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  • Zulu Essay

    History of the Zulu KwaZulu-Natal is a province in Africa, officially founded in late 1977 (“KwaZulu-Natal”). However, it was built off hundreds of years as a tribe and heavy war tactics. The tribe itself was very primitive The Zulu were a very powerful nation at their prime, and hold some key influences in both culture and warfare. The original Zulu tribe was created about circa 1600-1700, by Zulu kaMalandela ("History of the Zulu Nation Natal, KZN Early History about the Zulu Nation."). It was formed after chief Malandela kaLuzumana had died, splitting the Nguni tribe into both Zulu and Qwabes. Zulu had split from his brother Qwabe with his mother to settle in the Emakhosini Valley. Zulu and his children had started the Zulu dynasty. For…

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  • History Of The Zulu Tribe Of Africa

    and they left to make a living as best they could. This had a dramatic effect on the life of Shaka and greatly influenced his very productive life. Shaka was highly intelligent, extremely strong, and ambitious. These were very lucrative attributes to have to be considered a great solider. The Dingiswayo, the chief of the Mthethwa, encouraged Shaka to join his army. When Shaka’s father died, Dingiswayo supported Shaka in overthrowing Shaka’s half-brother and natural heir to the…

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  • The Influence Of Music And The Culture Of South African Music

    established by the Dutch East Indian Company in 1652. As the Dutch settlers expanded east they encountered the Xhosa people and a series of wars were fought over land and livestock interests (Wikipedia, South Africa n.d.). The British however, wanted control of the area for a waylay station for their colonies in India and Australia, and took over in 1795 while the Dutch were distracted in their war with France. Conflicts naturally arose between the originally Dutch and German settlers (known as…

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  • Zulu Tribe Research Paper

    The Zulu tribe is from South Africa. The Zulu tribe live in a subtropical location that it very hot and dry. They get about four hundred sixty-four millimeters of rain annually, which is almost half of the world’s eight hundred sixty millimeters. In South Africa, there are no natural major rivers. One artificial river is the Orange River. This is a manmade river used for crop irrigation. This is the largest river in South Africa. On the west coast of South Africa lies Saldanha Bay. This is a…

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  • Essay On Zulu Power

    In this paper, I will first explain how the emergence of a strong leader like Chaka helped the Zulu nation grown in power through the use of a strong military. Then I will further demonstrate how the fall of the leader Chaka and interference of European powers with advanced technology lead to the downfall of the nation. The Zulu where once people that lived in small farming communities: they grew crops and managed cattle in order to make a living: they were located in modern day KwaZulu-Natal…

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  • ' The Sorrow Of The Lonely And The Burning Of The Dancers?

    been talking about Bektashism for a while, I think it is time to start comparing it to traditions of other religions and beliefs. A tradition that I identify most different with Bektashism, and one that was analyzed by Gluckman in his exerts of Rituals of Rebellion in South-East Africa, is the ritual rebellion of the Zulu women reversing gender roles in order to bring forth agricultural fertility. The Nowkubulwana ceremony attempts at bringing a good harvest through the protest of women’s…

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  • Differences Of The Zulu And Maasai Tribe

    on two unique tribes: the Zulu tribe from Southern Africa, and the Masaai tribe from Eastern Africa. Although these two tribes are both from the same continent, their practices of tradition are very different. Their cultures were created long ago so they have very specific traditions that are vital to the culture, and make it what it is. They are sacred traditions. Four aspects of Zulu and Maasai culture that I will be talking about in this paper are birth rituals, coming of age or puberty…

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  • The Story Of Buhlaluse By Umona Usuka Eweni

    daughter because they did not like her. They all agreed. When they got to the ochre pit, they grabbed Buhlaluse and threw her into the quarry and buried her alive. They took her clothes, tore them and smeared them with rats blood. After they went back to the king crying and told him that his beloved daughter was eaten by wild beasts, they related how they tried to save her but failed. The king and the whole village were very shocked and saddened by the tragic report. They all started to mourn…

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  • Analysis Of John Chard In The Battle Of Rorke's Drift

    Analysis of John Chard in The Battle of Rorke’s Drift Intro: In this paper I will be looking into the leadership styles exhibited by Lt. John Chard at the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. I will be using the Army Values as a standard to compare Lt. Chard’s actions against and will decide if Lt. Chard is to be considered as a leader worthy of emulation or if he is an example of what not to imitate. Summary of Battle: On 02 DEC 1878, the British Empire wanted to conduct an invasion into the land of the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Tale Of Ophelia

    named Venlighed, meaning kindness. The kingdom was ruled by a fair King and Queen. One day, the King and Queen were blessed with a gift of a daughter, and they named her Ophelia. But something wasn’t quite right with Ophelia. She was born with a deathly illness, so the noble King and Queen asked for the most powerful fairy godmother in the Kingdom. “I do not have the power to cure the princess from her illness, but I can give her a gift to help her. The gift I bestow upon Princess Ophelia of…

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