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  • The Importance Of Being A Human Being

    You will never know how complicated it is to give an explanation of what it really means to be a human being until you come across an alien who has no idea at all what a human being even is. In fact, some call it a futile effort to try understanding human beings as a subject. Moreover, studying life itself is an arduous assignment, but when you compare this to studying the human being, you realize it is easier to study life generally without probing the specific elements of the lives of humankind. In this paper, I hope that will be able to explain myself to an alien from another planet. However, it has never met a creature of my kind before; yet, I have to make it clearly understand what (who) I really am. The following is my explanation: I am one of the living creatures on this earth belonging to a species known as “human beings.” The human creature has a lot to do with reason; human beings are conscious beings—we have feelings, emotions, and reactions. The difference between us and all the other living creatures on planet earth is that our mind is developed in a way that we can relate with each other through our ability of understanding all aspects of life, for instance: weather, health, culture, and religion, among…

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  • The Definition Of Being Human

    Being human is more than just existing as a mass of tangible atoms with the ability to walk and talk and co-exist in a world obsessed with the idea of the perceived final destination of happiness. Being considered “human” is more of a conceived concept than something you would learn in science class, there really is no definition you can write down in the notes you take for your unit test. There are people- human beings- that could be categorized as inhuman. They don’t have the characteristics…

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  • Characteristics Of Being Human

    Being a human is one of the hardest things to comprehend. There are so many aspects of our lives that make us such as interesting species. Apart from the normal biological characteristics of humans, the most unique aspect of humans is our brains. We have the ability to think, make decisions, express emotions and problem solve. The brain, along with its mental capabilities, is one of the most complex parts of being a human being and is what makes us human. Our brain separates us from all other…

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  • The Importance Of Being Human

    Being human, or being a Human Being, is exhilarating. Life is weird, fun and astronomically inclined to confuse us. Just as though this topic may confuse us, because we have been shaped by culture to believe that social media is just the “norm,” that we do not need a connection to survive our everyday lives; we only need Facebook to tell us what our latest enemy is up to, and maybe even check out our “friends” posts about their cats, or whatever they may speak about on their pages. But now that…

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  • Characteristics Of Being A Human

    206 bones in the human body and approximately one and a half gallons of blood gives humans the ability to walk and talk. And while these are a very important part of the human being, these things alone don’t define us as human. For it is not our blood or bones, or even the ability to feel emotions such as love, that defines someone as a human, but it is the combination of these things paired with the ability to execute complex brain functions that sets humans apart from other organisms and…

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  • Importance Of Being Human

    What’s so special about being human? What makes us different from robots and other animals? These philosophical questions are by no doubt seemingly difficult to answer. Of course, the answer may differ for every individual, for it is a question that depends on one’s standard of being ‘human’. For instance, one might consider organisms that are merely biologically human as human, while others might accept organisms that have certain human characteristics as human. However, from the three…

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  • Human Trafficking In Human Beings

    On coming from Stone Age to modern sophisticated age, humans have changed a lot in the view of perception, in the field of science and technology, on the way of living. Something that has not been changed is the human exploitation. Long time ago, humans were exploited in the name of slavery system, but now they are exploited in the name of human trafficking. Now, the world has become materialistic and artificial. People love more for what we have rather than who we are. People judgment…

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  • Susceptible Human Being Analysis

    Susceptible Human Being: Hiding Behind the Psychological Concept Engineers should never ignore the political and social aspects from their professional task. If they remain ignorant toward their own work, the technological tragedy similar to Auschwitz would be repeated in no time. Auschwitz is an example of a major flaw in technological evaluation, as the engineer inside the project would proceeds any kind of order even though it is considered as an immoral action. One to mention is the human…

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  • Importance Of Human Being Essay

    to know why you eat? You don’t need to have a reason to eat. You just eat when you are hungry. Do you need to know why you sleep? You just sleep at night without a particular reason. So, you don’t need a reason to eat, sleep or have sex. They are things that you do instinctively like animals do. However, apart from the instinctive life, we as human beings need to know who we are and why we live. Have you ever thought about why we live with a particular spouse, and why we meet particular friends…

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  • Analytical Essay On Being Human

    On Being Human: An Analytical Manifesto Prompt For Writing Assignments Draft We all live in the world that is full of possibilities and every day we make a choice to change our life, to make it better. People strive for happiness and are ready to do everything to achieve it. Everybody wants to fit in and to be accepted in the society, but the most important is to become a human in all its manifestations. Sometimes it turns out to be difficult to understand what it means to live fully human,…

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