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  • Compare And Contrast Into The Wild And Wild

    There are times when life’s situations make us do drastic choices, to help us escape, find ourselves or even to heal the soul within. In the novels “Into the Wild,” and “Wild” both of the characters take an unimaginable trip out into the wilderness to escape everyone and everything that at one point in their life’s was important to them. Both “Into the Wild” and “Wild” are distinctly different from each other, despite wilderness being both of the stories it’s symbol. The distinctions between Chris and Cheryl journeys were their motives, geographic locations, the use of money and food, and being alive at the end of their journey. The death of Cheryl’s Mom was what completely changed her life. Her Mom was the only person she felt protected…

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  • The Wild Transcendentalism

    One of the many reason people move to Alaska is because of how much adventure is out there. Most of them seeking a rebellion of some kind and others just looking for an adventure. Many people find many reason Chris went into the wild, transcendentalism, his defiance of society and the domestic violence he experienced as a child. All of those reason are a what impacted to go into the wild. The transcendentalist way of life may be hard but some people feel it is the only way a person should…

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  • Into The Wild Themes

    Into the Wild describes the story of Christopher McCandless. He hitchhiked in 1992 to Alaska where he was found dead four months later in a deserted bus in the Alaskan wilderness. Author Jon Krakauer uses accounts from people who interacted with Chris and personal research to account the story of Alex Supertramp, another name proclaimed by Chris. The book starts with the description of Chris’s last day in society before starting his journey in the Alaskan wild. It shifts to the events that led…

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  • Into The Wild Symbolism

    McCandless first donated $24,000 to an organization that is dedicated to fighting hunger. Throughout the story, McCandless is often "hungry, hungry, hungry". (30) Chris would go days without eating and would wander the road always carrying a little amount of food, and is quick to eat when offered a free meal. The constant hunger Chris was experiencing was a drawback to living without society that Chris McCandless had not foreseen. In the end his hunger outwitted him to eating a wild plant in…

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  • Selfishness In Into The Wild

    actions that the movie presented at the start. Comparatively, in Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild, Chris McCandless is presented as a selfless man for feeding the homeless and donating money to OXFAM, a charity dedicated to solving the hunger crisis. However, he constantly leaves…

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  • Conclusion Of Into The Wild

    Alaska is considered by most to be the final frontier. It is a land of unforgiving cold in the winter, inspiring beauty in the summer, and life-threatening danger year-round. Chris McCandless, a twenty-two year old college graduate from an affluent family on the east coast, set out on his Alaskan Odyssey and was able to experience all three aspects of the untamed land before his untimely death. Jon Krakauer, an author by day and mountain climber by night, discovered McCandless’s story and…

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  • Into The Wild Character Analysis: Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

    Deepan Patel December 9, 2016 Period: 2 ERWC Mr. Taylor Into the Wild Essay Into The Wild, by Jon Krakauer, is about a young man from a rich family who hitchhiked to Alaska and walked all the way into the wilderness. Chris McCandless shows many personality traits. Chris is very intelligent in school, he is very strong willed, he is rebellious in his own ways, he doesn't like it when someone gives him advice or tells him what to do, and he is self involved, he is also very idealistic. He gets…

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  • Into The Wild Analysis

    The purpose of writing Into the Wild is not relate the facts of a true adventure, but to show people that there is an escape from reality. Through McCandless, the wild was initially portrayed as harrowing and unpredictable, but as time went on McCandless learned to adapt to the wild, and bury himself from the flow of civilization. In the middle of McCandless’s travels, he encounters an elderly man named Ronald Franz. Franz, a man who seems to think he has fully lived, his life, sees a new…

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  • Perception In Into The Wild

    Perception is a critical idea for many works including, “How to Be Stupid: The Teachings of Channel One” by Mark Crispin Miller and “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer. Both works idealize either a product or an experience that outsiders are captivated by. In Miller’s “How to Be Stupid,” he exposes Channel One for all the manipulative tactics used to sell a product to its viewers. While Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” is a retelling of the story of a man named Chris McCandless that goes on a voyage to…

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  • Symbolism In Into The Wild

    The uncomfortable truths of humanity, what are they? Before I can state that, I'll need to explain what the film, “Into The Wild,” is about. To put it shortly, Chris McCandless is a young man who leaves everyone he knows to live alone in Alaska; this is all in his attempt to escape from society and to achieve ultimate freedom. Also, the director is Sean Penn. Throughout this essay, I'll be contrasting the wilderness against society to show how humans are distancing themselves from their…

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