My American Dream Essay

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  • Analysis Of My American Dream

    My American Dream “So we beat on boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” (Fitzgerald 180). This quote means that the past cannot be relived so having to move on and not dwell on the past is a necessity. Fitzgerald uses this quote to explain what is happening after Gatsby’s death. Gatsby’s American Dream is much unlike mine. He dreamed of having Daisy as his girl and to be able to show her off and be proud of her; everything he did was to either impress Daisy or simply to get her to notice him. My American Dream is to become a Veterinarian and after I get my degree I want to specialize in mainly large animal vet practices. To attain my American Dream, I will need to work hard, stay motivated, and keep good grades.…

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  • My American Dream: The Idea Of My American Dream

    The idea of an quintessential “American Dream” is built on a foundation of American ideals that have persisted in the American and international cultures for centuries. The American Dream is the ultimate achievement of perfection and prosperity for anyone who aims to live an American life envied by all their peers. Since the 17th century immigrants have traveled to America so they could achieve their dreams in a new country filled with opportunities. The American dream has evolved as Americans…

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  • Bill Spruill: My Vision Of The American Dream

    is the American Dream? It has many different definitions to many different cultures,people, and even your family members. It has evolved over the decades constantly adapting to the world. This dream is what makes America so enticing and desirable. It has many different terms for success which makes it all the more available. But, unfortunately with the growing financial gap of the rich and poor the chances for success are very slim. Mr.Spruill has had the ability to fulfill his dream ,and has…

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  • My American Dream

    rushed across my face as the ice skating routine came to a close. For a moment, silence, followed by loud cheers, praise and applause galore. The lights turned on, beaming periodically directly into my eyes. Squinting, looking for familiar faces, I came across my grandparents. The look of joy on their faces was incredibly comforting, yet I came to the harsh realization that my parents were not with them. Growing up, my parents worked multiple jobs to support our family. We lived in a house…

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  • My American Dream

    London is my home away from home. If America was my greatest adventure and my greatest fear, being a Pirate was my greatest journey. A thirty-hour exhausting flight physically transported me from Vietnam to a foreign land - Corpus Christi, as well as figuratively transformed a childish girl to a young adult at the age of fifteen. From the moment that I stepped out of the airplane, a new chapter of my life began without me being aware. After a chain of uplifting and exciting feelings, the reality…

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  • My View Of The American Dream

    Growing up as a first-generation American and the son of immigrants to the United States from Latin America, the American dream is a part of my family’s story. As a kid I had a set idea of what the American dream should be. This was due to my mother’s influence. She came to the United States in the 1980s from El Salvador, a small Central American country, which was in the middle of a gruesome civil war. Her father sent her to Los Angeles because he feared for her safety. America represented a…

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  • My American Dream Essay

    The first thing that most Americans think about when they hear the words “American Dream” is freedom, equality, happiness and maybe a bit of red white and blue. For most, this is absolutely true. The possibility of living your life the way you want to is something that has been infamous for America since the New World was first discovered. All over the world, people have dreamt of coming to america for a fresh start, a new beginning. My American Dream could have many different routes. As time…

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  • My Father's Journey To The American Dream

    I am a daughter of two second generation immigrants. I am a first generation Asian American daughter. My grandmother was the first generation immigrant. My grandmother was the hero in this story. We are immigrants. From the mountains of Vietnam and Laos, my grandmother, my mother, and my father was civilians identified as Hmong’s—specifically the Xiong and Thao clan. From the mountains, my grandmother and my mother, a child at the time, fled their home country into the United States in the…

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  • The American Dream: My Choice Of Life

    The American Dream is to have a great education, well-paying job, and means to support yourself. Everyone pursues achieving this dream by going to get a postsecondary degree or more. We live in a society where it isn’t getting easier to afford living. Throughout high school, you learn of many different circumstances people come from. Unfortunately the economy has been awful upon certain families that they cannot afford the basic necessities to send their children to school. Paying thousands of…

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  • The American Dream In The Lost Father In Death Of A Salesman

    The American Dream is something that everyone desires, from the immigrant to those born in this country, however our definition of what it is sometimes varies. Growing up in the projects of New York City, I viewed it as I 'm sure many Americans do, having financial and family stability (good job, wife, kids, house and dog). This is what was presented to us through the media fostering the desire to strive to achieve it. The terms creator James Truslow Adams in his novel, “The Epic of America”…

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