creative writing piece and barely a scientific piece. I thought that this piece was going to be great because I was very descriptive and visualized most details of my experience. I thought it would be a good idea to stand out with this piece instead of writing a boring piece that was going to say the same things that my peers would write…

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  • Houston Zoo Essay

    zoo, as my grandmother came to Houston for the first time, and my family and I wanted to take her to different places around the Houston area. Visiting the zoo, helped me realized how fun and full of learning experiences the students can take out from the zoo. I feel that in the future I will take my future students to the zoo so they can experience observing the different animals that the zoo bring to us to view. The zoo has a lot of exotic…

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  • The Importance Of Writing

    also feel I made improvements through each paper. The first paper assigned was a narrative; it had to be about something that happened in my childhood that still has an impact on my life. For this paper, I honestly struggled at first with finding a topic. There was nothing that I could think of at first; I still don’t know why I struggled with this. Finally, I decided to write about growing up with divorced parents. Another challenge I had in this paper, was that I struggled with sentence…

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  • Restaurant Reflection Project

    Robel Haile Sylvia Wolak English 160 11/21/2017 Reflective Final Project The genre of my writing project one was the “Review.” The task of this assignment was to write a 2 to 3-page review of any cultural event or venue from a Chicago neighborhood. Thus, I reviewed a restaurant and based on the task, I included a brief history of the restaurant, décor evaluation, Food/menu evaluation and a conclusion typical “the bottom line” style of the RedEye in my review. I was also required to write a cover…

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  • The Beauty Of Nature In Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac

    of nature through the incredible voice of Leopold’s writing. An example of this being, “The artist has now laid his colors, sprayed them with dew. The Eleocharis sod, greener than ever is now spangled with blue mimulus, pink dragon-head, and the milk-white blooms of Sagittaria (52).” This is just a small taste of the descriptive poetic style Leopold uses. Through this, a reader can feel absorbed in the beauty of nature that is surrounding the writer while he describes the…

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  • Contributions Of Slaves's Narrative Of Life Of Fredrick Douglass

    of Fredrick Douglass, Fredrick Douglass gives his personal perspective on how it is to be a slave in America. Douglass is very descriptive in his narrative, he names plenty of owners, places, and names of people who he once associated with on plantations. Narrative of Life of Fredrick Douglass, is a very significant novel in American history, we can learn slave’s personal experience with slavery, and the novel also shows how slavery was constructed during…

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  • Essay On Observation In The Classroom

    the entire third-grade literacy block in order to understand how the pacing and flow of the instruction works rather than simply reading about it in a text book. My initial impression was that the pacing was rapid enough to ensure each component of the lesson moves along smoothly, which assisted with classroom management as there was no moment when the students could waste time. Consequently, my visit to the classroom (from 10:30am to 12:25pm) felt like no time at all. I can imagine that for my…

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