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  • My Teaching Experience: Life Is A Series Of Experiences

    Henry Ford once uttered, “Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this.” There are so many experiences and events that we face and go through in our everyday life in which we don’t have the time to think of how it has influenced us positively or negatively. Similarly, going to school in New York was full of experiences like a rollercoaster where it had ups and downs. Teachers, and other staff members always knew me as a short girl with long black hair in elementary school who was always present in class but never spoke a word. My face was always faced down while others were playing and running at recess, which never even alarmed the teacher. Being a new student from a different…

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  • Personal Narrative Experience In My Life

    Throughout my life I have experienced many traumatic events that have shaped me as an adult. Many of my experiences as a child have influenced my career choice as well. I want to become a nurse and continue helping people through many different life problems. I feel I have become more conscientious to responding to people in pain because of my various traumatic childhood experiences. When people are in need I find myself coming to their side to help and assist them with whatever is affecting…

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  • The Most Painful Experiences That Changed My Life

    have memories and a select few of those memories ' change and influence who we are today. In my life, I have broken many bones and a few of those memories that changed who I am also those experiences had really changed my perspective. Whenever I broke something I wasn 't doing anything extreme, but I should’ve been more careful at what I was doing it was never a pleasant experience. In my experiences when someone breaks a bone it hurts, it is like a sharp pain running up and down your arm or…

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  • Life Changing Experience Essay

    It was almost an empty feeling. I knew I had lost someone that could never be replaced. I wouldn’t want to wish death upon anyone’s family. No matter who may come into your life can never replace your parents. It’s just not the same, and I do think that many people would agree with me. I really do hate to say this, but since my father did pass away, my life has greatly gotten better. My step dad Steve has been so nice and rad with him I’ve gotten things and did things, that I would have…

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  • Importance Of Awful Experience In The Course Of Life

    During the course of life we have to deal with positive and negative experiences that can change our life, or in other cases the way we live. Constantly, we need to believe that the hard situations in life could end up having a positive impact on it, even if you do not think the right away. We have to be sure that even if something is horrible in the beginning, and even as it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, in the end there will be. Also, I believe everything happens for a…

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  • My Personal Experience: My Life In The Classroom

    and a half inches, with blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Hard-working, friendly, hard headed, honest, and trustworthy are without a doubt a fair description of myself. I think my strongest characteristic is that I am very hard-working. I like physical labor and being pushed to my limits, but I also appreciate a good challenge in the classroom as well. I have always been a hard worker, for example during volleyball I always give it my all, cut back on the complaining, and just suck it up no matter…

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  • A Personal Experience: My Life And Perspective Of Life

    It was the wee hours of the morning on a hot and scorching June 11th 2015 I had no idea that my life and perspective of life would be altered. I just sent a text message to my co-worker Sean about going to K-Mart Store in Bowling Green Kentucky to help out. I was hesitant to go because it was an hour away. He ended up miraculously persuaded me to pursue this paid adventure. It was around 5:00 I was changing and getting ready to go on this trip with my Co-workers Sean and Haley. I told my mother…

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  • Life And Death And Innocence And Experience

    How we see the theme, Life and Death and Innocence and Experience Some life come or leave this world in everyday. But have we ever think of life and death? I did not think of it until I read two pieces of story, “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and “Death Knock” by Woody Allen. This two pieces gives me some ideas about life and death, which helps me have a deeply reflection on it. In “The Story of an Hour”, the main character Mrs. Mallard delivers me a new perspective on how we see on life…

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  • My Experience In My Life

    There are many experiences in our lives which leave us amazing memories. With the pass of time, these memories will become in many occasions anecdotes, and which will be told from generation to generation. Life is full of unique moments; that can only be experienced once in life. Our busy lives they just pass by, and never come back. To learn how not to miss such moments we need to become practical and make decisions very quickly, we need to be open minded and be ready to improvise as the event…

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  • Worst Experiences In My Life

    “The darkest hour is always just before dawn breaks,” as said by an old proverb. Everyone has found themselves in the worst situations, thinking that these problems and challenges will never end. But in reality, things will get better and each of us will get through them. More importantly, people get the best things out of these worst experiences that teach us lessons that enable us to grow and make us stronger. I spent years regretting my decision of turning down the guy I admired who was…

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