My First Love Essay

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  • My First Love Analysis

    My First Love Cannot Compare Growing up we are all faced with love. It may be a family/friendly ?I love you? with those that are closest to you, or it might be a very strong, serious feeling with that one special person. Either way, knowing that someone has feelings for you and enjoys having you around in their life, that?s a special excitement for us to feel. I have always been a romantic. I love relationships, couples, and laughing with someone who means everything to you. Many of us go through a number of relationships before we find ?the one?. Although, no love compares to your first love. I found this love when I was sixteen years old. When I was a freshman in high school, I noticed a very attractive guy in my math class. He was very easygoing,…

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  • Description Of My First Love

    “Love is hard to find, hard to keep, and hard to forget,” a quote by Alysha Speer. In some way, shape, or form everyone can relate to this quote. With my first love he came out of nowhere and it was hard to keep a steady relationship especially for me being so young. When I first met Daniel we both were thirteen years old. We had become great friends over our last year of middle school. Towards the end of the year he asked me to be his girlfriend and with this being my very first boyfriend I…

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  • My First Love Essay: My Experience Of Love

    I would sit in a room all alone thinking of her. I was asking myself a lot of unknown questions. What she is doing? Where is the love of my life? Because of that, feelings almost vanished along with her but there were still memories hunting me for what I once felt. Now that she is back, it is her who wants for my lips after that one time when our lips met passionately for a first kiss. It is her heart that breaks. I for once promise myself that I would not drop another tear. As much as I want…

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  • Love Essay: My First Saver Of Love

    Love is a strong affection. It is shared by many and feasible by all. Love can be a passionate and lasting attachment, and it can also be looked at as devotion. Love can make the strongest weak and a sane person appear insane. Love can appear like a theft in a night that steals your heart away. Love can also be a hidden emotion that remains bottled up in your head. My first saver of love was twenty-five years ago. I was a youthful girl that was nineteen years old. I met this handsome, young and…

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  • Personal Essay: My First Love

    My first love Breathe in,Breathe out, 1,2,3 Push! 1,2,3 Push! A child first cry is the most heart warming feeling there is. The amount of emotions that surface in a room are a bundle. My sweet baby boy, is my greatest creation discovering I was pregnant was an appellant moment although he wasn't planned he's brought galore amount of happiness to everyone around him. While I was pregnant everything was a celebration our first big party was the gender reveal. During our…

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  • Narrative Essay About My First Love

    I sit in the chair in the corner of my room. There’s a candle burning, it fills the room with a pleasant scent. I sit in anticipation as my grandchild picks out a book for me to read to them. My mind is crowded with all the thoughts of what can be chosen from my bookshelf, all the “friends” from all these years. Once the book is chosen they come and sit on my lap. I’m excited to share my first love, that was introduced to me by my grandfather no less, with someone. From a young age my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Love Experience

    My first love Young First love is always unforgettable and even more if it was a loss. I am glad it cannot happen twice having to feel “butterflies” through your stomach, well a burden I will say. There is no such thing as planning to fall in love with someone in specific but there is a way to control how emotionally attached you get with someone. I could not avoid being attached to him, till the point I was brain washed and thought it was indispensable to have him near. “After a while I learned…

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  • What Is My First Love Essay

    My first and only girlfriend so far was a girl named Emma Linkfield, and she goes to school with me. I met her in my 4th period spanish class and a month later we started dating. I had never had a girlfriend before and so I was more than a little surprised when she asked me out. But I was happy she did and I was madly in love with her. We dated each other for 3 months before she left me. This is about the day she dumped me. Today I’m in my third hour class after lunch, my absolute least favorite…

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  • My First Love Story As A Tragic Love Story

    My first love story is different from everyone else's love story. It is a tragic love story, so tragic that it turns the most ungrateful people into grateful ones for having the chance to live a happy first love relationship no matter how long it lasted or how bad and cruel it ended. February 28, 2014 I went to dinner with my friends and they asked the 8th grade girls out to grab something to eat. At this dinner I met probably the weirdest girl I've ever met before. She was just crazy, talking…

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  • My First True Love: Description And Dialogue

    Dialogue I never loved my first true love and she never loved me. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, we just wanted to take on the world together no matter come what may. I’ll never forget the feeling of the January weather the day I left her driveway, “When you’re young and dumb you’ll do anything for love.” A sentence that still echoes in my head to this day, an adage that I will never remove from the caverns of my mind. “What do they know anyway,” I told myself “They don’t…

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