Human and Physical Geography Thematic Essay

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  • Foreign Aid Essay

    Foreign aid is the international transfer of capital, goods, or services from a country or international organization for the benefit of the recipient country or its population. Aid can be economic, military, or emergency humanitarian (Williams 2015). Aid has long been recognized as crucial to help poor developing nations grow out of poverty. Peace and war has the significant effect of distribution of foreign aid in the developing countries. The distribution of foreign aids is effected in several factors which are based on the relations amongst the countries, military power, strategic natural resources, chances of development, diplomat ties and prestige, etc. Several positive effects of foreign aids to the developing country are: focus on electoral process via technical assistance, strengthening of legislatures and judiciaries, promotion of civil society organizations, improving the education system and increase in per capita income, etc. For example, Tanzania has been the relative success story in terms of political reforms of Africa (Chatrrna Dasha, et al, n.d.). The country has been the second largest recipient after Ethiopia which has helped in strengthening the civil society, parties, legislature and judiciary. Some of the negative impacts are as follows (Chheang Vanarith, April 8, 2009): 1. Foreign aid effects adversely on the economic growth of the developing countries as there is inverse relationship between economic growth and aid. This is because the aid is…

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  • How Does Globalization Affect Children

    When was the last time you bought an article of clothing? When was the last time you wore it? The industry of fashion has a more sinister story behind it than most people may realise, but the mistreatment and abuse of fashion industry workers cannot be heard. Asking the question of how our clothes are made and who makes it is simple enough, but would we as a society ever have thought that the people that make them for us live in extremely poor conditions? Children and Developing Countries are…

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  • Causes Of Angola And Yellow Fever

    struggles with an outbreak of yellow fever. Many physical and cultural aspects of Africa’s geography make it prone to these types of outbreaks. Angola has had 277 people die from yellow fever since this past December (Kupferschmidt). And the government of Angola has had a hard time stemming new infections for several reasons. The main reason is because of a shortage of the yellow…

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  • Reflection On Aids

    Reflection Helping Them or Hurting them During the past years, there has been a lot of material and perspectives regarding the role of aid from developed nations to developing nations. How the undeveloped nations need to look up to the developed ones and follow their lead, do exactly as they did. The common factor about this week’s readings is that every country needs to walk their own path towards development. Here, I would like to emphasize their own path. For instance, how each…

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  • Globalization Pros And Cons Essay

    Globalization: Option 1 Globalization is the theory of the quick and dynamic increase of international commerce and communications that has become commonplace in the world marketplace. This globalization though can cause challenges to the political structure of countries by the rapid spread of political ideologies. Globalization can also cause economic boons and hardships within developing nations that labor is exported to. Because of some of these financial detriments, countries can find…

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  • Negative Effects Of Globalisation

    Globalisation is not a new process, but I think we have reached a point in history where we have entered a new era of civilisation because of it. It is a relatively new system, and therefore has many problems, but I think the effects of it have been largely positive. Conflict and suffering still exist, but I think they are necessary concepts that help push us towards something better. They show us what is wrong with society, and with the systems we have in place, so that we may fix it. They are…

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  • Multinational Companies Impact

    law to limit the profit transfer of firm investment, before they pay the tax how much they owed. Guy Scott, Vice-President of Zambia said his country lost around $2 billion each because the foreign firms were tax avoidance (ibid), moreover this situation is happening in many country where the investment from MNC have. However, the condition will not gradual fall because that is not an illegal in some developing countries, in addition developing countries need the fund injection from other…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Developing And Developing Countries

    The countries of the world are built up of either developed or developing urban populations. If they are developed, then they are technologically advanced. They will have a well developed infrastructure; they can build new buildings and or renovate older roads, buildings, community centres, etc... This is because they have a strong tax base. However, developing countries; are still in the earlier stages of economic development, and they lack modern infrastructures due to their low tax base. Both…

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  • The Impact Of Globalization: Developed And Developing Countries

    The impact of globalisation on developed economies We often say that globalisation has brought the world closer. It did have a huge impact on the world economies. It has benefitted all the countries in one way or the other. It has improved the standard of living of many countries because they have got access to all kinds of products and services nowadays. The production and markets for many companies have also increased which means more income. Globalisation also has shortcomings because it has…

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  • The Importance Of Computers Over The World

    The connection of computers on a global platform has really driven technological innovations over the years. From web applications to data sharing, the Internet promises a new scope of technological development which is likely to change the destiny of humanity forever. In view of this, it is apparent that the technology can be exploited by developing countries for their own growth. Over the years, criticisms have been laid on unfair trade policies as one of the reasons why developing countries…

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