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  • Cinematographic Elements In The Matrix: Movie Review: The Matrix

    "The Matrix" is one of the most commonly known blockbuster films released in the year 1999. Viewers commonly identify it by its fascinating video effects as well as the unreal (yet real in the movie) acts performed in its scenes. The idea which I aim to explore in this essay dwells on the usage of cinematographic elements, the theme of fate and the stylistic use of literary elements within the film as well as in the scene where Neo meets Morpheus. The movie is well known for the advanced cinematographic effects and for a person who understands film, the effects which are used in the film bring about a scientific as well as imaginary concept which make the film fall under the genre of science fiction. Although most films are fiction, sci-fi films are quite intriguing because of the technologically complex and advanced use of unusual props and setting. In a world where technology advances rapidly, the movie certainly appeals to the socially accepted idea of technological advancement. Props such as the old television set (which may represent the media) where…

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  • A Bad Movie Review

    express themselves and gain recognition for their efforts, the true outcome is a multitude of movie reviews of the same mediocre quality. It is very difficult to find a good review in the seemingly endless expanse of the World Wide Web. It is also surprisingly difficult to find a particularly bad one. By analyzing a few example reviews written by James Berardinelli, Keith Simanton, and Kevin Carr on the sci-fi action film Serenity, prospective critics can learn what makes a good review stand…

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  • The Movie Cyberbully Review

    I decided to do my mental health movie review on the movie “Cyberbully” which was produced by ABC Family and came out in the year 2011. The movie is basically about a high school teenager named Taylor who begins to be bullied over a very popular social media website by those who attend her school. The bullying towards Taylor is then taken off of just social media and brought into school and even into her home life. Taylor begins to feel as if there is no way out and decides that taking her own…

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  • Hercules: Movie Review Of The Movie Gladiator

    Hercules: Movie Review The warrior is about the successful and appreciated Roman General, Maximus Decimus Meridias. His lone yearning is to return home from the fight to his significant other and child. He has been away for more than two years. Yet, tragically, things are not that simple for Maximus. The Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius sits on his passing quaint little inn that he might want Maximus to guarantee that Rome comes back to open run the show. This implies taking impermanent…

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  • Cyberbully: Movie Review

    Cyberbully This essay will be based on the movie Cyberbully. This movie was produced in 2011, Directed by Charles Biname. This movie features Taylor Hillridge (Emily Osment) who is a teenage girl that is being raised by her single mother, Kris (Kelly Rowan), along with her younger brother, Eric (Robert Naylor). She is close friends with two other girls, Samantha Caldone (Kay Panabaker) and Cheyenne Mortenson (Meaghan Rath). When Taylor turns 17 she receives a laptop for her birthday from her…

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  • The 13th Movie Review

    The documentary film “13th” directed by Ava DuVernay is an interesting look at the prison system, how and why Black and Hispanic people make up the majority of the prison population and how the problems within the interconnected political, judicial, and prison system have grown and changed over time. It discusses topics such as the death penalty, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the dehumanization of prisons and about how labeling individuals and groups and criminals effects…

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  • The Eagle Huntress: Movie Review

    children to the successful. “The Eagle Huntress” is a movie that shows the success of Aisholpan, a 13 year old Mongolian girl. This movie nominated for BAFTA Film Award, and received many good reviews in the United States. The most important message of “The Eagle Huntress” movie is good supporting from parents will lead their children to the great success. “The Eagle Huntress” is a documentary film directed by Otto Bell. This movie showed a true story about the success of the 13 year old…

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  • The Help Movie Review Essay

    Movie Review – The Help ENGL – 201 October 4, 2012 “The Help” based on a best-selling novel by Kathryn Stockett, a story of three women who take extraordinary risk in writing a novel based on the stories from the view of black maids and nannies. Set in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960s, a young girl sets out to change the town. Skeeter, who is 21 years old, white, educated from Ole Miss, dreams of becoming a journalist. She returns home to find the family maid, Constantine, gone and…

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  • Quartet: Movie And Book Review

    A movie or book review can be something that is not easy to do unless you find one that is interesting and really keeps your interest. I chose to watch the movie Quartet and do my review on it. Quartet is a heartfelt movie that grabs you from the beginning with the witty conversations and zaniness of some of the characters. When you add in the music and the plot you cannot stop watching it once you start. Quartet is a British based movie set in a retirement home that is named after a well…

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  • The Elephant In The Movie: Movie Review: The Help

    and place things into perspective. The movie I have chosen to watch on the Xfinity app was The Help. It is a movie about the daily life and obstacles that black women must face and how their lives are impacted on by white people’s culture. This movie was insightful to me and everyone else that has ever watched it. The movie portrays what life was like right before Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech “I have a dream speech” in 1963. This movie is greatly appreciated, educational, and…

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