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  • Revenge In Jane Eyre

    The novel ,Jane Eyre, begins with the narration of a young orphan name Jane, Who lives with her Aunt Mrs. Reed, and her three cousins, John, Eliza, and Georgiana Reed. Whom which she has been forbidden to play with so instead she has taken interest in in a book, Bewick’s History of British Birds. Jane is forced to live with her Aunt because both her mother and father have passed, causing her to be a subject of her aunts charity. Being That she is from a lower class than her wealthy upscale adopted family she is often tormented by, her cousin, John. During one of there less than accepted confrontations John hurls a book in Janes direction. Janes lack of tolerance for him causes her to have an outburst which then leads to a fight between…

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  • Feminism In Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre’s personality could be described as women with intelligence that doesn’t lack power or strength. She would take life by the horns and prove to her tormentors that she is worth something and prove that she can succeed in life. Along that journey to succeed she would encounter heartbreak. First with the death of Helen Burns and second leaving the man she fell in love with. Eyre goes by the beat of her own drums and tries not to let anything get in the way of her happiness. She has…

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  • Psychoanalyticism In Jane Eyre

    doesn’t know what he wants until he meets Jane Eyre. Rochester has a history of what some might call child neglect. He was constantly ignored and not given the attention a child deserves, but his brother was not, as a matter of fact his brother was the opposite. Rochester’s brother had gotten all of the attention and was basically spoiled rotten. This…

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  • Divinism In Jane Eyre

    was a main female figure, known as the Mother Goddess or Great Goddess, whose influence is still felt today in many works of literature and art. In fact, within Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte futuristically utilizes the characters of Diana and Mary Rivers as representations of this Great Goddess in order to provide Jane with maternal figures that enforce her decision to not sacrifice herself for the sake of others. The Mother Goddess theory is a relatively new idea in the archaeology realm- it came…

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  • Jane Eyre Criticism

    Academy Jane Eyre: The Most Controversial Novel of the Victorian Era Alex Caches British Literature Ms. Mojica 14 October 2016 Jane Eyre: The Most Controversial Novel of the Victorian Era Even at its publication in 1847, critics of the novel and the public could both agree that Jane Eyre was not only an immediate literary sensation, but it also emerged as the most controversial novel of Gothic literature to be published during the Victorian period. In many different…

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  • Marriage In Jane Eyre Marriage

    However with this marriage Jane has to cattier for Rochester due to losing his right hand and suffering other injuries in a fire that destroyed Thornfield, caused by his former and crazed wife. Though this may seem a little unsettling to the common eye, Jane has a quite different outlook on the situation. In her mind, it is finally okay to go through with a marriage because she will no longer be considered to be a mistress to him like she would when his wife was still alive. It was also ideal to…

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  • An Examination Of Feminism In Jane Eyre

    An Examination of Feminism in Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre is often lauded as a novel of great importance in the world of feminist literature. Of course, the titular character is relatively independent, she wants things for herself, and her idea of a good life does not begin and end with marriage. There is much more to Jane than that. Jane Eyre was surely very feminist for the time, and does have a solid handful of human values, but to put it on a pedestal as some sort of Great…

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  • Jane Eyre Bildungsroman Analysis

    ‘Jane Eyre’ is a Victorian novel written by Charlotte Brontë under the pseudonym Currer Bell. It was a very controversial novel, due to its heroine, who took her life in her own hands and wanted to have an education, to be superior, to tranced her condition and the condition of the women in her era. Charlotte Brontë created a bildungsroman which shows the path of a woman, started as a child until she reaches maturity and gets married. Her way till her marriage is as follows: First of all, the…

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  • Jane Eyre Conflict Analysis

    One. What is the plot of the work? What is the main conflict? What is the climax? What is the resolution? Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte is about a young girl who is an orphan. She lives with her aunt and cousins, the Reeds, at Gateshead Hall. Mrs. Reed comes to hate Jane for absurd reasoning and allows her son John to torment youthful Jane. Being so poorly treated, Jane, exasperated by such cruelty rises against everyone in the house and tells them of their wrong doings.…

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  • Theme Of Fairytales In Jane Eyre

    It is no secret that these tales are nothing more than metaphors for a much larger narrative, and “Jane Eyre” is no exception to this fairytale lense. “Jane Eyre” is very much a modern day fairytale and uses fairytale motifs to create a metaphorical world of fantastical realism that helps the reader gain a better understanding and perspective on certain issues concerning trauma, gender and sexuality. Not only does it give the reader a new perspective but “Jane Eyre” enforces the ideals of…

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