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  • Music And Music: The Importance Of Music Education

    accordance with the book Who needs Classical Music, Johnson holds to the view that musical literacy is undeveloped; music education is far from comprehensibility and neutral ; focusing on immediacy is not a way to understand artworks. To a large extent, I agree with him because there is a phenomenon of people seeing music as more of an entertainment that provide them immediate enjoyment than taking it seriously and understanding it through a comprehensive way. Johnson compares literacy of reading with musical literacy. People have strong belief that the development of literacy is pivotal in the full development of an adult, that they put so much emphasis on how their children are being educated and through what reading materials, so as to ensure their children have mature understanding of themselves as well as the…

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  • The Importance Of Music On Music

    Music is one of the very few things that ties the human race together. Everybody knows what music is. Music is any vocal or instrumental noise that produces harmony. Almost everybody listens to music daily, whether it is actual music or rather enjoyable noises in the background. Music is everywhere, at groceries stores, dressing rooms, classrooms, elevators, restaurants, etc. It’s as if music were to follow everyone around wherever they went. An average American listens to music for about 4…

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  • Music: Music And Diversity

    from understanding a certain concept. These factors can stem from cultural differences to children living in low-income housing areas, or to children with physical and mental disabilities or handicaps. It is vital for teachers to be sensitive and aware of how to handle students of diversity. Music is a great way to help ease the diversity strain. One way to help is for teachers to get to know their students. Simply knowing their background and where they and their family are from can help them…

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  • Importance Of Music In Music

    Hans Christian Andersen once said, "Where words fail, music speaks.” For a good portion of my adolescence, music was the language I used to express myself. From the time I started middle school, music sparked my interest quite instantly. I became involved in my school’s orchestra program at the beginning of my sixth grade year and from that point on, I was hooked. As time stands, I can full heartedly say that the decision to learn the violin was one decision that I will cherish for a lifetime.…

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  • Effects Of Music On Music

    Music has been a part of people’s everyday lives for so long. It even evolved in a lot of different ways, then again, not everyone knows how much it actually affects the human mind and body. It doesn’t just make us sing along when we hear some of our favorite songs, it doesn’t just make us dance and groove, but it also has amazing scientific and medical effects. According to neuroscientist and author of This Is Your Brain on Music, Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, when people try to understand what…

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  • The Importance Of Music In Music

    Responding: Listening and observing at The Moldau allowed me to notice different instruments how they were orchestrated to play together to create musical elements (Dinham, 2014, 270). For example, the river theme (Melody) all game together to create atmosphere.Hence assist me with my song process. Making: At first l was not sure, create a Maraca and using for my song. However, as my song was a perspective of my father. Do feel it suited the song, as through the incubation period in Wallas…

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  • Music Is The Importance Of Music

    Music is not music without reading and writing. I am not speaking of reading and writing English, rather I am speaking of reading and writing musical notation. The real importance of reading and writing in the context of music has to do with actually learning the language that is music. This might mean learning how notes relate to a staff, or possibly how an audio clip fits best in your garageband composition, or maybe even how a 7th chord can put a whole new twist on a Sara Bareilles song (if…

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  • Music And Music Speech: The Benefits Of Music Education

    approaching soon. The students are preparing for their final exams. They are filling out college applications and saying their final goodbyes as they prepare for the big day. The principal announces the top five students in the graduating class and they have all been involved in music. Although people believe that singing or playing a musical instrument is an extra curricular activity, music education is one of the reasons for many students academic success and happiness. We need to educate…

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  • The Importance Of Music In Popular Music

    Adam Zupnick, “Cascading Reminiscence Bumps in Popular Music”, which is also published as a brief article named “Kids Have Emotional Connections to Parents’ Music” on the “Discover magazine”, music heard during children’s teen years has a great impact on their later lives due to the effect of “reminiscence bump” (the effect in which music during childhood is recognized more often and evokes more autobiographical memories and emotions than music from…

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  • The Importance Of Music In Irish Music

    Authentic Irish music is easy to recognize; the light jigs, fiddles, and bagpipes all give it a sound that is fun to dance and listen to. However, the complexities of Irish folk and dance music are numerous, every little detail adds to the puzzle that makes it so pleasant. When reflecting upon Irish music, it is crucial to note the instruments present and recognize their importance in the ensemble as a whole. In Gavin’s audio CD titled Ireland, every instrument present, including guitars,…

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