Pearl Harbor Essay

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  • Causes Of Pearl Harbor

    their best to avoid involvement into the war, one devastating attack woke the United States from their neutrality. The attack on Pearl Harbor was only part of Japan 's big plan to take over island nations in the Pacific Ocean. The attack instilled an array of emotions into the American people. Japanese forces only took a short amount of time to conduct the attack, but they were still able to create mass destruction among the harbor. The infamous waves of terror obliterated almost everything in its path. Some key targets were missed, but the whole…

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  • Pearl Harbor Sparknotes

    In the documentary the narrator first begins by stating that on December 7, 1941, japanese aircraft carriers were 30 miles east of Hawaii ready to embark its invasion to bomb Pearl Harbor. The Japanese air force relentlessly raided Pearl harbor leaving many casualties and injured. This attack not only made the United States of America very furious, but it also happened to become the entry into World war II. The U.S was determined to fight back and take all necessary actions to defeat the…

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  • Impact Of Pearl Harbor

    thought and how we fight wars now. One of the major topics of World War II is Pearl Harbor, it changed everything in America after it. Another thing about World War II is aviation, it had a huge impact on the war. Another huge thing about World War II is the atomic bomb. One of the major topic of World War II is Pearl Harbor, it changed everything in America after it. Pearl Harbor is one of the most saddest and most dreadful thing that has ever happened in America. The attack on Pearl Harbor is…

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  • Pearl Harbor Speech Analysis

    These are the words the 32nd President of the United States begin his Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation on December 8th, 1941. FDR's speech was a call to action, and in his speech, he expressed outstanding distaste towards Japan. The speech was directed to Congress for them to declare war against Japan which would bring the United States into World War II. FDR's speech was an outstanding success in bringing the United States into World War II because FDR explained why going to war needed to be…

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  • Impacts Of Pearl Harbor

    From the above description of the attack, it is clear that this event would remain in the hearts of many Americans until today and as such, is a significant event in American history. This attack obviously had many implications on America. It had clearly caused mass hysteria among the United States’ citizens which consequently brought upon a lot of changes within the American society. Furthermore, the attack on Pearl Harbor was an extremely serious one which caused the American government to…

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  • Pearl Harbor Reaction Papers

    history. This gruesome day now remembered as Pearl Harbor serves as a painful reminder of the horrendous tragedies of war and the catalyst for the United States’ entry into World War II. Despite, the bloody tale of how thousands of Americans were murdered and the morale of the United States was questioned, there exists some inconsistencies with the story of Pearl Harbor that many researchers and students dismissed when learning about the topic. The two largest inconsistencies with Pearl Harbor…

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  • Pearl Harbor Attack Essay

    On December 7, 1941 Japanese aircraft attacked by surprise the naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, where the fleet of American Pacific war was concentrated. Warships anchored in the harbor were easy targets for approximately 360 Japanese warplanes involved in the attack. The Americans suffered 3,400 casualties with 2,300 deaths. The attack badly damaged the US naval and air power in the Pacific. However, this attack galvanized the American people and Roosevelt got the next day, December 8,…

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  • The Influence Of Patriotism In The Pearl Harbor

    at Pearl Harbor, because it was an attack that directly correlated with the United States military and American soldiers. This act enabled them to come together in a strong sense of unity and patriotism, because many Americans used this attack as a battle cry for the meaning of the war. Joseph Martin’s speech speaks true to many American families…

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  • The Importance Of The Righteousness Of Pearl Harbor

    "A gigantic fleet has amassed in Pearl Harbor. This fleet will be utterly crushed with one blow at the very beginning of hostilities. Heaven will bear witness to the righteousness of our struggle" –November 1941 Imperial Japanese Navy Rear-Admiral Ito The Japanese during World War Two believed that they were a divine race meant to rule over the rest of the world as shown by the quote from Admiral Ito, stating that Japan believed that there war was a righteous struggle and that the heavens would…

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  • Pearl Harbor Discrimination In America

    The Pearl Harbor attack will forever be viewed as the dark ages for the U.S. Laws were executed to stop Japanese immigration. Japanese Americans faced so much discrimination. About 120,000 Japanese Americans were relocated in internment camps, were they faced harsh times. Japanese Americans were not allowed to enlist in the military for being “the enemy raise” but later were able serve in the military. About 33,000 Japanese Americans served in the military, they joined about 4,500 troops in the…

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