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    Everyone has a few memories from their childhood that seem so vividly true that we cling onto them and believe that every single little detail of this memory is completely true. What if someone told you that parts of this memory could be entirely false, even the whole memory could be fabricated? How do you determine if this memory is actual something that you went through, or if it was a story that you fabricated a “movie” for in your head? I have two memories from my childhood that may or may not even have happened, the only way to find out is to analyze them. To start off, the first memory I could recall from my childhood would be, when I was about 2 I remember being in the living room playing with my toys. I had this yellow rubber ring,…

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  • My Childhood Memory

    But my great uncle’s house was sort of on the way so we stopped by if we got the chance. We went on so many trips when I was younger that I am used to it. Most people hate long car rides but I enjoy them. Those five hour car rides were scenic and sometimes we would take other routes to make it interesting. I started recognizing the cities we passed through, one of them had a paper mill on the outskirts. It smelled horrible and this was before recirculating…

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  • My Childhood Memories

    As my life moves forward, old memories fade away and new ones become an essential part of my life. However, if there is one thing that will stay with me forever, it would be my childhood memories. I was born in Belarus in 1990. I had a loving mother but no father – he left us when I was six years old. When my father left, my mom finished accelerated nursing courses and joined the army to be able to provide for our little family, and my duties concluded to taking care of my younger brother…

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  • My Childhood Memories

    I breathe in my hotel room, realising that I have everything that I ever wanted. The taste of fame comes to me in the form of wispy cigarette smoke that threatens to fill my lungs and choke me at any moment. Although it’s been 6 years since I left Japan with my sister, what she told me that day rings through my head like bells chiming out from a clock tower, “why are we really doing this, Yuichi?” I didn’t reply then because I thought it was obvious, but now I know it’s because it was all for…

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  • Memories Of My Childhood

    The earliest memory that I can remember was when my father’s mother believed that I was not his child. She treated me like nothing. She said I was too black to be his child. Even after a paternity test she still didn 't claim me as her grandchild. She treated me different from everyone. She also blamed me for things I did do. I felt rejected and unwanted by her and his family. Growing up was not easy for me. Everyday I woke up thinking about the possible wrongs that can happen. My living…

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  • My Childhood Memories And Memories Of My Grandmother's House

    thoughts when thinking of my grandmother’s house. I remember feeling the warmth of her house in the brisk, early morning when my mom dropped me off at her house. The home always has a welcoming sense that I am overwhelmed with when visiting. My grandmother’s house, my second home. A small, multi-colored brick house is where my memories take place. This old house has a treacherously huge hill; this hill has hidden patches of muddy brown puddles everywhere! A dangerously curved gravel driveway…

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  • My Childhood Memories Of Fall And Winter

    beginning to drop off the trees, the time of fall and winter brings back good memories for most people. Like many things in my life, I can’t relate to numerous experiences that other people go through. Still, we all have that one childhood memory, good or bad, that sticks in our memory for a lifetime. It’s a common saying that the things we go through make us stronger and better people. However, there’s a difference between saying a statement just to sound cool and actually believing what you…

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  • My Father: A Hateful Memories Of My Childhood

    Memories I do not remember much about my childhood. However, I remember my father. Not in the ways that a child should remember their father either. I have no memory of my father being a loving person. I do remember the hateful things he did, though. I remember having pneumonia as a baby; my mother stayed up for two days taking care of me. One night, she fell asleep with me in her arms. My father came home from work and he found us. No, he didn 't put me in my crib and tell my mother to go to…

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  • What Is The Memories Of My Childhood Essay

    controlled and nothing extreme, my parents had to explain things like death and sadness to me. I have a few earlier memories, but one of the most vivid memories I have from this time was her funeral and seeing my grandmother and her sister’s six sons cry. Shortly, after this I experienced my first and only major surgery, which was the removal of my tonsils and adenoids. I used to get strep throat really bad, and was constantly getting some sort of throat infection. The only thing I can remember…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Memories Of My Childhood

    spreading a rich flavor of the sun, cherry, strawberries and grapes in the wind. The dogs were barking incessantly, they knew that we had arrived. As soon as we entered the yard, my grandmother welcomed us with warm hugs and kisses, while my grandfather was waiting humbly for his turn… That's the picture I saw every single Saturday of my life. That's how I will describe my childhood, and that's how I want my future kids to describe their childhood someday. For me, Saturday's had a more…

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