Natural Disasters Essay

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  • The Day After Natural Disasters

    I am studying the psychological effects of children, teens and adults towards post traumatic natural disasters. Because I want to examine how these specific groups respond to trauma in or after natural disasters, to discuss how the psychological effects from natural disasters affect kids, teens and adults I must research how trauma in the past dead’s the emotion of trauma in the present. Using the film The Day After Tomorrow, I will sharpen in on examples of grief and trauma and explain those examples to generate a theory on how pain and suffering affect people in the environment. I will also use information from outside research to explain in more detail on why children, teens and adults respond the way they do following a disaster or after.…

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  • Falter Natural Disasters

    Introduction In times when natural disasters arise, the quality medical treatment can falter. Specific medical treatments may become unavailable when disaster strikes. The question posed is why does healthcare falter natural disasters and what are the consequences for different social groups? Countries examined are the Philippines, Bangladesh, England, Malaysia, Nepal, and the United States. There are many variables in what treatments are affected after a natural disaster, such as infant…

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  • Natural Disaster Essay

    Nature, a beautiful spectacle that leaves many people in awe of the beauty it bestows. Basking in the glory of waterfalls, beautiful forests, incredible canyons, remote lakes, and artful ice structures is where one can find many people flocking. Unfortunately, Nature also has an ugly side. That side is a destructive force that moves mountains, changes the landscapes, and even makes waters move on land. When the destructive characteristics form, it can be in the form of Earthquakes, Volcanoes,…

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  • Natural Disaster Impact On Economy

    of natural disaster on economy Background about natural disasters Categorizing Natural Disaster There are many types of natural disasters such as geophysical, biological, hydrological, climatological, and meteorological disasters. Geophysical disasters are events that come from the ground as in the case of earthquake and volcano. Biological disaster is an event that results from microbial organisms or toxic materials as illustrated by epidemic, insect and infestation. Hydrological…

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  • Natural Disasters In Fukushima Daiichi

    As one of the world’s leaders in the technological advances Japan can be considered to be one of most advanced and developed nations. Despite the great advances that have been innovated and developed Japan is still quite vulnerable, like any other nation, to natural disasters. Natural disasters are unpredictable and more often than not end up to be very catastrophic on the land on and the people who inhabit it. Earthquakes have the ability the level buildings to ground and in some cases in can…

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  • Natural Disasters Of Hurricane Katrina

    Two of the United States worst natural disasters in money lost and life lost has been form hurricanes. The to hurricanes that steps up from the rest have been hurricane Sandy in 2012 that hit the northern east coast and hurricane Katrina that hit the southern east coast in 2005. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that is rotating low pressure system that has organized thunder storms with no front boundary separating two air masses of different densities. Tropical cyclones with sustained surface…

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  • The Dust Bowl: A Natural Disaster?

    unprecedented importance in American history. Everything from the Industrial Revolution’s transformation of the American infrastructure to the World Wars’ strengthening of American political presence throughout the world have helped propel the United States to the great nation it is today. There is one incident that occurred in the 1930’s, though, that is often overshadowed by the occurrence World Wars and Great Depression; the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was a massive drought centered on the…

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  • The Effects Of The Boxing Day Tsunami

    I was only nine years old when this horrific natural event happened, and I remember that day extremely well. This tsunami took the lives of approximately 250,000 people. It damaged thousands of buildings and even changed the shape of the shoreline. The impacts of this devastating tsunami are still affecting the people who reside there. By implementing the five priorities in the Hyogo Framework for Action, people will be prepared when natural disaster strikes and hopefully the amount of…

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  • Horrific Wreck Of The City Analysis

    Have you ever been in a bad Natural disaster? If not maybe you should try reading “Comprehending the Calamity” By Emma Burke and “Horrific Wreck of the City” By Fred Hewitt. They are both first hand eye witness accounts of the San Francisco earthquake and fire. The San Francisco earthquake was one of the biggest and most traumatizing events of all time. It all started April 18, 1906 at 5:15 AM. The first tremor lasted about 1 minute and others continued to strike through out the morning. Water…

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  • Analysis Of Come Hell Or High Water

    final chapter of Come Hell or High Water:Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster Michael Dyson looks at how different groups use religion in the face of a natural disaster. In Hurricane Katrina there were essentially two groups that were a part of the disaster: poor, black victims and those that were supposed to help them. For those that are in a position to help, they often view natural disasters as a means for God to punish sinners and for those that need help they look to God as a comfort…

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