Love Is the Most Powerful Weapon Essay

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  • Why Guns Should Not Be Banned?

    If you kill someone and it was not self-defense then you have at suffer the consequences. Furthermore, gun control laws, especially those that try to ban “assault weapons.” I am a hunter so I spend a lot of money each year on weapons, ammo, and gear. In 2011, there were 13.7 million hunter 16 years old or older in the US which spent 7.7 billion dollars on hunting and sport equipment. Personally I love hunting and so does my family, we spent at most 10,000 dollars on our trip to Montana and we only shot got one elk. My family and I love going out in the woods and spending time away from the chaos of this world. My family also loves doing completion shoots with clay pigeons and guesses what you have to spend money on the equipment and that money goes to our government. Guns are not bad it is the person behind the gun. If parents take time out of their lives and use it to spend time with their kids and show them how to properly use a firearm this world might be a little less hateful. Kids are growing up and not having discipline they can go and do whatever they want and get away with that and then later they might end up in jail or worse. So-called assault weapons are…

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  • Zeus: God Of The Sky And Weather

    Introduction In Greek mythology, Zeus was known as the god of the sky and weather, or the sender of thunder. He overthrew his father, Cronus, and became the supreme leader of the gods. His golden throne was on the highest summit of Mount Olympus showing his superiority and respect from all gods and mortals (Mortal kings would boast that they were descendants of Zeus). While his well known weapon was the thunderbolt which he hurls at the ones who displeases or defies him, he also possesses a…

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  • Relationship Between Apollo And Greek Gods

    Introduction: Apollo was one of the most powerful gods in Greek mythology. There was only one other god who was more powerful his name was Zeus. Zeus, otherwise known as “Jupiter” for the Romans, was the supreme ruler of all gods, he was the god of weather (Day, 24). Apollo had a twin sister named Artemis, who was the goddess of the moon and the hunt; they were the children of Zeus and Leto. People do not know whether Apollo was based off of a real person. It is said that he would have…

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  • Love Reputation In The Love Suicides At Amijima

    The Love Suicides at Amijima was a great story that showed the power of love, specifically how far one would go for love. In this story, there was a love triangle between Jihei, Koharu, and Jihei’s family. Jihel loved Koharu and was willing to leave his family to be with her. Jihei was an extreme lover, who wanted her to love him until the day they die. If Jahei was to die, then Koharu should kill herself. Koharu told him she would, but after much consideration, she did not want to die. Tahei…

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  • Atomic Bomb Effects

    book written about his work with nuclear physics and radiation. At the time, the public thought that radiation was an all-powerful source of energy that could power entire cities. The concept took on…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Gettysburg Movie

    During the entire film you see the huge amount of weapons the soldiers had to use to fight. One of the most deadly weapons was the triangular bayonets. The shape that it left made it nearly impossible to sew up causing most soldiers to bleed to death. Another effective weapon used in this film was the canister shot fired from cannons. A canister shot would shoot out balls and hit several targets. Also, whenever a cannon shot it created a type of smoke which made it difficult for the opponents to…

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  • Analysis Of Malala The Powerful By Kristin Lewis

    The article “Malala the Powerful” by Kristin Lewis describes how the Taliban’s shove Malalas way of life around and around,she has zero rights just because she is a girl. She is no longer able to go to school, everyday she risks her life blogging and talking about rights. She lives in Pakistan where the taliban are rapidly taking over her government and changing the rights in a horrifying way. Malala was able to surpass all of the horrifying things by attending an all girls school at risks high…

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  • The Argument Of Gun Control: Weapons Of The World

    weapons of the world “Guns don 't kill people, people kill people”. Not a single soul on the earth, hasn’t heard about or read this quote from the NRA. Some people believe it, and some would think that it settles this old debate about gun control. Others would say it 's preposterous, a terrible analysis of how to solve such a problem; however, I found it difficult to find a solid consensus regarding what exactly is wrong with it. First and foremost I am a person who greatly appreciates both…

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  • Death And The Maiden Play Analysis

    It also seems that all the dialogue now belongs to her. This also depicts a change from the beginning of the play when what Paulina had to say was overpowered by Gerardo’s voice. It appears that the gun has given her the freedom of speech and to finally express herself. The fact that Paulina requires a deadly weapon in her hands to finally get to say what she wishes reflects the amazing amount of subordination she has lived with prior to this. “Don’t touch him.” This is one of the rare times in…

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  • Examples Of Fairytale In Beowulf

    What’s Your Fairytale? Most children grow up with fantasies in their heads. They dream of obstacles and achieving that happily ever after. They also remember the ghost stories told to them around the campfire. However, what folklore they hear depends on the era and the child’s geological surroundings. For instance, in Japan many of the tales are based on the tradition of spirits in nature, both good and evil. I grew up on Disney’s versions of the Grimm Brothers Germanic fairytales, which…

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